Black & Decker | EF1220 | Instruction manual | Black & Decker EF1220 Instruction manual

Deep Fryer
First Use Safety Recommendation
Please read through this booklet for safe and efficient use of the appliance.
We urge you to read the "Hint's" section and also follow all detailed
instructions even if you are familiar with using this appliance.
Keep this guide handy for future reference.
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Page 15
Parts Identification
1 Fryer body
2 Temperature control dial
3 Thermostat lamp
4 Removable lid
5 Removable frying basket
6 Removable basket handle
7 Removable cooking pot
8 Max and Min indication lines
Intended use
Your Black & Decker Deep Fryer has been
designed for cooking ingredients as listed
in the Frying Guide in this manual.
This appliance is intended for indoor
consumer use only.
Safety Instructions
Read all of this manual carefully
before using the appliance.
Warning! When using mains-powered
appliances, basic safety precautions,
including the following, should always be
followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric
shock, personal injury and material
• The intended use is described in this
manual. The use of any accessory or
attachment or the performance of any
operation with this appliance other than
those recommended in this instruction
manual may present a risk of personal
• Retain this manual for future reference.
• Always route the cord carefully to avoid
a tripping hazard.
• Never operate an appliance directly
below the socket-outlet it is connected
Using your appliance
• Make sure that the appliance is
switched off before connecting to or
disconnecting from the power supply.
• Do not allow the cord set to hang over
bench tops.
• Always take care when using the
• Never pull the power supply cord to
disconnect the plug from the socket.
• Keep the power supply cord away from
heat, oil and sharp edges.
• Disconnect the appliance from the power
supply when not in use, before fitting or
removing parts, maintenance and before
• Surfaces may be hot during use and
during the cool down period.
• Do not operate or place any part of this
appliance on or near any hot surface,
such as gas or electric burner or in a
heated oven.
• When using an extension cord with your
appliance, make sure the extension cord
is correctly wired & rated for its use.
Safety of others
• This appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a person responsible for
their safety.
• Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
• Do not allow children or any person
unfamiliar with these instructions to use
the appliance.
• Do not allow children or animals to come
near the work area or to touch the
appliance or power supply cord.
• Close supervision is necessary when the
appliance is used near children.
• Never leave the appliance unattended
when in use.
After use
• Switch off and remove the plug from the
socket before leaving the appliance
unattended and before changing,
cleaning or inspecting any parts of the
Electrical Safety
This product must be earthed.
Always check that the power
supply corresponds to the voltage on the
rating plate.
Power plugs must match the outlet. Never
• When not in use, the appliance should
modify the plug in any way. Do not use any
be stored in a dry place. Children should adapter plugs with earthed (Class 1)
not have access to stored appliances.
appliances. Unmodified plugs and matching
outlets will reduce the risk of electric shock.
Inspection and repairs
Extension cables & Class 1 product
• Before use, check the appliance for
damaged or defective parts. Check for
• A 3-core cable must be used as your
breakage of parts, damage to switches
appliance is earthed and of Class 1
and any other conditions that may affect
its operation.
• Up to 30m (100ft) can be used without
loss of power.
• Do not use the appliance if any part is
damaged or defective.
• This appliance is not intended for use by
young or infirm persons without
supervision. Children must be supervised
to ensure they do not play with the
• Have any damaged or defective parts
repaired or replaced by an authorised
repair agent.
• Before use, check the power supply
cord for signs of damage, ageing and
• Do not use the appliance if the power
supply cord or mains plug is damaged
or defective.
• If the supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer or an
authorised Black & Decker Service
Center in order to avoid a hazard.
Additional safety instructions for Deep
• If the power supply cord or mains plug
• Do not immerse the appliance, cord set
is damaged or defective it must be
or plug in liquids
repaired by an authorised repair agent in
• Never add water or ice to oil
order to avoid a hazard. Do not cut the
power supply cord and do not attempt
• Extra care is required when cooking
to repair it yourself.
frozen food
• Never attempt to remove or replace any • Only use good quality cooking oil in this
parts other than those specified in this
• Care should be taken when opening the
• Do not attempt to repair the appliance.
fryer as hot steam may escape on
Take it to your nearest Black &
Decker-owned or authorised Service
• Hot steam may escape from the filter
Centre for repair.
cover vents during use
• Do not touch hot surfaces such as the
bowl, lid and main body during use or
the cool-down period. Always use the
handles or knobs provided.
• Allow Fryer & oil to cool before carrying
or emptying.
• Always keep the heating element and the
outside surface of the cooking pot (7)
clean and free of any foreign substances.
• Dry the unit thoroughly before use.
• Surfaces may be hot during use and
during the cool down period.
• Do not switch the unit on before you
have filled it will oil as this will damage
the unit.
• Cook only in the bowl supplied.
• Close the lid whilst cooking.
• Make sure the fryer is filled with oil to a
level between the min and max indication
lines (8) on the inside face of the cooking
• Never mix different types of oil and
never add fresh oil to used oil.
• Do not melt solidified fat in an empty
• Ensure the unit is placed on a flat surface
with the basket in the lowered position in
• Always leave sufficient space around the
the cooking pot and the lid (4) is closed.
fryer for ventilation.
• Connect the appliance to a suitable
electrical supply.
Hot surface or emissions
• Rotate the temperature control dial (2) to
the required temperature. The thermostat
lamp (3) will light up to indicate the oil is
1 Fryer body
heating up.
