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Issue 09_Spring_Summer_2013
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Welcome to Issue 9 of Teaching Technology for Education as we
celebrate its second birthday.
In this issue...
Although online publications will still be free to download, issues
will be published twice yearly in Spring/Summer and Winter/
Autumn, instead of quarterly. In September 2012 we launched
Teaching Technology for Healthcare and summer 2013 sees the
launch of Teaching Technology for Business.
Teaching Technology
for Education
I visited the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show at the RAI
Conference and Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam to discover
new technology being launched by manufacturers for education.
Unfortunately, this exhibition was on at the same as BETT 2013,
which I’m sure many of you will have attended as its an excellent
showcase for new technology for the classroom and beyond.
Linda S. Adams
[email protected]
Contributions should be emailed to the
editor at the above address. Every care
is taken of materials sent for publication,
however these are submitted at the sender’s
risk. The views expressed within are of the
contributors, and not necessarily Teaching
Technology’s views.
As well as fabulous prizes of an eBeam Edge for Education and
Repeat Signage digital signage software to be won in our free
prize draws, we also bring news of
two offers for you. Firstly, Mentor
Distribution have teamed up with
Repeat Software Ltd to offer a digital
signage solution with the purchase
of NEC display screens; and an offer
of DisplayNote when you purchase
NEC UM-series of projectors, to
bring you an interactive classroom
technology solution.
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04 Interactive technology with eBeam
Turn your dry erase whiteboards or plain
walls into an interactive surface with
mobile device.
06 Digital signage for your school
How to set up a simple signage presentation
in 15 minutes with easy-to-use Repeat
Signage Standalone 2013 software.
08 10-years of age child challenge
We challenged a 10-year old school girl
to design a digital signage presentation.
See how she rose to the challenge - and
what can your students achieve. We’d love
to feature your signage presentations.
12 NEC launch new displays
NEC launch the V-series of multi-touch
13 Vision provide audio and
connectivity solutions
Connect technology in your classroom
quickly and easily at the start of the day.
14 Interactive technology classroom
Teachers have a great choice of interactive
technology for the classroom, from
interactive whiteboards and projectors,
all-in-one boards and projectors, interactive
projectors and interactive LCD or plasma
touchscreens. Here we display a sample of
products for comparison.
20 Panasonic visual experience centre
We visited Panasonic’s Visual Experience
Centre at Pinewood Studios, to review their
latest technology.
22 Panasonic interactive plasma
Full HD plasma screen brings interactivity
into the classroom.
24 Clevertouch + Wordwall = interactive
activities for your classroom
Clevertouch interactive touchscreens, which
Lynx software, Wordwall and DisplayNote,
talk to schools who have replaced their
interactive whiteboards with Clevertouch.
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to win an
eBeam E
for Educ dge
26 Case study
Epson projectors at Liverpool John Moores
University bring greater clarity to lessons
We’d love you be part of Teaching
Linda S. Adams - Editor
Technology and welcome your input,
articles and feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards, Linda Adams
FREE presentation equipment guides
27 Prizewinners
Congratulations to the winners of TOP-TEC’s
iMac Shoes and Slippers.
28 Signage for the 21st century school
A+K PADS digital signage software.
30 NEC UM projectors
NEC UM projectors bring interactivity to
the classroom.
32 Shopping list of AV equipment
Wedgwood AV Ltd. suppliers of audio
visual equipment, offer a complete service
to education and public sector in the UK.
Projector and
equipment guide
LCD monitor guide
Whiteboard guide
Digital signage guide
Induction loop guide
34 UKTI visit to Copenhagen
A look at education in Denmark.
36 Free prize draws
Chance to win eBeam Edge for Education
and Repeat Signage 2013 digital signage
software for Windows.
Available free from www.wedgwood-group.com
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You can create a complete interactive multimedia environment with one simple product. eBeam Engage provides interactivity like the
eBeam Edge, but has a collection of extra multimedia and navigational tools to easily bring every subject to life.
Turn your dry erase whiteboards
or plain walls into an interacive
surface with mobile device
If your school has dry-wipe whiteboards in classrooms or tucked
away in storage cupboards, you can give them a new lease with a
handy device that makes the board’s surface interactive.
Taking you to the next generation of interactivity. With its built-in high fidelity JBL speakers and microphone, one-touch recording,
intuitive scroll knob and interactive stylus, eBeam Engage quickly transforms your
classroom into an interactive multimedia experience.
There’s no more running back and forth between the computer, sound system and other
devices. Engage puts everything you need at arm’s length, keeping your lesson delivery
seamless and fun.
eBeam willl be delighted to come along to one of your teacher training days so you can
see the eBeam solutions for yourself without any obligation.
The main features of eBeam Engage are its built-in security so that everything stays where
you left it; built-in high fidelity JBL speakers; one-touch recording button with built-in
microphone so you can record your video and audio in real time; a Home icon so you can
easily access and create links to your commonly used resoucres; a holder for your two
button interactive stylus including left and right click and instant access to eBeam software
tools; and a scroll knob that lets you navigate everything from your Scrapbook Gallery to
your favourite website without blocking the display area, and all without moving away from
the board.
eBeam Edge is a device that is smaller than a board eraser and
lighter than a box of chalk that can be added to a current dry
erase whiteboard or plain wall to create an interactive whiteboard
surface. In combination with the receiver, pen, a projector and a
surface to project onto, eBeam Edge for Education provides a
portable (or permanent) interactive whiteboard solution.
This means that teachers can have an interactive solution that
is truly mobile, thereby using different environments to generate
creativity in pupils and appeal to different learning styles.
You can save money by having an interactive solution that is half
the cost of a traditional interactive whiteboard, by using your
current dry-wipe boards or even plain walls.
eBeam Edge
With embedded magnetic mounting system, eBeam Edge easily
moves from classroom to classroom. Its one-touch calibration
button means teachers are up and running in minutes. You can
scale the image to suit your environment. Over 3m diagonal is the
maximum. Teachers can use existing software and files alongside
eBeam software to annotate and provide interactivity.
eBeam Edge for Education
in our free prize draw. See
back page for details.
Edge for Education has rich curriculum resources built right
in to make lesson planning easy. You can gain the benefits of
interactivity by pulling in images from Flicker as the search facility
is integrated in the software, or from the gallery of images and
material, on the fly, or in prepared lessons. You can include video
and sound as part of the material to appeal to different learners.
‘This system is so compact, it’s so easy to move
from room to room and the great pen design makes
interacting with items on the board effortless’ Jeff
Caswell, Maths Teacher, Arlington Middle School.
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• 01754 769967
• To book a demonstration
• www.wedgwood-group.com
• [email protected]
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Interactive technology
Interactive technology
You have interactivity but
need sound, a microphone
and one-touch recording
How to set up a simple signage
presentation in 15 minutes with
easy-to-use Repeat Signage Standalone software
When you actively involve your students in creating content, for example,
producing artwork or writing about school activities, which are then displayed on
large screens in reception, assembly halls or restaurant areas, you create a sense
of pride and achievement as well as developing new skills...
In your educational setting you motivate
students to learn and this is accomplished
by the use of audio, video and interactive
learning experiences. You may already
use PowerPoint to turn boring lessons
into interactive ones and encourage
students to make their own presentations
to showcase their work at the end of term
parent events.
By encouraging your students to use
digital signage software not only do you
enhance their learning experience but
actively encourage them to become more
involved in school activities, contributing
content and presentations which can be
screened around your school at various
times of the day, and which they have
produced themselves. This helps give
them a sense of pride and achievement.
Slot-in PC with Intel® Atom 2 x 1.6 GHz CPU STv2
All NEC V-Series 32”, 42”, 46” 55” and
65” LCD public displays come with STv2
option slots. You then simply select the
correct Slot-in PC for your application,
which fits neatly into the back of the
display. NEC offer a choice of Slot-in
PC’s to suit various applications.
For a basic digital signage presentation,
such as one designed with Repeat
Signage 2013 Standalone Edition, the
NEC Slot-in PC with Intel® Atom 2 x 1.6
GHz CPU STv2 would be suitable. This
Slot-in PC is compatible with NEC public
displays (32” and above), that have STv2
or DualSlot (using the optional DualSlot
adaptor) and also NEC PX series and PH
series installation projectors.
Most digital signage software packages
have the following advantage over
PowerPoint (which is an excellent
presentation software):
• Scheduling on an hourly, daily or weekly
basis what is displayed on screen.
