SITRANS F US Clamp-on Ultrasonic flow meters for the water industry

SITRANS F US Clamp-on Ultrasonic flow meters for the water industry
SITRANS F US Clamp-on Ultrasonic
Flowmeters for the Water Industry
Dual modes of operation make SITRANS F US clamp-on
ultrasonic flowmeters from Siemens suitable for virtually any
flow application within the water industry.
Siemens clamp-on flowmeters can be used with a wide variety
of water industry applications, including leak detection for
distribution systems, irrigation and low flow chemical dosing.
Clamp-on flowmeters have dual mode capabilities that are
suitable for measurement of both homogeneous liquids as well
as liquids with aeration, a feature that usually requires two
separate meters.
This makes them ideal for the diverse types of fluid
measurement tasks required by applications and installations in
water treatment plants:
Water extraction
Low flow chemical dosing
Backwash flow monitoring
Flocculation tank flow metering
Distribution network monitoring
Leak detection
Conservation studies
Water billing
Water consumption monitoring
The flowmeters are available in both permanent and portable
models and as all-inclusive Check Metering Kits. Installation is
quick and easy, since it is not necessary to cut the pipe or stop
the flow. In addition, the sensors are installed on the outside
of the pipe, minimizing maintenance expenses and preventing
deposits from forming.
Answers for industry.
Specific versions of the clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters from
Siemens offer unique dual mode capabilities, using WideBeam
transit time and Doppler ultrasonic technology engineered for a
diverse range of flow applications.
WideBeam transit time operation is the preferred mode for
relatively homogeneous liquids found in filtration and disinfection
applications. Accuracy is up to 0.5 % of the flow. Doppler operation,
on the other hand, is the preferred measurement method for
liquids with extensive aeration such as oxidized water. Doppler
accuracy is up to 1.0% of the flow. Having both modes of operation
ensures suitability for virtually any water application. The system
can automatically switch from one mode of operation to the other
as conditions change, eliminating the need to alternate between
meters when aeration and solids vary.
SITRANS FUS1010 provides accurate, non-intrusive flow
measurement in full pipes and is dual mode field programmable.
It is particularly suitable for high-precision low-flow dosage of
the chemicals such as fluoride found in numerous fresh water
treatment applications. The SITRANS FUS1010 is available in
single, dual or optional four channels, allowing measurement of
four independent pipes. It offers a wide range of communication
options, including BACnet MSTP/BACnet IP, Modbus RTU/TCPIP,
Ethernet IP, Johnson N2 and VT100 RS232.
Siemens Industry, Inc.
Industry Automation Division
CoC Ultrasonic Flow
Hauppauge, NY 11788
The SITRANS FUP1010 is very similar to the SITRANS FUS1010
but is available in a rugged submersible portable enclosure. The
SITRANS FUP1010 system is frequently used as part of inflow
studies, or as portable or permanently installed meters and is
offered in both single as well as dual channel versions. It comes
standard with VT100 RS232 communication.
The SITRANS FUP1010 is also available as an all-inclusive Water
Check Metering Kit. It is capable of measuring practically all
conductive or non-conductive, clean or moderately aerated liquids
as well as liquids with suspended solids. The meter‘s portability
makes it the perfect choice for performance check or verification
of any type or brand of flowmeter installed anywhere in a
wastewater plant. Accuracy is 0.5 to 2.0 % and repeatability on
the better side of 0.15 %.
The SITRANS FST020 is an affordable flowmeter featuring
specifications compatible with basic application requirements: one
channel, limited configuration options that make product selection
straightforward, three communication protocols (BACnet MSTP,
Modbus RTU and VT100 RS232) and lastly, a simple and userfriendly design that not only ensures easy set-up and configuration
but also delivery times up to par with market expectations.
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