2 Temperature control dial
Caution: Hot surface
3 Thermostat lamp
4 Removable lid
5 Removable frying basket
6 Removable basket handle
7 Removable cooking pot
8 Max and Min indication lines
Preparing for use
• The assembly of the removable basket
handle (6) onto the removable cooking
basket (5) is required. No other user
assembly is required.
Note: There are several recommended
temperature settings indicated on the unit
and in this user manual. These are a guide
• The lamp will go out once the oil has
reached the required temperature.
Preheating the oil in this way before
adding food will ensure food does not
stick to the basket and will also ensure
the food does not absorb oil.
• The hot lid can be safely opened using
the handles on the front of the lid.
• Lift the basket out of the oil and position
• Before use remove all packaging –
it onto the side of the cooking pot.
plastic bags and cardboard and clean
the frying basket and the cooking pot (7)
• Add the food to the basket.
in warm sudsy water.
Note: Remove excess moisture from the
food before adding it to the hot oil.
Once the food is cooked, turn the
temperature dial to the OFF position and
open the lid.
• Do not overfill the basket. All of the food
being fried must be under the oil level.
Carefully remove the basket from the oil.
The basket can be positioned on the side of
the cook pot to drain the oil from the food.
• Carefully lower the basket into the oil.
• Close the lid.
Note: During the cooking duration the
temperature lamp will come on and off from
time to time. This shows the thermostat
switching on and off to maintain the correct
cooking temperature.
Note: Hot steam may escape from the filter
vents during use.
To remove excess oil the food can be
placed into a bowl or container lined with
grease absorbing paper or kitchen paper
Unplug the appliance after use and allow to
it cool.
Frying Guide
This frying time given in this chart is only a guide and should be adjusted according to the
quantity fried.
Onion rings
Fish filet
Fish filet in batter
Fish cakes or balls
Sliced meat
Chicken strips
French fries
Oil Temp (ºC)
Max. Weight (Grams)
Approx. Frying Time (Minutes)
3 to 5
3 to 4
6 to 8
5 to 6
6 to 8
7 to 10
7 to 10
7 to 10
6 to 10
7 to 10
Your Black and Decker tool has been
designed to operate over a long period of
time with minimum maintenance.
Continuous satisfactory operation depends
upon proper use and regular cleaning.
Emptying the fryer
When the fryer is cool, pour the oil from the
cooking bowl into a suitable container.
Always follow local regulations concerning
the disposal of used cooking oil.
Note: If you do not use the fryer regularly, we
advise you to remove the oil from the unit
whilst storing it. Store the oil in a sealed
container, preferably in the refrigerator or in a
cool place.
• Disconnect the product from the electrical
supply before cleaning or carrying out any
• The main housing should be cleaned with
a clean damp cloth only.
Lid and Basket
• Do not wash any part of this appliance in
a dishwasher.
• Remove the lid and basket from the unit.
The lid can be removed from the unit by • Always follow local regulations
lifting it vertically. Wash in warm sudsy
concerning the disposal of used cooking
water. Rinse with clean water and dry
oil. Ventilation slots should be cleaned
thoroughly with a dry soft cloth.
occasionally with a clean, dry paint
• Ventilation slots in the lid can be cleaned
using a clean, dry paint brush.
Technical Data
Cooking Pot
• Open the lid and remove the frying
basket (5).
• Remove the cooking pot from the unit
by grasping the bowl at either end and
lifting vertically.
• Wash in warm sudsy water. Rinse with
clean water and dry thoroughly with a
dry soft cloth.
• To re-fit, place it back into the cavity
ensuring it is seated correctly.
Note: Do not use abrasives or chemical
cleaners on any part of this appliance.
Cleaning the bowl
• Unplug the Fryer and allow the oil to
cool to room temperature. Remove
cooking bowl (7) from the unit. Pour out
the cool oil and filter it into a suitable
container using a sieve to filter out food
particles from the oil.
• Wipe the oil off with an absorbing paper.
Wash the lid & basket in warm soapy
water. Rinse with clean water and dry
thoroughly with a dry soft cloth.
Note: Do not use abrasives or chemical
cleaners on any part of this appliance.
Protecting the environment
Separate collection. This product must not be disposed of with normal household waste.
Should you find one day that your Black & Decker product needs replacement, or if it is of no
further use to you, do not dispose it off with other household waste. Make this product available
for separate collection.
Separate collection of used products and packaging allows materials to be recycled and
used again. Use of recycled materials helps prevent environmental pollution and reduces
the demand for raw materials.
Local regulations may provide for separate collection of electrical products from the household,
at municipal waste sites or by the retailer when you purchase a new product.
Black & Decker provides a facility for the collection and recycling of Black & Decker products
once they have reached the end of their working life. To take advantage of this service please
return your product to any authorised repair agent who will collect them on our behalf. You can
check the location of your nearest authorised repair agent by contacting your local Black &
Decker office at the address indicated in this manual. A list of authorised Black & Decker repair
agents and full details of our after-sales service and contact are available on the Internet at:
Black & Decker provides a 2 Year Warranty for this product from the date of purchase against
defects due to defective materials or workmanship. Motor/element burn-outs due to voltage
fluctuations are not covered under warranty. If the product should become defective within the
warranty period, Black & Decker will repair or (at Black & Decker's discretion) replace it free of
The warranty provisions do not cover failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence or non
observation of local regulations on the part of the user. Equally, the warranty provisions do not
apply where the appliance has been serviced by a person not authorized by Black & Decker or
serviced with non-approved parts and this has contributed to the fault of the product.