• Update of screen information over
the local network or over the Internet.
PowerPoint needs the presentation
changing and then you have to set it
playing again.
With any NEC public display purchased from
Mentor Distribution, a FREE copy of Repeat Signage
Standalone 2013 digital signage software will be
available to download via the input of the NEC display
serial number at www.repeatsoftware.com/NEC.aspx
Mentor Distribution are a trade only distributor with a
network of dealers across the UK who can supply you
with your NEC display screens.
Once you have designed your digital
signage presentation it is ready to be
displayed through a projector or onto a
display screen, such as the NEC V322,
which is the first NEC 32” public display
screen to feature an option slot.
So once you have your digital signage
software installed on your computer, is
it possible to have a simple presentation
up and running in 15 minutes? We
put Repeat Signage Standalone digital
signage software to the test. We found
it easiest to put all the images we
wanted to use in one place, in a folder
on our desktop before designing our
presentation. Then we challenged a
10-year old school girl to design a
presentation. See page 8 to see how she
got on.
Digital signage
for your school
Exclusive offer from
Mentor Distribution and
Repeat Software
NEC V-series public displays
• Generally, support for RSS news feeds,
for example, to display news from the
BBC website, and live video sources such
as webcams.
Where you are designing signage
presentations for high definition (HD),
we suggest you use one of the NEC
Slot-in PC with Intel® Celeron (sandy
bridge) processor which is compatible
with NEC public displays with an STv2 or
DualSlot and also the NEC PX series and
PH installtion projectors. Please note
you would need to use an NEC STv2
adaptor when using with an NEC V422
42” screen.
• Some digital signage systems allow dual
monitor support for displaying different
presentations on separate screens or
displaying a single presentation that
spans both screens.
NEC Slot-In PC with Intel® Celeron 2 x 1.6 GHz CPU STv2 (Sandy Bridge)
The NEC Slot-in PC with Intel® Celeron (sandy bridge) processor has all the connectors
are inside the displays including power, video and audio signals and RS232. No cables.
The Slot-in PC can run whilst the display is switched off, for example, for nightly updates.
NEC offer a 3 year warranty.
NEC has a range of Slot-PC’s for various applications, ranging from displaying simple
signage solutions to sophisticated retail and single and multi-touch applications.
Where you are using display screens that have no Slot-in options, or you
prefer to use a separate media player, Mentor Distribution have a solution.
Mentor supply a low cost, media player which can display your digital
signage presentation onto a single screen.
Where you wish to display digital signage presentations to two or four
display screens, then Repeat Signage 2013 Standard edition (dual screen)
or Repeat Signage 2013 Professional edition (four screens), are also
available through Mentor’s network of UK dealers.
Dual Slot Adapter STv2 SB-02AM
06_Copyright © 2013 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
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Note: You can drag the
menu anywhere by clicking
the cross icon (top right
You can shrink the menu
by checking the box.
Repeat Signage is easy to use - create
a simple digital signage presentation
in minutes! So we decided to put it to
the test and gave it to a 10-year old.
You can set a background
colour (or use an image
as the background).
We designed a simple presentation
that an estate agent might use, taking
us 15 minutes (once the signage was
installed on our computer). Then
we printed out the screenshots and
‘how-to instructions’ and handed it
to a 10-year old junior school girl of
average ability.
From the menu along
the top menu box, select
‘File’, then ‘Background
colour or picture’.
In the ‘Background
colour’ box, select
‘Choose’, and then
choose a colour. (We
used blue).
25 minutes and a couple of chocolate
bars later, you can see her presentation
after our sample screen shots.
Once she’d finished the presentation we
left her with a few images to access on
our computer, and asked her to design
her own presentation on whatever theme
she liked. We did have to remove the
webcam she included in the bottom
left hand corner of her presentation, to
protect her privacy.
Open Repeat Signage. Select Presentations, then Create new presentation
Repeat Software Ltd., who
developed Repeat Signage digital
signage software, are looking for
schools, academies and colleges
who would like to get their students
involved in designing digital signage
presentations. This could be part of a
design project or just to get students
more involved in school life by
designing digital signage for displays
around their school.
Select ‘Insert’. Insert
Flash banner.
Select ‘Add’. Locate a
picture on your computer
by selecting the ‘Browse’
Type in a title and
description for your
picture in the ‘Text’
section. Repeat Software Ltd., would be
happy to offer a free Repeat Signage
Standard licence in exchange for a
case study (anywhere in the world).
You can contact by email at
[email protected]
Choose one of 50
transition effects. Click
Drag to position.
Choose a screen to design for. Select ‘This computer screen’. Click ‘Create’.
Free evaluation www.repeatsoftware.com
08_Copyright © 2013 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
Resize (drag the resizer
handles on the edge of
the box).
Copyright © 2013 www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_09
We challenged a 10-year old
junior school girl to design us a
digital signage presentation
A blank workspace
Type in the phone number.
Click OK.
Duplicate the website
address text box by
right mouse clicking and
selecting ‘Duplicate’. Drag
the box to size.
Drag the text box wider
if you can’t see all of the
Double click the text box
and over write your text
with a text message. Copy
your text by clicking Ctrl
and C.
Double click box.
Click ‘Colours’.
You’ll see two boxes one
for the font colour and one
for the background colour.
Select the ‘Scrolling’ tab
from the menu along
the top of the box. Tick
the ‘Enable play list and
scrolling’ text box.
Change Font colour to
white and Background to
blue. Click OK.
Choose which way you want the text to scroll, for example, right to left. Click OK and OK again.
Click ‘Add’ and paste your text (Ctrl V). Click OK. Your text now scrolls along the bottom.
Select the telephone text
box and right mouse click.
Click ‘Duplicate’.
And there you have it.
A simple presentation in 15 minutes.
A copy appears on
Now select ‘File’ and ‘Save as’ to save your presentation.
Under ‘File’ and Presentation Settings, you can tick the
box to save the contents of your presentation. Next,
‘File’ and ‘Exit’. This takes you back to the main Repeat
Signage screen. Then select ‘Play presentation’.
Double click the text
box to open and change
the text to the website
address. Click OK.
You can play your presentation on a PC, Slot-in PC or
media player through a projector or onto a display screen.
Resize box and position
where you want it.
Note: You can drag the
menu box anywhere on
the screen if it’s in your
way, and shrink it as well.
Select ‘Insert’. Insert
picture and browse for
your ‘Windyridge’ logo on
your computer.
Double click the logo.
Select ‘Transparency
colour’ from the top menu
bar. Then tick the ‘Default
transparency colour’ box.
Click OK.
Drag the logo into position.
You will have to drag the
menu toolbox out of the
way. Move it elsewhere.
10_Copyright © 2013 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
Our simple presentation is above.
Our 10-year old girl’s presentation is on
the right.
I’m sure you’ll agree its very good for a first attempt
and took her just 25 minutes. She chose a rose for
her logo and a four quarter transition effect for her
You can add a playlist to display numerous pictures
using a variety of transitions.
Then we left her alone with no further
instructions to create her own.
20 minutes later, except for asking how
to make the Flash clock pink, it was all
her own work. Why is it girls like pink!
FREE evaluation download
[email protected]
What can your students achieve!
We welcome your presentations.
Copyright © 2013 www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_11
Finally, let’s have some
scrolling text along the
bottom of the screen.
Select ‘Insert’. Insert ‘Text
label - single line of text’.
NEC launch the V-series of multi-touch
screens V462-TM 46” and V651-TM 65”.
Whilst the NEC V322 is the first NEC 32”
public display to feature an option slot...
Vision provide audio
and connectivity
solutions which allow you to
connect technology in your
classroom quickly and easily at
the start of the day.
NEC V462-TM 46” and V651-TM 65”
NEC’s touch-enabled public displays bring a new level of interactivity to digital
signage, way-finding, classrooms and meetings.
The 46” and 65” multi-touch displays will allow up to six simultaneous touch
points (or four drag points) depending on the operating system. The displays
use four cameras with a response time of up to 120 frames per second,
providing a high resolution, intuitive, cost effective and robust solution for
interactive touch product applications, no calibration is required.
Combined with full-tempered glass for security and a double anti-reflection
coating, these displays are ideal for use in schools, academies, colleges,
universities and training establishments.
The displays come with NEC’s new Dual Slot as well as integrated speakers.
