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June 16, 2011
All potential bidders for the above referenced Request for Bid (RFB) are hereby notified that the original
RFB document dated June 2, 2011 is being updated and revised to include all of the information below. As
a result of questions received in writing the RFB document itself has been updated to now include the
vendor questions and agency answers noted below as part of the official RFB Document. There has been
no change in the bid due date. The bids are due at 2:00 P.M. CDT, Tuesday, June 28, 2011.
This notice of addendum includes the following questions and agency answers:
Question: I was curious how the current Agency Bid # B-005-08 differs from the previous bid #A-030-08. Was
there a reason that the previous bid from April was not awarded?
Answer: This bid differs in that it is only for one project area, which now has a slightly different list of stream
sections, and in the fact that the method of award has been changed. The new method of award weights the prices
bid based on our estimate of the amount of approximate studies versus detailed studies that we expect to assign to
the winner. The Bid Overview section of the Special Terms and Conditions states quite plainly what is different
and why we are doing it. The prior bid included no award for this project area as the method of award established
in that bid did not allow the agency to accomplish all the goals in this project area in the most economical fashion.
Question: Under Task 4 – Floodplain Modeling and Mapping (Approximate), there is a requirement for placing
peak flow values at ‘Flow Change’ locations throughout each watershed. Could you clarify the departments’
expectation of ‘Flow Change’ locations?
Answer: Flow change locations should be determined based on the location of the confluence of all major
tributaries and the waterway being mapped.
Question: RFB #A-030-08 limited contract awards to a maximum of one project area per vendor. Will vendor’s
who were awarded contracts for RFB #A-030-08 be eligible to bid and receive an award for the project area
covered by this bid?
Answer: Yes. The agency prefers not to restrict firms ability to participate and compete in its’ official
solicitations. Since this is a separate bid and bid process the agency felt it was important to review its reasons for
the restrictions in the first bid and how they might apply to this process. It was determined that trying to limit the
participation by qualified bidders would be too restrictive and could provide those firms with grounds for appeal.
Rather than limit those firms ability to compete the agency intends to require any vendor who may be awarded to
fully comply with the deliverable schedules listed in the Specifications/Scope of Work Section 2.6, Performance
of Work, regardless of any other projects that vendor may be working on, or competing for. Each vendor must
decide for themselves if they have the proper resources to adequately complete the deliverable schedule listed in
the bid.
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Question: Could you review the contractor shapefile? The mileage listed in the RFB does not match the linework
in the shapefile from the website. We are requesting clarification for the segments that require detail study
(Lowes Creek and Sherman Creek).
Answer: The 2011 RFB Supplemental Data zip file originally posted to the website for the prior bidding project
did not contain the correct shapefile for the revised list of streams now included in this rebid. Vendors should use
the mileage from the table included in the bid document. The zip file has now been updated on the website to
contain the correct shapefiles that should be used for this project area. The zip file that contains the corrected data
can be accessed from the Floodplain Management internet site using the following link:
This Notice of Addendum document is being posted to the DOA VendorNet system. All potential bidders
and other interested parties may access VendorNet ( for the documents or may
direct email requests for this information to [email protected] or may contact me at (608) 2616415.
Richard M. Straub
Senior Procurement Specialist
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