Superseded models without a replacement equivalent will either be repaired or (at Black &
Decker's discretion) replaced with another product of similar retail value.
Fill in the Warranty Registration Card with the original Authorized Dealer's stamp (indicating date
of purchase) and attach your purchase receipt to it. Retain in case of claims in the future.
Take your defective product together with the Warranty Registration Card & purchase receipt to
your local service Centre. You can either do this in person or send it freight prepaid. If mailing or
shipping your appliance, ensure that it is packed carefully in a sturdy carton with enough
packing material to prevent damage. Include a note describing the problem to the service
Centre and be sure to give your return address.
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á∏°ùdGh AÉ£¨dG
»¡£dG âjR øe ¢ü∏îàdÉH á°UÉÿG á«∏ëŸG íFGƒ∏dG ɪk FGO ™ÑJG •
ΩGóîà°SÉH ΩɶàfÉH ájƒ¡àdG äÉëàa ∞«¶æJ »¨Ñæj .Ωóîà°ùŸG
.áØ«¶f áaÉL IÉ°Tôa
AÉ£¨dG ádGREG øµÁ .IóMƒdG øe á∏°ùdGh AÉ£¨dG ádGREÉH ºb •
‘ á∏°ùdGh AÉ£¨dG π°ùZG .É«k °SCGQ ¬©aQ ∫ÓN øe IóMƒdG øe
∞«¶f AÉà ∞£°ûdÉH ºb ºK ,IƒZôdG Òãc ÅaGO AÉe
.áaÉL áªYÉf ¢Tɪb á©£b ΩGóîà°SÉH ó«÷G ∞«ØéàdGh
á«æØdG äÉfÉ«ÑdG
ΩGóîà°SÉH AÉ£¨dG ‘ IOƒLƒŸG ájƒ¡àdG äÉëàa ∞«¶æJ øµÁ •
.áØ«¶f áaÉL IÉ°Tôa
»¡£dG AÉYh
.(5) »∏≤dG á∏°S ádGREÉH ºbh AÉ£¨dG íàaG •
∂°ùe ∫ÓN øe IóMƒdG øe »¡£dG AÉYh ádGREÉH ºb •
.É«k °SCGQ É¡©aQh ÚÑfÉ÷G øe á«fÉ£∏°ùdG
ºb ºK ,IƒZôdG Òãc ÅaGO AÉe ‘ »¡£dG AÉYh π°ù¨H ºb •
á©£b ΩGóîà°SÉH ó«÷G ∞«ØéàdGh ∞«¶f AÉà ∞£°ûdÉH
.áaÉL áªYÉf ¢Tɪb
∞jƒéàdG ‘ iôNCG Iôe »¡£dG AÉYh ™°V ,Ö«cÎdG IOÉYE’ •
.í«ë°üdG ¬©°Vƒe ‘ √QGô≤à°SG øe ócCÉJh
…CG ™e ájhɪ«µdG äÉضæŸG hCG ᣰTɵdG OGƒŸG Ωóîà°ùJ ’ :á¶MÓe
.RÉ¡÷G Gòg ‘ AõL
á«fÉ£∏°ùdG ∞«¶æJ
OÈj ≈àM âjõdG ∑ôJGh AÉHô¡µdG Qó°üe øY IÓ≤ŸG π°üaG •
(7) »¡£dG á«fÉ£∏°S ádGREÉH ºb .áaô¨dG IQGôM áLQO iƒà°ùŸ
AÉYh ‘ ¬à«Ø°üJh OQÉÑdG âjõdG ≠jôØàH ºb .IóMƒdG øe
.âjõdG øe ᪩WC’G ÉjÉ≤H á«Ø°üàd πîæe ΩGóîà°SÉH Ö°SÉæe
‘ á∏°ùdGh AÉ£¨dG π°ùZG .¢UÉe ¥Qh ΩGóîà°SÉH âjõdG í°ùeG •
AÉà ∞£°ûdÉH ºb ºK ,¿ƒHÉ°üdG ≈∏Y …ƒàfi ÅaGO AÉe
áªYÉf ¢Tɪb á©£b ΩGóîà°SÉH ó«÷G ∞«ØéàdGh ∞«¶f
…CG ™e ájhɪ«µdG äÉضæŸG hCG ᣰTɵdG OGƒŸG Ωóîà°ùJ ’ :á¶MÓe
.RÉ¡÷G Gòg ‘ AõL