Interfaces include DisplayPort, DVI Daisy chain and LAN with SNMP.
NEC MultiSync V322 32”
NEC MultiSync V-Series
The NEC V322 is the first NEC 32” public display to feature
an option slot. The STv2 slot (OPS compatible) allows for
the integration of various PC, HDSDI and other solutions
extending the connectivity and flexibility beyond industry
standards for 32” public displays.
The NEC V-Series public displays have been overhauled.
The new V423, V463, V552 and flagship V652 (65”) have
a slimmer and lighter design despite a full metal chassis,
a narrower bezel, and support for landscape and portrait
orientation. This small, but very important feature allows the
displays to be easily configured in any scenario.
The NEC STv2 (Slot Technology Version 2) is compatible with
the NEC/Intel OPS standard. This was developed to make it
easier for you to integrate the player device into the screen
for digital signage solutions. The standard makes it easy for
player device manufacturers and display makers to develop
products which are compatible out of the box, offering you a
large selection of solutions to choose from.
The introduction of LED backlighting into the V-Series
reduces power consumption significantly. These new models
can automatically send an email to a specified address in
the unlikely event a problem is detected. For example, this
means that in the case of a fan failure or power supply issues,
you can detect problems before the screen fails and fix any
problems quickly.
• Wedgwood AV Ltd • 01754 769967 • [email protected] • www.wedgwood-group.com
12_Copyright © 2013 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
Vision AV-1600 2x25w digital amplfier
Vision CS-1600 pair 6.5” ceiling loudspeakers
Leaving you to focus on your class and the topic in hand, safe in
the knowledge you are being heard by the entire class.
The Vision speakers can be mounted
into the ceiling throughout the classroom
to ensure evenly distributed sound with
the CS-1600 or wall mounted using
the SP-1300 for audio reinforcement of
your lesson whilst remaining compact
and discreet. Don’t be fooled by their
small size, their size is no reflection on
their sound quality. The ceiling speakers
in particular have been designed to
have a louder sensitivity of 90dB to
punch through high-noise presentation
environments, in particular classrooms
full of excitable children.
Vision’s amplifier is also designed
with you in mind, the new AV-1600 is
compact, flexible, easy to use and uses
no power at idle. It comes with multiple
inputs to allow you flexibility in lessons,
including a microphone input to allow
voice amplification. The amplifier can be
incorporated out of site or why not attach
it to the projector to allow you to control
the audio I the classroom through your
projector remote.
All Vision’s
products are
designed by
installers so
they understand
what’s required to
ensure that it can
be incorporated
into a classroom
quickly, meaning
there is minimal
disruption to your
working environment during install of Vision
products, either in a new build or existing
teaching space.
Vision SP-1300 pair 70w 2-way wall
loudspeakers in black or white
• Wedgwood AV Ltd • 01754 769967 • [email protected] • www.wedgwood-group.com
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NEC launch new displays
Interactive technology
classroom choices
Interactive whiteboards, whiteboard/projector systems,
interactive projectors, LCD interactive touchscreens
Where a school has been using interactive whiteboards for several years, the
ceiling or wall mounted projectors may be nearing the end of their useful life. So
do you replace them or choose a whiteboard projector system or opt for interactive
projectors or select from the many LCD interactive touchscreens on the market...
With so many choices, here we
look at a few of the options that are
available to you. You could replace
your interactive whiteboards and
projectors or opt for all-in-one
interactive whiteboard systems which
give you have a choice of having
a short throw projector or ultra
short throw projector on a fixed or
adjustable wall mount or mounted
on a mobile trolley. And what about
the whiteboard, do you want single
touch, dual touch or 3 or more
students to use the board at the same
time? You could choose interactive
projectors where you can utilise dryerase whiteboards or even project a
large image onto a wall as you don’t
need to use an interactive whiteboard
with these. Manufacturers of plasma
or LCD interactive touchscreens
include software, some of which is
tailored to the education market. No
wonder it can be confusing when
there are so many choices!
When I mentioned to a teacher I was
writing this article, I was asked which
technology was best. There is no ‘best’
technology only different technologies.
Take interactive whiteboards for instance.
A few years ago it was a choice between
resistive or electromagnetic. Resistive
touch works by sensing pressure from
your fingers or other objects such as
an upside pencil. Electromagnetic
whiteboards are pen-based using the
special pen supplied.
environmental ceramicsteel, which is
extremely hard wearing. The board is
maintenance free and uses a stylus. All
eno whiteboards and eno mini slates
enable up to three users to use the board
at the same time.
These technologies are still available,
as are interactive whiteboards which
use infrared, HD camera in the pen and
optical sensing. Rather than go into
details about technologies, what is likely
to matter more in the classroom is the
size of the board and whether you want
to use pen, touch or both, single touch,
dual touch, or 3 or more users to get
involved in group interactivity. So let’s
look at what manufacturers have to offer
(in no particular order).
The eno family includes eno classic, the
3-in-1 board; eno one which includes
an interactive whiteboard, 87” or 96”,
an ultra-short throw projector on fixed
or adjustable wall mount or trolley,
educational software and stand/mount;
eno flex which is a multi-surface solution
that integrates dry-erase surfaces with
PolyVision’s eno classic, supplied with
PolyVision ultra short throw projector.
Accessories include eno play which
brings sound to the eno boards and eno
mini which is a mini interactive whiteboard
(wireless slate).
Interactive whiteboards
and all-in-one projector
whiteboard systems
PolyVision eno
PolyVison eno boards are 3-in-1 boards
in sizes 78” and 96” and comes with
Easiteach software. You can write on
them with a marker pen, attach magnets
or as an interactive whiteboard using
a projector. The board’s surface is
SMART Boards
The SMART Board® family includes 400
series, the 600 series and the 800 series.
The 400 series uses the classic pen
and finger based technology. The 480iv
is a ready to go system which comes
complete with a SMART V25 short throw
projector and integrated speakers.
SMART Board 865ix
touch or write
SMART Board 480iv
Within the 600 series there are integrated
short throw projectors/speaker options as
well as standard and widescreen options.
With the 685ix touch recognition you can
write, erase, move objects and control
applications simply by touching or writing on
the board. The SMART Board 800 series
allows two users to work together, using
simple, intuitive gestures to flick, rotate or
zoom in on objects.
PolyVision eno one all-in-one solution
PolyVision flex supplied with ultra short throw projector
14_Copyright © 2013 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
Panasonic interactive whiteboards
Promethean ActivBoards
ActivBoard 300 Pro series of interactive
whiteboards, which use a special pen,
combine interactivity with integrated sound
(built-in speakers and amplifier). In sizes
78”, 87” and 95”, the surface is durable and
the series is available as a fixed, adjustable,
mount or mobile system with a choice
of short throw or extreme short throw
projectors. For wireless connectivity there is
an optional wireless upgrade pack.
The ActivBoard 500 Pro system has the
same sizes and is both pen and touch
sensitive, featuring dual user functionality.
Up to four students can work together on a
task (Windows 7/8 only). Included software
for both series is ActivInspire Professional
Edition or Promethean ActivOffice. For the
500 Pro series there is also Promethean
Apps. ActivInspire software has open content
and teaching resources, such as math tools,
sounds and templates, whilst ActivOffice lets
you create PowerPoint® slide shows. USB
power and USB port simplifies connection to
your computer.
ActivBoard 300Pro fixed system
PolyVision eno classic interactive whiteboard
SMART Board 886ix
dual touch
Panasonic Panaboard copyboards are well established in the industry,
however, Panasonic also have interactive whiteboards in its range. The
UB-T880 and the widescreen T880W boards allow up to three students
to use the board at the same time, you can also use the special pen.
You can create an all-in-one system by adding a Panasonic short throw
or ultra short throw projector, along with a wall mount. The boards
have built-in speakers and optional wireless kit. Comes with Easiteach
ActivBoard 300Pro adjustable
ActivBoard 500Pro short throw
ActivBoard 500Pro fixed UST
For comparison charts, prices and manufacturers brochures please visit www.digital-whiteboards.co.uk
For demonstrations and sales enquiries in the UK please contact • 01754 769967 • [email protected]
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Hitachi FX board with ultra short throw projector
Hitachi Starboards
Hitachi FX-79E1 and FX-89WE1 series
has a large interactive area and two
simultaneous inputs for collaborative
work. You can use your finger, stylus or
any object to operate. The Magical Touch
function enables you to easily scroll by
motioning with the flat of your hand, or
shrink and expand the display by motioning
your fingers, and you can control by using
multi-touch hand gestures. The boards
also have a low glare surface to minimise
projector reflection. StarBoard educational
software is included. Hitachi’s interactive
ultra short throw projector lets you project
onto a dry-erase whiteboard or plain
white wall turning it into an interactive
surface. Environmentally friendly, it comes
with Hitachi StarBoard software and an
interactive pen. It is also supplied with a
versatile wall mount.
