Newsletter Summer 2011-2012- Gift vouchers, Ear plugs, Tinnitus solution, Frequently asked questions.

Newsletter Summer 2011-2012- Gift vouchers, Ear plugs, Tinnitus solution, Frequently asked questions.
Summer 2011/2012
The gift of hearing!
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Some people hate the very thought of Christmas as they would feel left
out. ..alone, resentful imprisoned in their own world of silence, while
others enjoy the singing and laughter . Give the gift of hearing, enjoy
the joyous laughter, the squeals of delight when the presents are
opened. If you or a loved one needs to be part of Christmas give
“hearing” as a gift, a gift voucher can be used for many purposes.
We wish you a wonderful holiday season!
The Falls of Sound Team
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New clinic
on the Sunshine Coast
A gift voucher can be used to:
PROTECT their ears from further
damage with noise plugs, musician
plugs, swimming plugs (starting price
$38 AUD).
ENHANCE the beautiful surround sound from television or other media devices
with wireless headsets.
RESTORE their hearing and
help them towards the purchase of one of our fabulous hearing devices. You
will be giving not only a
Christmas present, but a
lifetime of better hearing !
Falls of Sound
116 Maud St
5443 8993
[email protected]
Do you have plenty of batteries,
drying tablets for the
Christmas Period?
Make sure you get all you necessary
supplies before the Christmas closure!
It has finally arrived!........Tinnitus Solution
A hearing device that can be used for tinnitus control. Tinnitus instruments
are based on the idea of diverting attention away from the disturbing ear
sounds. They make it easier to listen to “external” sounds again instead of
permanently concentrating on those annoying “internal” sounds. This is
achieved by emitting a sound that draws focus away from the tinnitus.
You can choose from four different therapy signals. When you have found
the one that best matches your tinnitus, the Hearing Clinician can fine-tune
the therapy signal so that the tinnitus sound is drowned out. Afterwards, you
can always adjust the volume easily and discreetly using a remote controls.
Many tinnitus patients also suffer from some degree of hearing loss. The hearing device can be used as hearing instruments alone or in combination with the tinnitus therapy signal.
Hyperacusis relief: When certain environmental sounds are perceived as “painfully loud”, this condition is known as
hyperacusis. Thanks to their flexible programming, the devices are suitable for some hyperacusis treatment and can
provide comfort to the wearer. Trials available! Please call us for an appointment.
Hearing: Frequently asked Questions!
Q: Can hearing aids cause a “lazy ear,” or cause my hearing loss to worsen?
A: No, wearing hearing aids will not make your ears “dependent” on the devices. When you remove the hearing aids,
your hearing loss will be the same as before you inserted them. In fact, the opposite is true. The longer your hearing
loss goes uncorrected, the longer your brain has to “forget” what speech sounds like. This may decrease an individual's potential for improvement once he/she decides to move forward if that
individual has “put off” getting hearing aids for a long time.
Q: With my new hearing aids, I’ll hear again like I did when I was 16, right?
A: No, unfortunately. We actually “hear” with our brain, not our ears. Our
ability to perform important auditory tasks, such as listening in noise or listening to fast speakers, begins to decline when we’re in our 30’s and 40’s.
So, simply putting on hearing devices does not restore physical damage to
our ears caused by noise, hereditary factors, or medications….nor does it
reverse aging of the brain. It is similar to buying a pair of brand new tennis shoes and expecting to run and jump like
we did when we were 16!
Q: What if I’m not ready to wear hearing aids?
A: Nobody wants to have a hearing loss. Yet the average person who does will wait 7 to 10 years to do anything about
it. If you are not struggling to hear all the time perhaps an assistive listening device (ALD) for a specific situations
might help you. Some examples of ALD’s are Amplified Telephones, TV Listening Systems, Personal Listening Systems,
Wireless Voice Amplifiers, Tour Guide Systems, Infrared System, Vibrating Alarm Clocks, Vibrating Watches, Smoke
Alarm packages. An ALD can be very beneficial for people with hearing aids as well to help in situations where a hearing aid is not enough. Some examples are FM systems, TV listening system, Telephone adapters and more.
Festive Season Closure
Call now for your FREE
The Office will be closed from
information package
on ALD’S.
22nd of December until the
4th of January 2012
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