AÉæKCG IÉØ°üŸG äÉëàa øe øNÉ°S QÉîH Üô°ùàj ¿CG Rƒéj :á¶MÓe
É¡àaÉ°VEG πÑb ᪩WC’G øe IóFGõdG áHƒWôdG ádGREÉH ºb :á¶MÓe
.øNÉ°ùdG âjõdG ¤EG
IQGô◊G áLQO ‘ ºµëàdG ¢Uôb IQGOEÉH ºb ,᪩WC’G »¡W OôéÃ
.AÉ£¨dG íàaGh (OFF) 𫨰ûàdG ±É≤jEG ™°Vh ¤EG
É¡«∏b ܃∏£ŸG ᪩WC’G áaÉc .á∏°ùdG áÄÑ©J ‘ •GôaE’G ÖæŒ •
.âjõdG iƒà°ùe πØ°SCG ¿ƒµJ ¿CG Ωõ∏j
óMCG ≈∏Y á∏°ùdG ™°Vh øµÁ .âjõdG øe ¢UôëH á∏°ùdG ádGREÉH ºb
.᪩WC’G øe âjõdG á«Ø°üàd »¡£dG AÉYh ÖfGƒL
.âjõdG πNGO ¤EG ¢UôëH á∏°ùdG ¢†ØîH ºb •
.AÉ£¨dG ≥∏ZCG •
AÉYh hCG á«fÉ£∏°S ‘ ᪩WC’G ™°Vh øµÁ ,óFGõdG âjõdG øe ¢ü∏îà∏d
IQGô◊G áLQO ìÉÑ°üe A»°†j ±ƒ°S ,»¡£dG IÎa AÉæKCG :á¶MÓe
.á«bQƒdG ïÑ£ŸG ∞°TÉæe hCG ¿ƒgó∏d ¢UÉe ¥QƒH ø£Ñe/áæ£Ñe
𫨰ûJ ±É≤jEGh 𫨰ûJ ¿CG ∂dP ô¡¶j .ôNB’ ÚM øe ÅØ£æjh
≈àM ¬côJGh ΩGóîà°S’G ó©H AÉHô¡µdG Qó°üe øY RÉ¡÷G π°üaG
.áªFÓŸG »¡£dG IQGôM áLQO ≈∏Y ®ÉØë∏d äÉà°SƒeÌdG
»∏≤dG π«dO
.É¡«∏b ܃∏£ŸG ᪩WC’G ᫪c ≥ah É¡£Ñ°V Ωõ∏jh OÉ°TQE’G ¤EG §≤a ±ó¡J ∫hó÷G Gòg ‘ IQƒcòŸG »¡£dG äÉbhCG
(≥FÉbO) »Ñjô≤àdG »∏≤dG âbh
5 ¤EG 3
4 ¤EG 3
8 ¤EG 6
6 ¤EG 5
8 ¤EG 6
10 ¤EG 7
10 ¤EG 7
10 ¤EG 7
10 ¤EG 6
10 ¤EG 7
(ΩGôL) ¿Rh ≈°übCG
(ájƒÄe áLQO) âjõdG IQGôM áLQO
π°üH äÉ≤∏M
∂ª°S íFGô°T
äÉ«∏≤ŸG á∏«ÑàJ á£∏N ™e ∂ª°S íFGô°T
∂ª°ùdG äGôc hCG ™£b
º◊ íFGô°T
êÉLO ™£b
á«∏≤e ÉWÉ£H
ádGREÉH í°üæf ,ΩɶàfÉH IÓ≤ŸG ΩGóîà°SG ΩóY ádÉM ‘ :á¶MÓe
,≥∏¨e AÉYh ‘ âjõdG øjõîàH ºb .É¡æjõîJ AÉæKCG IóMƒdG øe âjõdG
âbƒdG øe á∏jƒW IÎØd 𫨰ûà∏d ôµjO ófBG ∑ÓH IGOCG º«ª°üJ ”
.OQÉH ¿Éµe ‘ hCG áLÓãdG ‘ ¬H ®ÉØàM’G π°†Øjh
ΩGóîà°S’G ≈∏Y ôªà°ùŸG »°VôŸG 𫨰ûàdG ∞bƒàj .áfÉ«°U πbCÉHh
.…QhódG ∞«¶æàdGh ºFÓŸG
AGôLEG hCG ∞«¶æàdG πÑb AÉHô¡µdG Qó°üe øY RÉ¡÷G π°üaG •
.áfÉ«°U ájCG
AÉYh ‘ »∏≤dG á«fÉ£∏°S øe âjõdG Öµ°ùH ºb ,IÓ≤ŸG OÈJ ÉeóæY
¢Tɪb á©£b ΩGóîà°SÉH »°ù«FôdG …hÉ◊G AÉYƒdG ∞«¶æJ Ωõ∏j •
âjR øe ¢ü∏îàdÉH á°UÉÿG á«∏ëŸG íFGƒ∏dG ɪk FGO ™ÑJG .ºFÓe
.Ωóîà°ùŸG »¡£dG
.áØ«¶f á∏∏Ñe
ÖFÉ≤ëdGh ∞«∏¨àdG OGƒe áaÉc ádGREÉH ºb ,ΩGóîà°SÉdG πÑb •
πµ«¡dGh AÉ£¨dGh á«fÉ£∏°ùdG πãe ,áæNÉ°ùdG í£°SCÉdG ¢ùª∏J Éd
»¡£dG AÉYhh »∏≤dG á∏°S ∞«¶æàH ºbh ¿ƒJôµdGh ᫵«à°SÉ∏ÑdG
ɪk FGO ¢UôMG .ójôÑàdG Iôàa hCG ΩGóîà°SÉdG AÉæKCG ,»°ù«FôdG
.IƒZôdG ô«ãc ÅaGO AɪH (7)
.¢†HÉ≤ªdG ΩGóîà°SG ≈∏Y
»LQÉîdG í£°ùdGh ø«î°ùàdG ô°üæY áaɶf ≈∏Y ɪk FGO ¢UôMG •
.≠jôØàdG hCG πªëdG πÑb ¿GOôÑj ≈àM âjõdGh IÉ∏≤ªdG ∑ôJG
.áÑjôZ OGƒe ájCG øe √ƒ∏Nh (7) »¡£dG AÉYƒd