Hitachi StarBoard LINK EZ2-Pen is a
portable interactive unit that allows you to
turn any regular dry-wipe whiteboard or
a wall into an interactive area with all the
features of an interactive whiteboard.
Interactive projectors
Where you have classrooms and meeting
rooms with existing dry-wipe whiteboards
and do not wish to replace with interactive
whiteboards, then using an interactive
projector maybe a solution for you.
Hitachi StarBoard LINK EZ2-Pen portable interactive unit
Hitachi interactive projectors
Hitachi interactive projectors work like
normal projectors with the additional
feature of an interactive pen and
StarBoard software. This enables you
to transform any dry-erase whiteboard,
wall, a table top or a flat surface into
an interactive teaching aid. Using the
StarBoard software you can annotate and
interact with your training material rather
than just project static images. However,
unlike the multi-user interactive TRIO
boards, only one person at a time can
annotate using the interactive projector.
Epson interactive projectors
You make almost any wall or even
a tabletop interactive with Epson’s
interactive projectors. The network ready
projector and interactive pens integrate
interactive functionality into one machine
without having the expense of buying a
separate interactive whiteboard. You can
annotate from any source, directly onto
projected images sent over the network
or on content from DVD/Blu-ray® players
and document cameras, without the use
of a computer. With dual pen support,
two people can write simultaneously, and
being ultra short throw you can project
WXGA images up to 100” without shadow
Sony VPL-SW525C interactive projector
Example Installation of the NP01Wi2 interactive
whiteboard kit with an NEC U Series projector
NEC NP01Wi2 interactive whiteboard kit
with mouse driver and software
SONY interactive projectors
Designed for education, SONY’s interactive projectors are the ideal teaching
tool for glare-less projection in changing light conditions. They offer ease
of installation, multimedia connectivity and dual pen (teacher-student)
interactivity. A low brightness mode reduces power consumption and
extends the lamp lifetime to approximately 6000 hours, lowering overall
operating costs. This projector is ideal for small or difficult spaces as its
ultra short throw ratio can produce a 2.03m (80”) diagonal screen image
from only 0.47-0.49m (1.54-1.61 feet) away from the screen. SONY’s
VPL-SW525C ultra short throw interactive projector, compatible with an
interactive iPad, has dual pen interactivity to allow you and your students to
create, present, interact, playback and save work with most presentation
files and 3rd party interactive software. SONY projectors have a 3 year deinstall / re-install warranty for educational environments.
Hitachi interactive projectors with StarBoard
Interactive touchscreens
The majority of your students have smart
phones with touch screens and they
used to using touch to make phone
calls, surf the web, access files and play
Epson EB-1400Wi interactive projector
With an interactive projector you can
project onto a standard dry-erase
whiteboard or even a plain wall, annotating
and writing directly onto the projected
surface using a special pen. This means
you do not have to incur the expense of
purchasing an interactive whiteboard.
Where an interactive projector will let you
also position on a table top you can project
and interact onto a table, ideal for when
you want a small group of students to
‘gather round’ to discuss a subject. Some
models have dual pen support.
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Interactive tablets, are really just a larger
version of the screens used on smart
phones. Large format displays (LFD)
with interactive touch (touchscreens)
are larger versions of phone and tablet
screens, and therefore, students feel
quite at home using this technology.
Many display manufacturers offer
touchscreens in their range. However,
only a few come with interactive
whiteboard software tailored for the
education market. Amongst these are
BenQ’s TL650 uses SMART Notebook
software, which those of you who have
SMART Boards in your classroom will
already be familiar with this software.
Hitachi’s interactive large format display
includes Hitachi Starboard educational
software. CleverTouch includes Lynx
software and Wordwall for interactive
activities in the classroom. iiyama’s
TH5563MTS interactive LCD uses
Justeasy software.
BenQ TL650
LED interactive display
BenQ’s TL650 65” LED interactive
display is ideal for education and
can be bought with or without
SMART Notebook collaborative
licence. The display has an
ambient light sensor to adjust to
the room’s natural light; an RJ45
LAN control which lets you operate
the system and change display
contents at a remote location. It
is energy efficient and allows you
to assemble several displays as
a large one to accommodate
multiple windows or other usages
that require a large screen. With the built-in DVI port, you can splice an image into 1x2 to
5x5 screens for flexible placement of images. The display uses optical touch that gives
responsive feedback with accurate positioning. You can touch the screen to pan, zoom
and scroll images with two fingers through the Nextwindow™ technology. This eliminates
the need for a mouse or keyboard, so you can operate education software or presentations
like using a tablet to enjoy an engaging experience.
Manufacturers brochures, prices and product
comparisons are available in the UK from:
• Wedgwood AV Ltd
• 01754 769967
• [email protected]
• www.wedgwood-group.com
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Hitachi FX-79E1/FX-89WE1 Series
NEC interactive projectors
NEC’s UM-Series of ultra short throw
projectors, have dual HDMI inputs,
built-in 16 Watt speaker, so you won’t
need an extra sound system in your
classroom, and VGA, USB hub and
microphone input. The optional NEC
NP01Wi2 interactive whiteboard kit uses
eBeam® application software and stylus
in combination with NEC’s short-throw
or ultra short-throw projectors, from the
NEC U or M series, to transform any
existing flat surface into an interactive
area. This device is quick and easy to
install and is an easy upgrade of already
installed NEC projectors.
Wedgwood AV publish a Touchscreen
guide, free to download
and a free LCD monitor guide at
CTOUCH interactive touch displays are the
latest generation of interactive large format
touch displays designed for the classroom.
The CTOUCH Leddura LED range is
available in sizes ranging from 47”-84”
and features clear and anti-reflective glass
options. Designed to be connected to a
laptop or PC, all models are Plug and Play
with no need to install drivers on Windows,
MAC or Linux. The range supports a
minimum of 4 points of touch (10 points
available) for enhanced collaboration.
The Leddura range includes built in
speakers and displays Full HD content
from 2 HDMI sources. Plenty of other
connection options including 2 USB ports,
ensures you can connect up other devices
such as laptops, a TV digibox, DVD player
or visualiser. There is also an option to
insert a small form factor PC via the OPS
slot. Every CTOUCH ships with a 3 user
licence of Ctools Plus interactive annotation
software and a DisplayNote Presenter
licence is also provided that allows for
collaboration with iPad and Android tablets,
laptops, PCs and smartphones. Comes
with three year on-site next working day,
de-installation/reinstallation warranty (can
be extended to 5 years). Onsite mainland
UK demonstrations are available, please
telephone Wedgwood AV on 01754
769967 to arrange this.
iiyama ProLite TH5563MTS touchscreen
comes with Just2Easy educational
software. Full high definition (HD), the
touchscreen has an LED backlight for
energy efficiency, and an ambient light
sensor which also saves on power. This
55-inch commercial screen uses IPS panel
technology which means you can see the
display from all angles, with high brightness
and colour clarity. IPS technology gives
higher contrast, darker blacks and much
better viewing angles than standard TN
technology. The screen will look good no
matter what angle you view from. It also
supports picture-in-picture (PIP) which
lets you watch images coming from two
different sources as the same time. The
TH5563MTS uses cameras and infrared
backlight for touch accuracy when the
infrared light is blocked by your finger or
stylus, and with this technology it is almost
impossible to ‘wear out’ the screen. In fact
you don’t even have to touch the screen,
you just need to put your finger (gloved or
not) or any kind of stylus close to it. Dual
touch is supported when using Windows®
7/8 only.
Sahara Clevertouch is one of the
largest ranges of interactive displays,
with sizes from 42” to 82”. The latest
touchscreen technology is integrated
into the screen enabling it to be dual
touch or multi touch, including gesture
control and allowing multiple users.
The Clevertouch range does not require
drivers, calibration or set up, meaning
that Clevertouch is always ready to
go when you are. The high brightness
display means that images are clearly
visible and there is no shadowing.
