Data Sheet BACKlight BL04

Data Sheet BACKlight BL04
BACKlight 2G - BL04
Data Sheet
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One reel comes with two LED chains
For any shape of channel letter
Outstanding uniformity
Easy and fast installation
Illuminated signs
Channel letters
Technical Operating Data
Number of
[V DC]*
Angle [°]*
Wavelength [nm]
Color Temp [K]*
Lum. Flux
6500 K
*) All Data are related to the entire module
Due to the special conditions of the manufacturing processes of LED the typical data of technical parameters can only reflect statistical figures and do not necessarily
correspond to the actual parameters of each single product which could differ from the typical data.
+) Preliminary Data
**) Discontinued
Technical Features
¾ One reel comes with two LED chains
¾ Mounting hole (Ø 4 mm) allows easy
installation with screws or standard circuit
board support hardware
¾ One chain consists of 30 LED coupons
connected with flexible cables
¾ Four LED per single printed circuit board
¾ Total length for BL04L-version is
power feed in the centre of one OT 50W
¾ Conformal coating protects against
max. 2 x 3,6 m = 7,2 m
condensation water
¾ Cut into operable subunits at regular intervals
BL04 - 01.01.2009
¾ Parallel connection up to two LED chains with
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¾ Up to 50,000 h lifetime
Minimum and Maximum Ratings
Operating Temperature
at Tc-Point [ °C ] *
Storage Temperature
[ °C ] *
Voltage Range
[ V dc ] *
Reverse Voltage
[ V dc ] *
-20 ... 85
-20 ... 85
10 ... 11
Exceeding maximum ratings for operating and storage temperature will reduce expected life time or destroy the LED Module.
Exceeding maximum ratings for operating voltage will cause hazardous overload and will likely destroy the LED Module.
The temperature of the LED module must be measured at the Tc-point according to EN60598-1 in a thermally constant status with a temperature sensor or a temperature
sensitive label. For exact location of the Tc-point see drawing below.
Drawing is missing !!!
BL04 - 01.01.2009
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Safety Information
¾ The LED module itself and all its components must not be mechanically stressed.
¾ Assembly must not damage or destroy conducting paths on the circuit board.
¾ To avoid mechanical damage to the connecting cables, the boards should be attached securely to the intended substrate. Heavy vibra
should be avoided.
In order to drive OSRAM LED-Modules safely, it is absolutely necessary to operate them with an electronically
stabilised power supply protecting against short circuits, overload and overheating.
To also ease the luminaire/installation approval, electronic control gear for LED or LED modules should carry the CE mark and be
ENEC certified. In Europe the declarations of conformity must include the following standards:
CE: EC 61374-2-13, EN 55015, IEC 61547 and IEC 61000-3-2 - ENEC: 61374-2-13 and IEC/EN 62384.
Also check for the mark of an independent authorized certification institute.
Please see the relevant brochure for more detailed information (see "Related and Further Information")
OSRAM OPTOTRONIC® electronic control gear complies to all relevant standards and guarantees safe operation.
¾ Installation of LED modules (with power supplies) needs to be made with regard to all applicable electrical and safety standards.
Only qualified personnel should be allowed to perform installations.
¾ Observe correct polarity!
Depending on the product incorrect polarity will lead to emission of red or no light. The module can be destroyed! Correct polarity
immediatelly! (see "reverse voltage", page 2)
¾ Parallel connection is highly recommended as safe electrical operation mode.
Serial connection is not recommended. Unbalanced voltage drop can cause hazardous overload and damage the LED module.
¾ Detach each circuit board unit of the LED-chain exclusively by cutting the connecting cables.
¾ Electrical contact is achieved with the contact cables. A maximum of one LED-chain can be installed with power feed from one end.
Operation with more than one consecutive LED-chain, power feed from one end only, will reduce photometric performance and excee
the current carrying capacity of the LED-chains.
¾ Installation with more than one LED-chain on one OPTOTRONIC® 50W has to be realised by either feeding the power to the centre o
by splitting the power feed to contact groups of single LED-chains.
¾ When using power supplies other than OPTOTRONIC® the maximum number of LED-chains on one 50 W power supply is: 2 for whit
and 2,4 for blue and green. Otherwise overloading may occur.
¾ The LED-chain can typically survive transient current levels of up to 3 Amperes. As a general design precaution, if the maximum outp
current of the power supply is more than 3 Amperes, fast-blow fuses should be incorporated into the wiring plan.
¾ If BL04 and OPTOTRONIC® class 1 power supply (e.g. OT50E) is being assembled on a metal grounded surface, use plastic screws
or plastic connectors to fix BL04. Otherwise the LED-system does not fulfil SELV requirements.
¾ The module itself is protected against condensation water with a polymeric conformal coating. Supplementary soldering on any solder
pad will destroy the conformal coating and with it protection against condensation water.
¾ If the IP rating of the fixture or channel letter system is required to be higher than IP22 the design of the housing should be according
the IP standards. Operation in or under water is not allowed.
BL04 - 01.01.2009
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Assembly Information
¾ Mounting of the LED-chain may be performed with screws or snap-in spacer (e.g. from Richco by using Ø 4 mm
holes in the circuit board.
¾ The mounting of the LED-chain is carried out by attaching it at the mounting holes. Mounting screws should be treated with synthetic
washers to prevent circuit board damage and possible short circuiting.
¾ To connect the LED-chain with each other or with OPTOTRONIC® Power Supply we recommend standard clamps. (e.g. WAGO 243214 or 224-201)
Ordering Guide
BACKlight 2G
*) EAN: Ordering number per single module
S-Unit: Modules per shipping unit
Note: Typical performance data are subject to change without any further notice, particularly as LED technology evolves.
Sales and Technical Support
Hellabrunner Strasse 1
D - 81536 München
+49 (0)89 6213-0
Sales and technical support is given by the
local OSRAM subsidiaries.
On our world wide homepage all OSRAM
subsidiaries are listed with complete
address and phone numbers.
Related and Further Information
¾ OPTOTRONIC® Data Sheets
¾ OPTOTRONIC® Technical Guide
¾ New creativity in lighting design
LED Modules for illuminated signs
¾ New standards for LED control gear
BL04 - 01.01.2009
130 T008 GB
138 W002 GB
130 W011 GB
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