Iôàa AÉæKCGh ΩGóîà°SÉdG AÉæKCG áæNÉ°S í£°SCÉdG ¿ƒµJ ¿CG øµªj
.ΩGóîà°SÉdG πÑb G kó«L IóMƒdG ∞ØL •
…ODƒj å«M ;âjõdÉH G kó«L É¡àÄÑ©J πÑb IóMƒdG 𫨰ûJ ÖæéJ •
.á≤aôªdG á«fÉ£∏°ùdG »a §≤a »¡£dG »¨Ñæj
.IóMƒdG ∞∏J ≈dEG ∂dP
.»¡£dG AÉæKCG AÉ£¨dG ≥∏ZCG
áaÉ°VEG ÖæéJh áØ∏àîªdG âjõdG ´GƒfCG §∏N ÉeɪJ
k ÖæéJ
»£N ø«H ™≤j iƒà°ùe ≈àM âjõdÉH IÉ∏≤ªdG áÄÑ©J øe ócCÉJ •
.Ωóîà°ùªdG âjõdG ≈∏Y ójóédG âjõdG
»∏NGódG ÖfÉédG »a (8) ≈fOCÉdG óëdGh ≈°übCÉdG óëdG QÉ¡XEG
.»¡£dG á«YhCG øe
.áZQÉa IÉ∏≤e »a IóªéªdG ¿ƒgódG ÜòJ Éd
»a á∏°ùdG OƒLh ™e ƒà°ùe í£°S ¥ƒa IóMƒdG ™°Vh øe ócCÉJ •
.(4) AÉ£¨dG ¥É∏ZEGh »¡£dG AÉYh »a »∏Ø°ùdG ™°VƒdG
.Ö°SÉæe AÉHô¡c Qó°üªH RÉ¡édG π«°UƒàH ºb •
áLQO ≈dEG (2) IQGôëdG áLQO »a ºµëàdG ¢Uôb IQGOEÉH ºb •
(3) äÉà°SƒeôãdG ìÉÑ°üe A»°†j ±ƒ°S .áHƒ∏£ªdG IQGôëdG
.¬æ«î°ùJ …ôéj âjõdG ¿CG QÉ¡XEÉd
k ɪk FGO ∑ôJG •
.ájƒ¡à∏d IÉ∏≤ªdG ∫ƒM É«k aÉc ÉZGôa
äÉKÉ©ÑfG hCG øNÉ°S í£°S
Caution: Hot surface
IÉ∏≤ªdG πµ«g 1
É¡H ≈°UƒªdG IQGôëdG áLQO äGOGóYEG øe ójó©dG ∑Éæg :á¶MÉ∏e
√òg øe ¢Vô¨dG ,Ωóîà°ùªdG π«dO »ah IóMƒdG ≈∏Y IQƒcòe
.§≤a OÉ°TQEÉdG ƒg äGOGóYEÉdG
IQGôëdG áLQO »a ºµëàdG ¢Uôb 2
áLQO ≈dEG âjõdG ∫ƒ°Uh OôéªH ìÉÑ°üªdG ÅØ£æj ±ƒ°S •
âjõ∏d ≥Ñ°ùªdG ø«î°ùàdG á«∏ªY øª°†J .áHƒ∏£ªdG IQGôëdG
᪩WCÉdG ¥É°üàdG ΩóY ᪩WCÉdG áaÉ°VEG πÑb á«Ø«µdG √ò¡H
k G øª°†Jh á∏°ùdÉH
.âjõ∏d ᪩WCÉdG ¢UÉ°üàeG ΩóY É°†jC
ádGREÉ∏d πHÉb AÉ£Z 4
äÉà°SƒeôãdG ìÉÑ°üe 3
ádGREÉ∏d á∏HÉb »∏b á∏°S 5
ádGREÉ∏d á∏HÉ≤dG á∏°ùdG ¢†Ñ≤e 6
ádGREÉ∏d πHÉb »¡W AÉYh 7
¢†HÉ≤ªdG ΩGóîà°SÉH ¿ÉeCÉH øNÉ°ùdG AÉ£¨dG íàa øµªj •
.AÉ£¨dG øe »eÉeCÉdG AõédG »a IOƒLƒªdG
≈fOCÉdG óëdGh ≈°übCÉdG óëdG QÉ¡XEG »£N 8
.»¡£dG AÉYh ÖfÉL ¥ƒa É¡©°Vh âjõdG êQÉN á∏°ùdG ™aQG •
.á∏°ùdG »a ᪩WCÉdG áaÉ°VEÉH ºb •
á∏°S »a (6) ádGREÉ∏d á∏HÉ≤dG á∏°ùdG ¢†Ñ≤e Ö«côJ Ωõ∏j •
ᩪée ájCG Ωóîà°SG Ωõ∏j Éd .(5) ádGREÉ∏d á∏HÉ≤dG »¡£dG
WOzU°dNJ∞« W±öº∞«
ULz«œ bØQ¢ .w{¸√ pKº° Z∑ML∞« «c≥ qOÅu¢ Vπ¥
∞ vK´ WMO∂L∞« WOD∞uH∞« l± o≠«u∑± ¸UO∑∞« ¸bB± Ê√
.…d¥UFL∞« W•u
«bª∑ßô« bF°
cîQ± s± f°UI∞« Ÿe≤Ë “UNπ∞« qB≠ vK´ ’d•« •
Ë√ dOOG¢ q∂Æ Ë√ W∂Æ«d± ÊËœ “UNπ∞« „d¢ q∂Æ ¸UO∑∞«
“UNπ∞« ¡«e§√ s± Í√ h∫≠ Ë√ nOEM¢
‰bF¢ ô .cîQL∞« l± ¸UO∑∞« f°UI± o≠«u∑¢ Ê√ Vπ¥
…eN§_« l± T¥UN± f°UI± Âbª∑º¢ ô .‰U• ÍQ° «b°√ f°UI∞«
∞«Ë W∞bFL∞« dO¨ f°«uI∞« .)1 WµH∞«( w{¸√ pKº° WKÅuL∞«
.WO°dNJ∞« W±bB∞« dDî s± qKI∑ß UN∞ WI≠«uL∞« cîPL