Every Clevertouch comes with the
interactive software, CleverLynx with
Wordwall, which has been created for
use with any interactive device. You
can construct fantastic activities for
your classroom or use the 25,000
pre-created activities. A variety of
subject specific screen backdrops are
available to enhance lessons including
lined, graph, isometric, squared,
hexagonal and music manuscript
paper. Clevertouch also includes
DisplayNote software which lets you
share content with any other connected
NEC touchscreens
NEC have a range of touchscreens from
desktop models 17”, 20” and 22”, to
large format public display touchscreens
from 32” to 70” using a variety of touch
technologies to suit various applications.
These include Surface Capacitive which
is unaffected by on screen contaminants
such as grease, dirt and water; Projected
Capacitive touch which uses electrical
signals to show where your finger
touches the screen, not suitable for use
with gloved hands or pens; Dispersive
Signal touch technology which will
operate with static objects or other
touches on the screen, making it ideal for
tabletop applications; Optical Sensing
which uses cameras in the corners
of the screen making them ideal for
annotation. Dual touch is only possible
with Windows®7/8.
ELO Touch
elo Touch screens offer a range of
touch technologies to suit many
applications. For example, in the 19-inch
desktop touchscreens there is a choice
AccuTouch, APR, IntelliTouch, P-CAP
(Projected Capacitive), and medical
versions ideal for university teaching
hospitals. AccuTouch five-wire resistive
touch technology has long product life,
stable drift-free operation, contamination
resistance, giving accuracy in high use
applications, used for medical equipment,
pharmacy and office automation.
Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) works
with finger, glove, pen or credit card, is
resistant to water, dust and grease, works
even with scratches, has excellent drag
performance, thin borders of 5mm, ideal
for interactive digital signage. IntelliTouch
uses surface acoustic wave (SAW)
touch technology, which uses pure glass
construction for good image quality, has
stable, drift-free operation, can work even
if scratched and has a 10-year warranty,
ideal for kiosks and interactive digital
signage. Projected capacitive can be
used for outdoor (IP rated screens), in
E-learning is increasingly popular with
YouTube and iTunes being widely
used sources of educational content.
Consequently, educators are looking to
introduce innovative learning solutions to
engage the ‘digital generation’. Today’s
students are keen to embrace new
technology and improve their learning
experience and this is why Sharp have
developed a range of BIG PAD interactive
monitors. These robust touch screens in
60”, 70” and 80” sizes, are designed for
optimum performance in the classroom. An
anti-reflective coating ensures comfortable
viewing even in brightly lit areas, and highly
accurate high definition (HD) imagery
means everyone can see content in crisp
detail wherever they are sitting. Sharp
BIG PAD 60” and 70” screens use infrared
technology that ensures its easy to write
quickly using either the supplied pen or
your finger, with no need to continually
calibrate the screens. BIG PAD supports
dual-touch function when used with
Windows®7/8. The 80” size screen uses
optical imaging technology that uses optical
cameras in the upper right and left corners
of the screen to detect shadows made on
the screen by your finger or the touch pen.
NEC V462-TM touchscreens
rain, snow, ice and dust, and the touch
function operates through customer
installed materials including vandalresistant glass up to 18mm thick. Works
with gloves, even if glass is scratched.
True-flat front surface is possible with
no bezel. elo Touch has touchscreens in
many sizes from 15-inch to 70-inch, with
other touch technologies including Surface
Capacitive and ReverSys bending wave,
the latter used multi-touch and 3D. elo
Touch are happy to provide you with a
no-obligation onsite demonstration in
mainland UK educational and university
teaching hospitals to ensure you select the
correct touch technology for your needs
before making purchasing decisions. To
book a demonstration please telephone
Wedgwood AC on 01754 769967 to
arrange this.
Hitachi LED 65 screen is designed to
make lessons bright and memorable. Its
dual and multi-touch capability allows your
students to collaborate simultaneously,
encouraging cooperation and teamwork
in the classroom. The LED 65 screen
comes with StarBoard software, which
has a dynamic set of lesson building tools
designed specifically for teachers. It is
compatible with most operating systems,
has a customisable floating toolbar, hand
writing recognition, direct access to the
Internet, allows importing of Microsoft
Office files (Word, PPT, etc), supports
interactive whiteboard common file format
(CFF) for easy sharing of educational
content and has a remote conferencing
feature. As Hitachi StarBoard software is
used with Hitachi interactive whiteboards,
teachers who already have Hitachi’s
whiteboards onsite, would not need to
learn another software package, when
using the LED 65 screen. Unlike with
interactive whiteboard and projector
solutions, there is no shadowing with LED
screens. Also, with the LED 65 screen
there is no on-going maintenance required
as there are no lamps to change, and
Hitachi give a comprehensive 3 years
warranty. Unlike interactive whiteboards
that use resistive touch technology, which
can be scratched or damaged, the LED
65 screen has 5mm toughened glass with
a steel bezel, combined with guaranteed
24/7 usage, makes it a durable solution
for many applications. Where you have
an interactive whiteboard and projector
solution, to view images in high definition
(HD), you would need to use an HD
projector (1920x1080), whilst the LED
65 screen has a full HD (1080p) high
brightness display making your interactive
software and images clear and detailed.
Wedgwood AV publish a free LCD monitor
guide at www.lcd-monitors.co.uk and a
Touchscreen guide, free to download at
Clevertouch C-Series with Wordwall
Manufacturers brochures, prices
and product comparisons are
available in the UK from:
CTOUCH Leddura interactive touch screens
iiyama TH5563MTS with Just2Easy software
Clevertouch with DisplayNote software
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elo Touch touchscreens
Hitach LED 65 screen
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Panasonic Visual
Experience Centre
. Video conferencing with 85”
large display and HDVC (high
definition video conferencing)
. 3D gesture control of a 103”
plasma. Model: TH-103VX200.
Also available in sizes 65” and
. UB-T880W interactive white
board with an extreme short
throw projector PT-CW230,
on a portable stand.
Panasonic PT-CW230
extreme short throw proector
We were invited to view Panasonic’s new
technology at their Visual Experience
Centre, located in the heat of the famous
Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.
Here’s a sneak preview for you...
Panasonic’s UB-T880W 86-inch and UB-T880 77-inch interactive whiteboards are both
finger-touch and electronic pen compatible with multi-touch operation. Simultaneous
operation by touch of up to three points, means that three users can work on the board at
any one time. A Panasonic extreme short throw projector PT-CW230 complements the board
and a portable stand allows it to be used classroom to classroom.
Panasonic TH-47LFP IP66 dustproof
and water resistant protection against
rain and dust
Available in 42” and 47”, the main features are IP66 compliant
dustproof and weather resistant performance, trans-reflective LCD
panel for high visibility in bright places, and robust operation even
under adverse conditions.
Models: TH-47LFP30W 47” and TH-42LFP30W 42”.
• 01754 769967
• [email protected]
• www.wedgwood-group.com
Panasonic LF50 series 70” & 80” slim
LCD screens with high brightness
for 24/7 usage
. Robust weatherproof LCD,
IP66 rated, 47” and 42”
Models: TH-47LFP30W and
. Video wall LED back-lit
screen. Model: TH-55LFV50U
. Flexible projection area with
many models of projectors
. Floor projection with
.70” LED digital signage
screen. Model: TH-70LF50
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Images top to bottom: 103” video wall; Motion tracking wall
using 47” LCDs; The Experience Centre’s 3D home cinema
room equipped with the 85VX200.
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Interactive Technology
Slot 2.0 function slot
Panasonic’s interactive plasma display has Slot 2.0
function slot which greatly exoands the display’s range of
applications. It lets you mount an optional function board
(terminal board) to suit your application. These terminal
boards handle most of the commonly used video signals.
You can choose from Dual HDMI terminal board, DVI-D
terminal board, HD-SDI terminal board, Dual Link HD-SDI
terminal board, or an HD-SDI terminal board with audio.
3D Full HD
Subjects such as science are brought to life when taught in 3D. Panasonic’s interactive plasma
display allows 3D to be viewed in Full HD (high definition), with 3D glasses which are sold
Panasonic interacive plasma display 65-inch TH-65PB1E ideal for primary, secondary, higher education and business
Panasonic’s 65-inch full HD interactive plasma display has high
image quality and up to 4 pens can be used simultaneously
for natural, smooth, comfortable writing, making it an ideal
alternative to an interactive whiteboard and projector
Wireless presentations from your PC or tablet
The data on your computer screen can be easily sent by wireless transmission using Panasonic’s optional wireless module. Multiple
Transmission Mode allows your data from multiple PCs to be shown on a single screen, or the data from one PC to be shown on up to
8 displays. Using Multi-Live Mode up to 16 PC screens can be displayed.
