PCI90 Datasheet
5-Volt I2C Communications PCI Adapter PCs
The PCI90 is a highly flexible, low-cost I C-Bus communications adapter for use with I C-Bus systems
running on 5V supplies. Alternatively, for low-voltage systems the PCI93LV is available for use between
2 and 6V so is ideally suited for use in low-power 3V applications. The PCI90 is a PCI-based version of
Calibre's well-proven ICA90 I C-Bus Communications Adapter which is now widely regarded as the
industry standard tool and is currently in use by hundreds of companies large and small.
The package supplied includes the PCI card, a comprehensive user manual, Windows 95/98//2000/NT4
and XP device drivers to enable users to integrate the product with their own software applications and
a real-time I C-Bus monitor program.
Ready-to-run WINI2C software for immediate control and development of I C-Bus systems is also
available as an optional extra.
True I C Compatibility
Operates as Master, Slave or Real-Time Monitor
Fits any PC with free PCI slot
Win95/98/2000/NT4 & XP device drivers and monitor software included
I C Configuration through software
I C Connection via 9 way D socket
+5V power available on I C connector
The PCI90 is based around the Philips PCF854 I C-Bus controller to support the full I C
communications protocol and plugs into any available PCI slot in your PC. Bus termination and
protection are all link selectable while I C configuration and all other protocol functions are software
All I C features are available under software control including data transmission mode (master/slave,
transmitter/receiver), own slave address and SCL clock speed when operating as a master
(1.5/11/45/90kHz). A "transparent" real-time bus monitor program is also provided. The PCI90 fully
supports multi-master operation and associated bus arbitration.
Make Your PC I2C Compatible
to providing drivers for specific I2C devices since there are
so many different types and sources available it would be
impossible to provide specific code to suit all applications.
The software routines provided allow any I2C device,
current or future, to be communicated with. It should be
noted that all I2C-Bus operations are on a byte-wise basis.
The PCI90 adapter adds inexpensive PC computing power
to any I2C system and presents an attractive alternative
option to the use of a microprocessor or microcontroller.
Current applications include development systems,
production line test and set-up of I2C based equipment,
control of systems and specialised data links between
On the disc provided with the PCI90/C there is a ready to
run real-time bus monitor program which traces all
transmissions on an externally mastered I2C bus and
records them in an ASCII file on disc. The monitor traces
in real-time without affecting the I2C system it is monitoring
- to do so the card must be used in a PC which is not
running other tasks at that time (such as FindFast,
Outlook) otherwise data may be missed. The monitor does
not provide a real-time display to the screen, all data is
stored on disc. It does carefully post-process the data
recorded into easily understood information.
Win95/98/2000/NT4 & XP device drivers and a real-time
bus monitor program are included with the PCI90/C
package. Win95/98/2000/NT4 & XP ready to run software
applications are available as optional extras. Please note
the PCI90/C cannot be used under DOS or Win3.1
Standard software is in the form of function libraries for use
in users' own application software.
The principle of the software is to provide all the I 2C
functions - I2C adapter set-up (including card's own I2C
slave address and SCL clock speed), Start & slave
address transmission, byte transmission, byte reception,
Stop transmission and of course access to status
The user then builds these high-level
functions into the necessary program for driving their
particular I2C devices. This option was chosen as opposed
Calibre UK Ltd undertakes I2C-Bus software development
and support contracts to customers' own requirements.
Calibre also offers a large range of LCD displays and
interfaces, colour monitors, computer video distribution
amplifiers, scan converters and other display related
products. Please call for further information.
PCI - PC compatible card (fits any PCI slot)
Full I C Compatibility
I C configuration through software
Can be Master/Slave, Transmitter/Receiver, Real-Time Monitor
Software device drivers included for Win95/98/2000/NT4 & XP
Ready to run Real-Time Monitor included
Includes comprehensive User Manual
I C connections via 9-way D socket
+5V power output to external circuits via 9-way D
WINI2CPCI ready to run application software, 95/98/2000/NT4 & Windows XP
versions available
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