ÊUJ± w≠ “UNπ∞« s¥eª¢ Vπ¥ ,«bª∑ßô« Âb´ bM´ •
‰UH©_« s´ «ÎbOF° ·U§
ÕöÅù«Ë h∫H∞« WOKL´
1 WµH∞« ‹Uπ∑M±Ë qOÅu∑∞« ‹ö∂Ø
h∫≠ vK´ ’d•« ,qOGA∑∞« WOKL´ q∂Æ •
Ë√ WH∞U∑∞« Ë√ W∂OFL∞« ¡«e§_« ·UA∑Øô “UNπ∞«
W∞U• Í√ Ë√ `O¢UHL∞« w≠ nK¢ Í√ Ë√ …¸uºJL∞«
qOGA∑∞« WOKL´ vK´ d£R¢ bÆ Èdî√
qOÅu¢ ¡UM£√ qOÅu¢ l± VKI∞« w£ö£ q∂Ø Â«bª∑ß« Vπ¥ •
.1 WµH∞« s± W∂OØd¢Ë w{¸√ pKº° „“UN§
w≠ ·«dß≈ ÊËb° )ÂbÆ 100(  30 «bª∑ß« sJL¥ •
.w°dNJ∞« ¸UO∑∞«
Ë√ dGB∞« q∂Æ s± «bª∑ßö∞ bF± dO¨ Z∑ML∞« «c≥ •
W∂Æ«d± Vπ¥ .rN∂Æ«d¥ s± „UM≥ sJ¥ r∞ U± …eπF∞«
.“UNπ∞« w≠ rN∂F∞ Âb´ s± bØQ∑K∞ ‰UH©_«
Èb∞ t∞«b∂∑ß« VπO≠ nK∑K∞ ¸UO∑∞« q∂Ø ÷dF¢ «–≈ •
dJ¥œ b≤¬ „ö° WØdA∞ bL∑FL∞« W±bª∞« eØd± Ë√ lMBL∞«
.d©UªL∞« VMπ∑∞
IÉ∏≤ª∏d á«aÉ°VEÉdG áeÉ∏°ùdG äɪ«∏©J
vK´ wM≠ Í√ Ë√ t¢U±bî qOØË Ë√ Z∑ML∞U° W≤UF∑ßô« Vπ¥ •
q§√ s± WH∞U∑∞« „öß_« ‰«b∂∑ßô qO≥Q∑∞« W§¸œ fH≤
.WMJL± ¸UDî√ Í√ ÍœUH∑∞
¡e§ Í√ VD´ Ë√ nK¢ bM´ “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« ‰ËU∫¢ ô •
¡«e§_« ÕöÅù bL∑FL∞« W≤UOB∞« qOØu° W≤UF∑ßô« Vπ¥ •
“UNπ∞« w≠ W∂OFL∞«Ë WH∞U∑∞«
.πFGƒ°ùdG »a ¢ùHÉ≤dG hCG ∂∏°ùdG hCG RÉ¡édG ¢ùª¨J Éd •
.âjõdG ≈∏Y è∏ãdG hCG AɪdG áaÉ°VEG ÉeɪJ
k QòMG •
᪩WCÉdG »¡W óæY QòëdG øe ójõe »NƒJ »¨Ñæj •
ΩGóîà°SG ≈∏Y §≤a QÉ°üàbÉdG IÉ∏≤ªdG √òg ™e »¨Ñæj •
.IOƒédG »dÉY »¡W âjR
Üô°ùàj ób å«M ;IÉ∏≤ªdG íàa óæY QòëdG »NƒJ »¨Ñæj •
.íàØdG óæY øNÉ°S QÉîH É¡æe
IÉØ°üªdG AÉ£Z äÉëàa øe øNÉ°ùdG QÉîÑdG Üô°ùàj ób •
WÆUD∞« pKß h∫≠ vK´ ’d•« ,«bª∑ßô« q∂Æ •
tO≠ nK∑∞« ‹U±ö´ Í√ œu§Ë ·UA∑Ø ô
VO´ Ë√ nK¢ œu§Ë bM´ “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« ‰ËU∫¢ ô •
¸UO∑∞« cîQ± Ë√ WÆUD∞« pKß w≠
‰«b∂∑ßô bL∑FL∞« W≤UOB∞« qOØu° W≤UF∑ßô« Vπ¥ •
r∑¥ v∑• VOFL∞« Ë√ n∞U∑∞« ¸UO∑∞« cîQ± Ë√ „öß_«
.WMJL± ¸UDî√ Í√ ÍœUH¢
¡«e§_« dO¨ ¡e§ Í√ ‰«b∂∑ß« Ë√ p≠ ‰ËU∫¢ ô •
qO∞b∞« w≠ …¸uØcL∞«
v§d¥ .ÎUIKD± “UNπ∞« Ác≥ ÕöÅ≈ ‰ËU∫¢ ô •
√ Ë√ dJ¥œ b≤√ „ö° eØ«d± s± eØd± »dÆQ° W≤UF∑ßô«
.“UNπ∞« «c≥ ÕöÅù bL∑F± W±bî eØd± »dÆ
vK´ ’d•« .¸UO∑∞« cîQ± s± f°UI∞« ŸeM∞ pKº∞« bA¢ ô •
«bª∑ßô« ÷«d¨√
·«u∫∞«Ë X¥e∞«Ë …¸«d∫∞« s´ «ÎbOF° WÆUD∞« pKß ¡UI°
‹U¥u∑∫L∞« wND∞ WIOLF∞« dJ¥œ b≤√ „ö° …öI± rOLB¢ r¢
wKI∞« qO∞œ w≠ …¸uØcL∞«
Ë√ «bª∑ßô« Âb´ ¡UM£√ ¸UO∑∞« cîQ± s± f°UI∞« Ÿe≤« •
q∂Æ Ë√ W≤UOB∞« ¡«d§≈ bM´ Ë√ ¡«e§_« p≠ Ë√ VOØd¢ q∂Æ
jI≠ w∞eML∞« «bª∑ßö∞ bF± “UNπ∞« «c≥
W±öº∞« ‹ULOKF¢