Electronic pen system
A new electronic pen system has been developed that takes
advantage of plasma characteristics. The pen’s position is directly
detected and displayed from the light emitted from each of the Full HD
resolution (1920x1080) pixels. This results in fast, smooth and precise
writing and drawing.
The user-friendly electronic pen has a selector button for easy
switching between four colours and the erasing function. It can also
be combined with application software for a wide variety of operations.
The pen has a colour-changing and eraser button, an LED colour
indication button, a mouse function button, power switch and drawing
menu display button.
Because up to four pens can
be individually recognised, your
students can write with pens of
different colours and thicknesses
simultaneously. Only the pen is
detected, so there are no errors
caused by contact with clothing
or hands.
Panasonic TH65PB1E on stand
• Wedgwood AV Ltd • 01754 769967 • [email protected] • www.wedgwood-group.com
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With screens 42” to 82”, and 2-point,
6-point and 32-point touch available,
there is a Clevertouch suitable for
every class size and application.
CleverLyx screenshot of heart
CleverLyx screenshot of volcano
Clevertouch for secondary schools
St Nicolas C of E Junior School in
Newbury, West Berkshire recently
embarked on a project to extend and
update the school buildings and facilities.
As part of this project they needed to
update the ICT facilities.
Wordwall spinning game
Clevertouch with Wordwall template
Sahara Clevertouch is one of the largest
ranges of interactive displays, with sizes
from 42” to 82”. The latest touchscreen
technology is integrated into the screen
enabling it to be dual touch or multitouch, including gesture control and
allowing multiple users. The Clevertouch
range does not require drivers, calibration
or set up, meaning that Clevertouch is
always ready to go when you are. The
high brightness display means that
images are clearly visible and there is no
manuscript paper.
An image bank, encyclopedia
articles, and a wide variety of high
definition maps are included. You
can also import documents from
your PC, including Word and Excel.
These can all be annotated over with
the annotation toolkit, which included
pen, paintbrush, highlighting and
area fill tools. Screen capture allows
you to save these annotations to be
used again, or printed and given to
your students.
Every Clevertouch comes with the
interactive software, CleverLynx with
Wordwall, which has been created for
use with any interactive device. You
can construct fantastic activities for
your classroom or use the 25,000 precreated activities. A variety of subject
specific screen backdrops are available to
enhance lessons including lined, graph,
isometric, squared, hexagonal and music
Handwriting recognition comes
as standard and the on-screen
keyboard can be used to write, align,
rotate and transform text.
Perfect for presentations and brain
storming, CleverLynx allows users
to show information in a unique and
interactive way.
Wordwall star background
Cleverclick voting system
No-obligation demonstrations of
Clevertouch and Clevertouch Fusion
are available in mainland UK.
Please call Wedgwood AV, on 01754
769967 to book your demonstration.
[email protected]
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The school had been using interactive
whiteboards for a number of years,
but, according to head teacher Mr
Keith Harvey, there were “a number
of disadvantages such as lack of
clarity of the image, the shadow
cast by the projector, and the
regularity that the boards have to be
reoriented”. Clevertouch is a solution
to their problems caused by interactive
whiteboards as the screens are much
clearer, there is no need for reorienting,
and the lifespan is longer.
After the Clevertouch had been installed
in the school for a term, Mr Harvey
concluded that “staff, children and
parents have been impressed with the
interactive screens”.
Teachers at Offord Primary School in
Cambridgeshire agree with Mr Harvey,
saying that “the Clevertouch is so much
clearer than our previous interactive
whiteboard solution; all the children can
see the screen easily from all angles of
the room in any light condition. There is
no projector glare or shadows to combat
and I never have to worry about a bulb
going mid lesson / term”.
Clevertouch with Lynx software for primary schools
The great thing about Clevertouch is that
it is so versatile. There are a wide range
of desk stands, wall mounts, and height
adjustable manual or electric stands and
trolleys. This means that you have the
option of moving the screens between
classrooms, or into halls for assemblies
or indoor play, and the adjustable height
trolleys and stands make Clevertouch
perfect for Nursery or Reception
children, right up to Sixth Form. The
Clevertouch Fusion is already attached
to an adjustable trolley, that can be used
in three modes:- whiteboard, easel, or
table. The Fusion features 32-point touch,
making it ideal for projects involving the
whole class. The Clevertouch Fusion
also comes with Snowflake Interactive
Software, which is designed for use on
multi-touch devices and includes a host of
applications that engage children in a new
way by letting them interact with media,
websites, images and brochures. There
are also games, perfect for encouraging
children to work and play together.
leave you a loan screen whilst they fix or
replace it, and then re-install it so that
your interactive classroom never has any
Clevertouch has a three year de-install reinstall warranty, upgradable to five years.
That means that if there are any problems
Sahara’s engineers will come to the
school, and if they cannot fix the problem
on-site they will remove the screen and
Looking to the future, Clevertouch now
has the ability to communicate directly
with students’ Smartphones and Tablet
PCs, and DisplayNote allows pupils to
annotate on their own device, save their
notes, and look at them at a later date.
Every Clevertouch comes bundles with
the Clevertouch Software Suite, which
is made up of CleverLynx with Wordwall
and the DisplayNote Presenter Licence.
The range of educational games help
engage pupils, perfect for use with the
CleverClick voting system. Teachers can
now LessonShare with the new website
CleverLynx.com – allowing you to get
ideas from other schools all over the
Comments from teachers who love
using this software include Miss Kirsty
Gray of Offord Primary School who said
“CleverLynx is a dream to work with;
no constant orientation required, and
Wordwall is great! We have used random
wheel, wordsearch and crossword to
great effect”.
• Wedgwood AV Ltd • 01754 769967 • [email protected] • www.wedgwood-group.com
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case study
Interactive technology
+ Wordwall
= interactive
activities for
your classroom
Prize winners
As schools invest in iPads and iMacs, TOP-TEC look to security
solutions for recharging and storage in the classroom. TOP-TEC
donated iMac Shoes and iMac Slippers in our prize draw from
issue 7 of Teaching Technology for Education.
Congratulations to our delighted winner, Stuart Aitken
of New College, Swindon, who wrote to thank us.
“We are really pleased with our prize; security devices
like the iMac Slipper are a great deterrent against
opportunist theft. In the current economic climate, the
cost of replacing expensive IT equipment is something
that few can afford.” Amanda Walton, Director of
Customer Services and Marketing receives the prize
from Top-Tec, manufacturer of security solutions.
Az Mohammed of Newcastle University with his iMac Shoe prize win
‘Liverpool John Moores University’
Congratulations also to: Paul Clews of East Berks College; Frank Ritchie of
Cantraybridge College in Inverness; Nick O’Dwyer of Pakefield, a Foundation High
School in Suffolk, and Adam Carter of Bristol University.
Schools from the Faculty of Arts, Professional and Social Studies
benefit from Epson EB-G5750WU and EB-Z8000WU projectors
Liverpool John Moores University has
selected Epson projectors as part of its
audio-visual refresh within its faculty of arts,
professional and social studies. The School
of Law, Liverpool Business School and
the Liverpool Screen School, all contained
within the new £37.6million Redmonds
Building, are now using 40 Epson EBG5750WU and two Epson EB-Z8000WU
models, to support the increasing use of
multimedia content in lectures.
Each projector is connected to an AV
switching rack via an HDMI cable, allowing
it to display images from a range of sources
including PCs, IP/Video camera and a BluRay player. As a next step, the University is
looking to take advantage of the wireless
connectivity offered by the projectors,
which will allow students and teachers to
display content directly from iPads and
iPhones. For the Liverpool Screen School,
which offers undergraduate courses in
Creative Writing, Drama, Film Studies,
Journalism and Media Professional
Studies, this ability to display different
types of multimedia content is especially
The high brightness output of the two
Z-series projectors, up to 6000 lumens,
allows the University to ensure superb
image quality even in rooms with high
levels of ambient light. The University also
required a contrast ratio of at least 15:1,
which both projector models are able to
deliver, ensuring text is easy to read and
colours are more vivid.
