Economic and Enhanced
The PAG L95e Battery
Budget Broadcast Battery
V-Mount or PAGlok
Although relatively low in cost, compared to the cameras
they power, high-quality Li-Ion battery systems may
appear expensive compared to some of the cheaper,
imported options available. However, low-quality Li-Ion
batteries can fail within a year and provide poor value
for money. For this reason PAG has introduced a highly
economic Li-Ion battery that incorporates enhanced
features, and maintains the high quality and safety
standards for which PAG is renowned.
The new low-cost L95e is available in PAGlok and
V-Mount formats. Its 95 watt-hour capacity provides
increased run-time for a camcorder and light up to 35W.
Two L95e batteries will fit easily into your camera bag
and provide enough power for a whole day’s shooting.
Quality and Safety
PAG has been able to reduce costs by redesigning the
battery to incorporate a new 5 LED capacity indicator.
By using the same cell pack and electronic protection
system as the L95 Time Battery PAG has also
maintained quality and safety. Quality branded cells,
such as those utilised by PAG, are a vital prerequisite to
the creation of a safe Li-Ion battery.
The multiple levels of protection within the L95e ensure
that it is one of the safest Li-Ion batteries available. In
addition, the protection circuit is coated with Parylene,
the premier conformal coating, to protect against the
results of severe mechanical abuse to the cell pack.
These features help prevent the damaging processes
that reduce capacity, and in combination with
proprietary charging techniques ensure a longer battery
cycle life. PAG is able to offer an impressive warranty of
18 months on the new L95e.
Power & Time Circle Display
The L95e incorporates a new capacity indicator called
the Power & Time Circle. It uses five LEDs to display
charge status in terms of percentage. When the display
button is pressed each LED that is lit represents
approximately 20% of available capacity.
The display is also capable of indicating an estimate of
remaining run-time, on-load:
A second button press
activates the time display.
The ‘HRS’ LED flashes twice.
The number of hours is
indicated by the number of
lit LEDs: 2 LEDs = 2 hours.
The ‘MINS’ LED then flashes
The number of minutes is
indicated: 3 LEDs = 30 mins.
Capacity in the Viewfinder
The V-Mount L95e, when used to power certain Sony
cameras, will provide a percentage display of available
capacity in the camera viewfinder.
No Service Charge
The new 5 LED display maintains its level of accuracy after
repeated partial discharge cycles, and the battery does not
require a periodic 'service charge' (full discharge/charge
cycle) to re-establish accuracy.
PAG L95e should always be charged using a PAG charger.
PAG offers low-cost chargers that complement the
new L95e. The PAG Freelancer (PAGlok) and PAG V2
(V-Mount) are two-channel sequential chargers, small
enough to fit in your camera bag.
Alternatively, the following PAG chargers can be used:
the V-Mount compatible V4-iPC and new PAG Cube or the
PAGlok compatible AR124PLD and Quasar. A charge
adaptor is required to charge L95e batteries via the front
PP90 sockets of other PAG all-chemistry chargers.
Charger Upgrades
If the battery has been shut down by its protection circuit it
can be recovered by simply removing it from the load and
pressing the display button, provided the battery still
retains some charge.
PAG V-Mount chargers are already L95e compatible,
but other PAG chargers in the field will require a software
upgrade to charge the new battery.
Model 9670E
Chip-Upgrade for AR Series 2 chargers.
Model 9670QE Chip-Upgrade for Quasar chargers.
Freelancer chargers must be returned to PAG to receive
the upgrade.
To achieve the optimum number of discharge cycles the
Model No. 9310
PAGlok professional battery connector.
PAG Power & Time Circle Display:
A single button-press displays charge status in terms of
percentage. The LEDs light clockwise, from the top right
round to the top left.
Model No. 9310V
Sony V-Mount compatible battery connector.
The casing for these models consists of high-impact
polycarbonate injection mouldings, featuring an internal
cradle designed to protect the cells from impact damage.
The cells have welded interconnections of low-resistance
nickel strap. The batteries are sealed and non user-serviceable.
Premium grade Lithium-Ion sealed rechargeable
cylindrical cells.
5 LEDs
4 LEDs
3 LEDs
2 LEDs
1 LED flashing
80 - 100%
60 - 79%
40 - 59%
20 - 39%
10 - 19%
0 - 10%
The display is also capable of indicating an estimate of
remaining run-time, on-load:
> The second button-press activates the time display.
> The ‘HRS’ LED will flash twice.
14.8V nominal. The battery contains 12 cells connected in
series/parallel. Each cell has a nominal voltage of 3.7V.
Nominal 6.5 ampere-hours, with a charge voltage of 4.2V per
Output Current:
Rated maximum continuous output current is 7.0 amperes.
The battery incorporates the following safety shutdown
> 3 over-current shutdown systems.
> 2 over-voltage shutdown systems.
> 2 under-voltage shutdown systems.
> 2 thermal shutdown systems, including a non-resetting
thermal fuse.
All protection circuits within the battery are designed to
withstand the leakage of electrolyte.
Operating Temperature Range:
Optimum discharge efficiency is achieved within the
temperature range +10°C to +40°C.
PAG Ltd.
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> The number of remaining hours will be indicated by the
number of lit LEDs: each LED represents 1 hour.
> The ‘MINS’ LED will then flash twice.
> The number of additional remaining minutes will be
indicated by the number of lit LEDs: each LED
represents approximately 10 minutes.
NOTE: This product provides an estimate of remaining runtime. A more accurate and sophisticated run-time display is
provided by the PAG Power & Time Display, incorporated in
the L95 Time Battery (Models 9382 PAGlok, 9360 V-Mount
and 9383 Snap-on).
Overall Dimensions:
130mm (5.1")
130mm (5.1")
*excluding locking claws
Sales Office
T +44 (0) 20 8543 3131
F +44 (0) 20 8540 4116
E [email protected]
86mm (3.4")
86mm (3.4")
42mm (1.65")
47mm (1.85")
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