Ë√ “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« ¡UM£√ WMîUß `Dß_« ÊuJ¢ Ê√ sJL¥ •
q∂Æ …dO∂Ø W¥UMF° qO∞b∞« «c≥ …¡«dÆ v§d¥
…d®U∂± tzUH©≈ bF°
.“UNπ∞« «bª∑ß«
Ë√ sîUß wzU°dNØ Êd≠ Ë√ “U¨ Êd≠ vK´ “UNπ∞« lC¢ ô •
WKÅuL∞« WOzU°dNJ∞« …eN§_« «bª∑ß« bM´ !d¥c∫¢
.rNM± »dI∞U° Ë√ ÁƒUL•≈ r¢ Êd≠ w≠
W±öº∞« ‹ULOKF¢ ŸU∂¢« v§d¥ ,WOºOzd∞« WÆUD∞« ◊uDª°
tKOÅu¢ s± bØQ∑∞« v§d¥ ,b¥bL¢ pKß Â«bª∑ß« bM´ •
‹U±bB∞U° W°UÅù«Ë oz«d∫∞« ŸuÆË ’d≠ s± b∫K∞ WO∞U∑∞«
.“UNπ∞« «c≥ l± «bª∑ßö∞ t∑±¡ö±Ë bO§ qJA°
:œ«uL∞« nK¢Ë ’Uª®_« W°UÅ≈ Ë√/Ë WOzU°dNJ∞«
«c≥ «bª∑ß« s± ÷dG∞« vK´ VO∑J∞« «c≥ Íu∑∫¥ •
øjôNBÉdG áeÉ∏°S
¡«d§ ’Uª®_« ‹U°UÅ≈ Z∑M¢ Ê√ sJL¥ .“UNπ∞«
.¬eGóîà°SG AÉæKCG á©HÉàe ¿hO RÉ¡édG ∑ôJ ΩóY Ωõ∏j •
Ë√ “UNπ∞« Z∑M± UN° vÅu¥ r∞ W¥u≤U£ ‹UI∫K± «bª∑ß«
√òg ≈∏Y ™∏£e ô«Z ¢üî°T …CG hCG ,∫ÉØWCÉ∏d íª°ùJ Éd •
.RÉ¡édG Gòg ΩGóîà°SÉH ,äGOÉ°TQEÉdG
πª©dG á≤£æe øe ÜGôàbÉdÉH äÉfGƒ«ëdG hCG ∫ÉØWCÉ∏d íª°ùJ Éd •
.»FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG ∂∏°S hCG RÉ¡édG ¢ùªd hCG
RÉ¡édG ΩGóîà°SG óæY á≤«bódG á©HÉàªdGh QòëdG »NƒJ Ωõ∏j •
.∫ÉØWCÉdG øe Üô≤dÉH
t∞ bFL∞« ÷dG∞« dO¨ w≠ “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß«
q∂I∑ºL∞« w≠ tO∞≈ Ÿu§dK∞ qO∞b∞« «cN° ÿUH∑•ô« v§d¥ •
tO≠ d∏F∑¢ ô v∑• UM±¬ pKº∞« ¸Uº± ÊuJ¥ Ê√ vK´ ’d•« •
äGQó≤dG hhP ¢UÉî°TCÉdG ¬eóîà°ù«d ºª°üe ô«Z RÉ¡édG Gòg •
IôÑîdGh áæjóàªdG á«∏≤©dGh á«°ùëdGh á«ægòdGh ájó°ùédG
πX »a ÉdEG (∫ÉØWCÉdG ∂dP »a ɪH) ø«à∏«∏≤dG áaô©ªdGh
ΩGóîà°SÉH á≤∏©àªdG äɪ«∏©àdG º¡FÉ£YEG hCG º¡«∏Y ±Gô°TEÉdG
.º¡àeÉ∏°S øY ∫hDƒ°ùªdG ¢üî°ûdG πÑb øe RÉ¡édG
.RÉ¡édÉH º¡ãÑY ΩóY ¿Éª°†d ∫ÉØWCÉdG ≈∏Y ±Gô°TEÉdG Ωõ∏j •
…d®U∂± f°UI∞« cîQ± X∫¢ “UNπ∞« «c≥ lC¢ ô •
«bª∑ßô« ¡UM£√
cîQ± s± tKB≠ Ë√ tKOÅu¢ q∂Æ “UNπ∞« ‚ö¨≈ s± bØQ¢ •
…bCML∞« W≠U• ‚u≠ v∞b∑¥ pKº∞« Ÿb¢ ô •
“UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« bM´ UÎLz«œ ¸c∫∞« wîu¢ Vπ¥ •
AGõLCÉdG ∞jô©J
IÉ∏≤ªdG πµ«g 1
IQGôëdG áLQO »a ºµëàdG ¢Uôb 2
äÉà°SƒeôãdG ìÉÑ°üe 3
ádGREÉ∏d πHÉb AÉ£Z 4
ádGREÉ∏d á∏HÉb »∏b á∏°S 5
ádGREÉ∏d á∏HÉ≤dG á∏°ùdG ¢†Ñ≤e 6
ádGREÉ∏d πHÉb »¡W AÉYh 7
≈fOCÉdG óëdGh ≈°übCÉdG óëdG QÉ¡XEG »£N 8
POSTCODE Íb¥d∂∞« e±d∞«
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Trading Co. Ltd. Caravan Shopping Centre, Hail Street. P. O. Box 50959, Jeddah-21477, Tel. 02 650 0948/02 636 3825, Fax 02