“With students learning from a wider range
of digital media than ever before, including
virtual lectures, online videos, mobile
content and imagery, having projectors that
can display this variety of materials was
paramount, and the Epson projectors allow
us to do this in high-definition quality,”
said Mark Devitt, Assistant Director, Estate
Management, Liverpool John Moores
Due to the number of Epson projectors the
University is now using, it has been able
to sign up to the Epson Self-Maintainer
programme. As well as providing end-user
maintenance training, the scheme also
means that the University has access to
a spare projector which can be instantly
swapped with a defective unit, ensuring no
teaching time is lost in cases of projector
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monthly prize draw to win digital signage for your organisation. www.teachingtechnology.co.uk
Repeat Signage Standard Edition
digital signage software
Congratulations to the 10 winners, all drawn at random from Issue 7
who have now received their software licences. Now with touchscreen
support. You can download and evaluate a copy of Repeat
Signage at www.repeatsoftware.com
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Prize winners
Epson projectors at
Liverpool John Moores
University bring greater
clarity to lessons
A+K PADS4 provides schools with a
centralised system to transfer and
communicate information.
As we move further into the digital age, we are constantly
presented with ideas of what the world will look like in the future.
A popular notion is ‘The School of the Future’. Despite the UK
government shelving its Building Schools for the Future (BSF)
programme, the education sector is undergoing a process of
future-proofing; as part of this, learning providers are investing
more and more in digital technologies.
In particular, schools, college and universities are increasingly
harnessing digital signage.These solutions are sustainable and
provide an effective and easy solution to disseminate information
to staff, students and visitors.
Delivering value to learning environments
A+K PADS4 is a powerful digital signage system that provides
cost-efficient and eye-catching solutions for 21st century teaching
environments. What is more, PADS4 can be scaled to suit any
learning environment; from large city academies to rural primary
schools, the system is guided by the specific application.
Depending on the available budget or environment, you can
start with a single display that can be added to.
The key elements of your signage solution:
PADS Designer is a powerful design tool that allows
users to create dynamic presentations with a wide
range of possible content elements.
PADS Scheduler allows users to define dates, time
and destinations for messages to appear.
PADS Viewer makes sure that scheduled content is
played perfectly and at the right moment on a display.
PADS Server ensures that your scheduled
presentations, and everything that relates to them, end
up with the right displays at the right time.
“Schools, college and universities
are increasingly harnessing digital
signage. These systems are
sustainable and provide an effective
solution to disseminate information.”
28_Copyright © 2013 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
Signage for the 21st
century school
The popularity of PADS4 also owes to its ease of use. The
WYSIWYG design tool makes it easy even for a design novice to
create targeted messages. Through a familiar PowerPoint-like
interface, you can compose presentations with a wide range
of possible content elements, including scrolling text, video and
live news feeds, as well as dynamic tables, chart and graphs.
PowerPoint presentations and the latest Macromedia Flash
content can also be linked to this versatile signage system.
Database connectivity
A key selling point for PADS is the built-in database
connectivity; this feature allows you to link real-time data
from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Exchange, an in-house CMS,
or virtually any other database to the presentation. This is
ideal for schools, colleges and universities, where the signage
would need to be updated regularly. For example, in the
event of an emergency, the signage can display fire evacuation
instructions to ensure safety.
PADS4 can also be easily integrated with your Room Booking
System to facilitate the sharing of lesson information. Book a
room from any networked computer and this will update the
digital signage with real-time information, including room
changes and building closures. Additionally use the
Scheduler tool to prioritise certain presentations, such as the
lunch menu, at strategic locations throughout the site. The
scheduling system further enables you to define dates,
times and destinations for messages to appear.
Maintaining your signage
Surprisingly a system as sophisticated as PADS4 is timely to
roll-out and the software can be downloaded the same day.
Those interested in purchasing PADS4 can also make use of
the free 30 day trial, which allows you to see what the system
can achieve. Please contact Wedgwood AV if you would like a
download link. [email protected]
Moreover, the system is easy to support. To ensure the
maintenance of your signage, A+K has a number of training
packages and service level agreements available. These
packages include, amongst others, 3-day and next day
on-site assistance (depending on the level of service
contract), product enhancement updates and refresher
training (covered in the third-level service contract (DS3)).
Phone and remote support is also available from our in-house
technical team who can diagnose and solve problems that
you may have with your signage.
Applications for Digital Signage in Education:
Timetable Updates
Evacuation Procedures
Examination/sports results
Real-time traffic information
• 01754 769967
• [email protected]
• www.wedgwood-group.com
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Every young person possesses huge potential, which every
teacher strives to unlock and nurture. In classes of often
more than 30 students, each with their own characteristics
and complexities, a teacher requires great skill, energy and
enthusiasm to engage with each student at a level which
stimulates his interest.
In cooperation with DisplayNote, NEC Display Solutions offers an
interactive classroom technology solution which gives ownership
to every member of the class, encouraging them to actively
participate, lead discussion and stimulate class engagement.
NEC UM-Series
In addition, four specially prepared interactive models will allow
any flat space to be turned into an interactive whiteboard. Thanks
to this, it is possible to avoid buying a specialised interactive
whiteboard by making use of the projector’s built-in functions.
The natural image, due to wall colour correction, can also be
displayed on colour painted walls and surfaces, they need not
be white.
A software package which allows wireless transfer from an
iPhone or iPad, as well as a package of tools for the interactive
whiteboard lets you perform any operation available on a
standard dry-wipe board, are available free of charge with the
NEC UM projectors
bring interactivity to the
NEC are also offering a free version of the DisplayNote NEC
Edition software, provided with the M or UM-Series of projectors,
making it easier for you to conduct lessons with mobile devices
whilst moving freely throughout the classroom, allowing notes to
be taken and sharing of the contents of any presentation.
Regardless of the level of education and the nature of the facility, modern multimedia equipment
is significantly improving the quality of absorption of knowledge imparted by teachers. A digital
projector is an essential attribute of any modern multimedia class.
Modern multimedia classroom
Not that many years ago, classrooms were putting away
their old dry erase whiteboards and replacing with interactive
whiteboards and projectors. In fact, these are still used in many
schools across the country.
Ultra-short throw projectors
Interacting with students provides special opportunities for
teaching in primary schools, where tuition can also be conducted
through play. An excellent choice for such educational classes
are projectors with a very short projection distance which make
it possible to display images without blinding the teacher or the
student. The NEC U-Series of ultra-short throw projectors are
ideal for use with an interactive whiteboard.
Projectors with interactive functions
With the introduction of projectors with interactive functions,
cost savings can be effected as an interactive whiteboard is no
longer needed with these types of projectors. Existing dry erase
whiteboards can be used as a projection surface as can a plain
white wall. Depending on throw distance of the interactive
projector you can possibly cover a very large projection area. As
well as in the classroom, this may be advantageous for drama
theatres for projecting backdrops, with the interactive functions
opening up new possibiities.
NEC launch new UM-Series
NEC M-Series
Based on the successful ultra-short
throw M-Series, a new series of
ultra-short focal length projectors
has inherited a great deal of useful
functionality and features from the
previous models. An ultra-short
projection distance of 0.36:1
reduces to almost zero the effect
of shadowing and the blinding of
the teacher during the course of a
presentation. Such a short distance projection facilitates the display
of an image with the 1-metre base at a distance of 36cm from the
wall or a screen.
NEC has launched four models of UM projectors displaying images in
XGA and WXGA resolution, a brightness of up to 3300 ANSI lumens
and a very long lamp life of up to 8000 hours. This high brightness
allows you to project the image, even in bright and strongly lit rooms,
without compromising the quality of the image. The long lamp life
significantly reduces the total cost of operating your projector.
30_Copyright © 2013 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
Using DisplayNote, any connected device can share their
screen, annotations and drawings with a presenter or with any
other connected device. Tablets, as well as PCs, laptops and
smartphones, projectors, whiteboards and touch screens can
be networked via a WLAN router to the teacher’s PC. The same
software runs using a uniform user interface for all these devices
which the student uses to receive, link to and save the teaching
material adding their own notes. The student can also become
the presenter themselves, addressing the class with their own
work appearing on the projected whiteboard image.
