V Series
The unique technologies in the V-339
produce the best picture on screen and
improve your image.
A Projector for when Image Counts!
2.8 lbs • 1300 Lumens
As for the image on screen . . .
As for your Image . . .
the innovative and unique Dual Color Mode
gives you the best of both worlds by combining
the brightness of a business projector with the
vivid colors of a home theater projector− all in
one machine. Dual Color Mode allows you to
change between a 4-segment color wheel −
used for business presentations and a
6-segment color wheel − used for vivid color
generation of pictures and video.
the V-339 is a professional projector unit −
with unsurpassed quality, looks and features
that make you look professional. From
set-up to tear-down, you will look good and
be able to focus on your presentation.
The unique Iris Lens Cover means no more
fumbling with or losing a lens cap. Once you
turn on the projector, just aim it at the screen
and the built-in gyroscope will automatically
adjust the keystone. No need to fumble with
menus or the remote to adjust the keystone
During the presentation, use Dual Color
Mode to select the best image for your
presentation. Switch back and forth between
Dynamic mode and Vivid mode with the push
of a button.
Then when you are ready to tear-down,
simply use the Iris Lens Cover to easily close
the protective lens covering; turn off the
power, then Unplug & Go. No need to wait
for the fan to stop. The V-339 fan will keep
running even after being unplugged to cool
down the lamp.
This is not a plastic 2-pound projector! From
the metal alloy case, to the Dual Color Mode
technology and built in features all in a 2.8 lb
unit, you look good from start to finish.
Photographers, videographers, architects,
teachers, medical professionals and other
educators and commercial representatives
around the world now have a product that
gives them the image they need. And after a
hard day's work, the V-339 is FFC classified
for home use.
DCM is like getting two projectors for the price of one.
866-427-8855 • 503-748-8700
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