638 0720. Madina: Garziz Trdg. for Bldg. Mat.&Decor., P.O.Box 3364, Madina. Tel.: +966-4-8261490/8227636, Fax:
+966-4-8265741. Riyadh: Anasia Trading Co Ltd. New Akaria Building, 60th St., 3rd Floor, Building # 4, Office # 3402, Malaz. P.
O. Box. 18689, Riyadh-11425, Tel.: 01 478 2549, Fax: 01 478 2761. Yanbu: Bin Afif, P.O.Box 530 Yanbu, Al Bahr. Tel.:
+966-4-3222626/8867, Fax: +966-4-3222210. Sri Lanka: Delmege Gen. Equip. Pvt. Ltd., No. 428/1AT. B., Jaya Mawatha
(Darley Road), Colombo-10. Tel.: +94-11-2665914, Fax: +94-11-2665915. Sudan: United Distribution Company, P.O.Box 325,
Sayed Abdul Rehman Street, Khartoum. Tel.: +249-11-772612/777296, Fax: +249-11-770919. Tanzania: General Motors
Investment, P. O Box 16541, 14 Vingunguti Nyerere Road, Dar Es Salaam. Tel.: +255-22-2862661/5022, Fax:
+255-22-2862667/5412/3. Tunisia: STE Tunisienne De Quincaillerie Stq., Nvelle Z.I 2013, Ben Arous, Tunis, Tunisia, Tel: +216
71386102, Fax: +216 71380412. UAE: Abu Dhabi - Light House Electric., P.O.Box 120, Abu Dhabi. Tel.: +971-2-6726131, Fax:
+971-2-6720667. Dubai - Black & Decker (O) A.G., P.O.Box 5420, Dubai. Tel.: +971-4-7028234/233, Fax: +971-4-2822765.
Ideal Mach. & Equipt. R. W/shop P.O.Box 37116, Al Quoz, Dubai. Tel.: +971-4-3474160, Fax: +971-4-3474157. Sharjah McCoy Middle East LLC, P.O.Box 20228, Sharjah. Tel.: +971-6-5336321, Fax: +971-6-5336320. Uganda: The Building Centre,
Kitgum House, 52 Station Road, P.O.Box 7436, Kampala. Tel.: +256-41-234567, Fax: +256-41-236413. Yemen: Aden - Middle
East Trad. Co. Ltd., Mulla Dakka, Aden. Tel.: +967-2-240950, Fax: +967-2-240952. Sana'a: Middle East Trad. Co. Ltd.,
P.O.Box 12363, Hayel Street, Sana'a. Tel.: +967-1-204201, Fax: +967-1-204204. Taiz: Middle East Trad. Co. Ltd., Campa area
near Al-Kair mosque, Taiz. Tel.: +967-4-231610/232033, Fax: +967-4-219869. Zimbabwe: J.D.Distributors, P.O.Box 226, 17
Bessemer Road, Graniteside, Harare.
Tel.: +263-4-753913-7, Fax: 753918. Cyprus: G. Kyprianou Trading Co Ltd., 51
Prodromou AVE. Strovolos, 1681, P.O. Box 23318 Nicosia Cyprus. Tel.: 00357 22 468170/1, Fax: 00357 22 468186, Email
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