The new series of NEC UM projectors has a number of
innovative features which make it as simple as possible to use
the equipment. The projector can be turned on very quickly and
turned off practically instantly without the need to cool the lamp
down, which minimises the risk of damage. The NEC projectors
from the UM series also offer schools a free warranty on the
projector lamp, extended to three years. This means there is
no need for the lamp, which is an expensive component, to be
replaced after a short period of time.
Each projector from the UM series has been equipped with a
dedicated wall handle for easy installation and adjustment of the
projector, which also keeps down costs by removing the need to
purchase special fasteners.
Using DisplayNote software
NEC are happy to come along to your place of
learning to demonstrate these projectors. Please
telephone 01754 769967 for a no-obligation
appointment. Mainland UK only.
• 01754 769967 • [email protected] • www.wedgwood-group.com
NEC Display Solutions DisplayNote offer
NEC are offering a free version of the DisplayNote NEC Edition software, provided with
the M or UM-Series of projectors, making it easier for you to conduct lessons with mobile
devices whilst moving freely throughout the classroom, allowing notes to be taken and
sharing of the contents of any presentation. Promotion ends 31 December 2013.
Please contact Wedgwood AV on 01754 769967. [email protected]
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DisplayNote software
Repeat Signage 2013
Standalone digital signage
software worth £125+VAT
with every NEC projector or
NEC desktop, touchscreen
or large format display
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Free Audio Visual guides from Wedgwood AV
Wedgwood AV Ltd
Wedgwood AV Ltd, suppliers of audio visual equipment into local
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universities and training establishments, since 1996, produce a series
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Danes speak two or more languages.
Around most of Copenhagen, English is well
understood and widely spoken.
Charles Dalton was one of many of the
educational and business contacts invited
to network with the UK delegates. One
of the products revealed at the networking
dinner was Repeat Signage 2013 Standalone
digital signage software for Windows. As
wireless tablets are in use in schools,
Mimi Ipsen, Vice General Secretary of
ICC Denmark (International Chamber of
Commerce), enquired as to whether digital
signage presentations being displayed
on large screens within schools, could be
updated by Windows operated tablets and
phones. “It makes sense to make full use of
technology and have all such devices ‘talk to
each other’”, said Mimi, who added, “There
has been a 400% growth in global sales of
Windows phones in 2013 compared to 2012
and as companies gradually move towards
Windows 8, the sales will continue to grow.”
Copenhagen’s ‘Little Mermaid’
UKTI visit to Copenhagen
by Linda S. Adams
My first impression, as the aircraft came into land at Copenhagen
airport, was that of a beautifully constructed bridge spanning the
water between Copenhagen and Sweden. “Over 20,000 people
commute daily either by the bridge or tunnel, as they live in one
country and work in the other”, reported our Danish guide, as a
party of 50 local West Midlands business people headed for the
Residence of the British Ambassador to Denmark on the 4 March
2013 for a two day research visit.
Denmark is a small country steeped in history and tradition. You
may be familiar with many of its products that are imported into
the UK, including Danish bacon, butter and beer, and of course
LEGO. Others just as important but perhaps not as familiar to
you include renewable energy, life sciences, shipping, as well as
food and drink.
The UKTI (UK Trade & Investment) in the West Midlands
organised the visit of delegates to research into exporting into
Denmark. With an innovative, open and robust economy, it is
highly dependent upon international trade and as such, gave a
warm welcome to its visiting UK business delegates.
In Denmark the education system is compulsory for children up
to the age of 16. There is a tradition of private schools of which a
proportion of children attend.
Charles Dalton is Headmaster of Rygaards Skole, a private
International school with both International and Danish
departments, that caters for primary and secondary education
including Cambridge International Examinations.
The school is co-educational and is recognised and subject to
Danish law and receives a subsidy from the Danish State. The
school is a member of COBIS (The Council of British International
Schools), and is managed by a Board of Governors consisting of
5 members and is a non-profit making institution. The day to day
running of the school is managed by a team of 5 leaders.
People in the UK and Denmark share many similarities in the area
of education and have a great sense of humour. Charles Dalton,
who at first I thought was Danish, invited me to guess his accent.
He laughed and said people who say they can pinpoint accents
always have trouble with his, as he has a no-accent.
Charles Dalton has lived partly in Denmark, although he spent the
first 16 years of his life in Tanzania and University in the UK. He is
Principal across both the International and Danish departments of
Rygaards Skole, which is sited on the original wooded parkland
of an eighteenth-century manor house, from which the school
derives its name.
The Danish school has approximately 450 students from 6-16
years of ages and serves a community that is permanently
resident in Denmark, whilst the International school has
approximately 450 students from 4-16 years and caters for those
who are only in Denmark on a temporary basis. The school
academic year begins in August and finishes in June, giving a
200 school-day year. Unlike the UK where students have a long
6-week break in the summer, at Ryaards Skole there is a one
week holiday break in October, a two week Christmas holiday
break, one week in February, and a one-and-a-half week Easter
holiday break. Additionally, there are 4 days in the Spring when
the school is closed in conjunction with Danish public holidays.
The school day begins at 08.55 and finishes at 14.40. Most
Delegates view Copenhagen’s landmarks from the harbour and canals
Whilst in Denmark our hosts gave us a
memorable trip around the habour and
canals of Copenhagen, allowing us to
experience a genuine maritime atmosphere
as well as the most beautiful landmarks
of Copenhagen. Of course a visit to
Copenhagen wouldn’t be complete without
catching sight of the Little Mermaid.
I’m sure it would bring education to life if
students across the world could play an
active part in designing and displaying
information in their schools via digital signage.
They would gain a sense of achievement
and pride by contributing to digital signage
content, such as artwork and photographs
of local landmarks and natural landscapes.
These could be scheduled to be displayed at
different times on large screens throughout
the building. The students could then share
these images and stories with students
around the world, via video conferencing.
It would be interesting to learn whether any
UK schools or colleges have liaised via video
conferencing with schools in Denmark, to
share experiences and develop international
social skills.
One of our hosts proudly related the story
of a Danish Prince in William Shakespeare’s
famous play ‘Hamlet’. As 2016 marks the
400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s
death, Copenhagen plans to celebrate this
event. Now that would be something for UK
and Denmark schools to share!
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Rygaards Skole, Denmark
Chance for you to
win prizes in our
free prize draws
For a chance to win an eBeam Edge for
Education, simply answer the following
What is the name of the eBeam product that
includes speakers, a microphone and
one-touch recording?
Win an eBeam
Edge for
To enter the free prize draw, please go to
www.teachingtechnology.co.uk and create a free
online account. Login and click on the ‘Competitions’
link and enter your answer. Closing date is midnight
on 31 August 2013.
Free prize draw rules: Teaching Technology competitions are only available to the staff of
UK educational establishments. Winners will be selected at random by the editor from
all correct entries received by midnight on 31 August 2013. The winning educational
establishment will be notified as soon as reasonably practicable after the competition
draw. One entry per person. Multiple entries will be discarded. The editor’s decision is
final and no correspondence will be entered into. There are no cash alternatives.
eBeam Edge is a device that is smaller than a board
eraser and lighter than a box of chalk. It can be
added to a current dry erase whiteboard or plain
wall to create an interactive whiteboard surface.
In combination with the receiver, pen, a projector
and a surface to project onto, eBeam Edge for
Education provides a portable (or permanent)
interactive whiteboard solution.
We have an eBeam Edge to give away in our free
prize draw - open to educational establishments in
the UK.
10 copies of Repeat Signage
Standard Edition digital
signage software to be won
Repeat Signage is truly flexible digital signage software for Windows. It
allows pixel-by-pixel control of displays including plasma screens, LCD
monitors and projectors. It is one of the easiest to use digital signage
packages on the market. You simply design the presentation for the
resolution of your screen. Includes touch screen capability.
10 downloadable software licences
to be won - FREE evaluation software
at www.repeatsoftware.com
Free prize draw
For your chance to win one of ten prizes of Repeat Signage Standard Edition
flexible digital signage software, (worth £225+VAT), all you have to do is download
a free evaluation copy from www.repeatsoftware.com Then open the software and
look at the bottom of the main screen. You will see a 4 digit code in the format TT
0000. You will need this code to enter the free prize draw. Good luck!
AV Limited
To enter the prize draw, simply go to
www.teachingtechnology.co.uk and
create a free online account. Login and
click on the ‘Competitions’ link to enter the
4 digit number. Closing date is midnight on
31 August 2013.
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