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In n o v at i n g t h e F u t u re o f Gl o b al C o m mu n i c a t i o n s
Power Requirements
Audio Distortion
Audio Frequency Response
Hum and Noise
Speaker (Two)
Tone Frequencies
Amplifier Power
Sequential Tone Input/Output
Input/Output Levels
Audio Compression
Operating Temperature
Weight, without line cards
+12VDC at 5A
10% maximum at full compression
±1.5dB, 425Hz to 3000Hz, except at the transmit tone notch
50dB below operation levels
1.5” x 3” oval, 8 Ohm
All function frequencies are selectable from 300Hz to
5W maximum at 3% THD into an 8 Ohm load or equivalent at
knee of compression.
500mA at 12VDC or 250mA at 115VAC
2-wire: 600, 10k Ohms, jumper selectable
4-wire TX and RX: 600, 10k Ohm, jumper selectable, transformer
Line Input Level: -40dBm to +10dBm
Line Output Level: -20dBm to +10dBm into a 600 Ohm line
adjustable (high-level guard tone only)
Less than 3dB change in output level for a 20dB change in input
above threshold
0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F)
Desktop Console: 10” H x 12” D x 17.5” W
(254mm H x 304.8mm D x 444.5mm W)
Desktop Console: 17.65lbs (8kg)
Rackmount: 20.20lbs (9.16kg)
This specification information is preliminary and is subject to change without notification.
LIT000492000 Rev 01
w w w. t e l e x r a dio d is p a tc h . c o m
NOV 2011
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