Low Power RF
Development Kits & Tools
Introduction & Overview
Q3 2013
The LPRF Tools Concept
Evaluation Module (EM)
Complete hardware assembly with the
reference design for the radio device,
ensuring maximum performance.
Evaluation Board (EB)
Contains sockets for the EM. Platform
for testing the performance of the radio
and for development of protoype
PC Tools
Connect the EB to the PC and use
available tools to test, configure and
debug software running on the chip.
The LPRF Tools Concept (Mini Kits)
Application Board
Complete application specific, small
form factor prototype board with all you
need for experimenting with the device.
CC Debugger
Debug, Test and Programming probe
for the 8051-based SoCs and some
selected transceivers
PC Tools
Connect the Debugger to the PC and use
available tools to test, configure and
debug software running on the chip.
Development Kit Overview
Development Kits
The typical Low Power RF
development kit contains
2 x RF Boards
2 x Mother Boards
2 x Antennas
Relevant Accessories
The boards are
preprogrammed with a
demo application – usually
a packet error rate (PER)
test for practical range
What can you do with the kits?
• Evaluate the RF performance of the radio by controlling the
radio from the PC with SmartRF Studio
• Get familiar with all relevant development tools
• Run the embedded packet error rate application for
practical range testing
• Use the hardware as a known good platform during test
and verification
• Develop and debug software
• Connect your own peripherals and controllers for
Why do I need the SmartRF EB?
• Flexible test and development platform
• Functional testing with SmartRF Studio
– Use Studio+EB+EM to send packets – receive with your system
– Use your system to send packets – receive with Studio+EB+EM
• Test SW with good HW
– Connect your MCU to the radio on the EB and test RX and TX
• Test HW with good SW
– Connect EB to your RF module and test RX and TX via Studio
Evaluation Module Kit
The evaluation module
kit contains two RF
EMs and antennas.
We have EMs for all of
our radios
The reference design
(schematics, gerbers
and bill of material) for
all of the EMs are
available on the web.
Evaluation Module Kit – PA/LNA Front End
“Combo boards” with
CC1190, CC2590 or
CC2591 and a radio:
The combo boards are
supported by SmartRF
Studio and the
evaluation boards
EM Module = Reference Design
Copy the reference design and use it in your
Simplifies the design effort and brings new
products to market faster.
All designs are available on the web (gerber
files ++).
Evaluation Module Kit – USB Dongles
CC1111 USB Dongle
CC2511 USB Dongle
2.4 GHz
CC2531 USB Dongle
CC2540 USB Dongle
2.4 GHz
Can operate as packet sniffers
USB Firmware Library and
Examples available on the web
Performance Line Development Kits
Complete hardware and
software development
environment for the CC112x
SmartRF Transceiver EB
(TrxEB) is the new general
purpose test and prototype
platform for transceivers
- MSP430F5438A
- Dot matrix LCD
- Easy to use
Available for $299
Available add-on kits:
Contents of CC1120DK:
2 x CC1120EM 868-915 MHz
2 x SmartRF TrxEB
Antennas, cables and documentation
- CC1120EMK-169
- CC1120EMK-420-470
- CC1120EMK-868-915
- CC1120EMK-955
- CC1121EMK-868-915
- CC1175EMK-868-915
Value Line Development Kits
Complete hardware and
software development
environment for the CC110L,
CC113L and CC115L devices.
Low cost reference design with
PCB antennas
Includes the SmartRF
Transceiver EB
Available for $299
Add-on kit:
Contents of CC11XLDK-868-915:
2 x CC1120EM @ 868-915 MHz
1 x CC113LEM and 1 x CC115LEM @ 868-915 MHz
2 x SmartRF TrxEB
Cables and documentation
- CC11XLEMK-433
Value Line Development Kits: CC1200DK
• New Transceiver evaluation board for all transceivers.
Peripherals available for development
– MSP430F5438 MCU
– USB interface
– 128 x 64 dot matrix LCD
– 3 axis digital accelerometer
– Ambient light sensor
• Comes with improved PER test and enhanced user
– Easy to use meny system and navigation
– Example SW for quick prototyping
– More than 10 km range out-of-the-box
• Supported software tools
– SmartRF Studio 7 PC tool for generation RF
settings & testing (free download)
– Packet sniffer PC software (free download)
– IAR Embedded workbench or CCS for code
development on MSP430
• Kit contents:
– 2 x SmartRF Transceiver EB (TrxEB)
– 2 x CC1120EM 868/915 MHz
– 2 x Pulse Antennas
– 1 x MSP430 Debug Probe (FET)
– Cables & Documentation
RF BoosterPack with CC110L
RF BoosterPack kit for
the MSP430 LaunchPad
Consists of two
BoosterPack boards
with CC110L AIR
module from Anaren
Contents of 430BOOST-CC110L:
2 x BoosterPack Boards with CC110L module
2 x Preprogrammed MSP430G2554 devices
Software and documentation
Complete with software
and a PC tool to
demonstrate RF link
Available for $19
6LoWPAN Development Kit
Complete system
development kit for
The development kit
demonstrates an example
of typical sensor network
with a simple Network
Analyzer software running
on the nodes.
Software from Sensinode
Contents of CC-6LOWPAN-DK-868:
2 x CC1180 Target Boards
2 x CC430EM
1 x OMAP L138 Exp Board + CC1180EM (Gateway)
Includes IPv6 Gateway for
PC connectivity
PurePathTM Wireless
CC85xx Development Kit
• The CC85XXDK kit lets the user evaluate
PurePath Wireless technology and the
CC8520/21/30/31 for wireless audio
• The development board includes
TLV320AIC3101 audio codec
S/PDIF optical & coax in/out
Analog line in/out
Headphone out and Microphone out
• Use the PurePath Wireless Configurator
PC to configure the audio device
• Target applications for the CC8520
– Wireless audio signal cable replacement
– Wireless headphones
– Wireless subwoofer
PurePathTM Wireless
CC85xx Headset Development Kit
Headset boards with
- CC85XX
- CC2590
- TLV320AIC3204
- Audio IN/OUT
- PCB antenna
Small form-factor design.
Available for $149
2 x CC85XX Headset boards
2 x Rechargeable Lithium batteries
1 x CC Debugger
ZigBee Development Kit
Contains all hardware
needed for prototyping and
development of ZigBee
Preprogrammed nodes in the
kit makes it easy to get
started and to demonstrate
The TI ZigBee stack can be
downloaded from the web at
no cost.
The stack supports CC253x
and CC2520
60 day Evaluation License of
IAR Embedded Workbench
ZigBee Light Link Development Kit
The ZigBee Light Link
development kit will include the
ZLight2 board:
• CC2531
• PCB antenna
(red, green, blue and white)
• Powered from USB (5VDC)
Software demo application
based on TI’s Z-Stack Lighting
software solution.
CC2530ZDK-ZLL Contents:
3 x Zlight2 boards and micro USB cables
1 x CC2531 USB dongle acting as remote control
Kit Price $99
Release: Q2 2013
ZigBee RF4CE Development Kit
Development kit for quickly
getting started with RF4CE
• Advanced Remote Controller
with air-mouse capabilities
• CC2533 target module with a
multitude of connection options
• One regular and one tiny USB
dongle for PC connectivity
• CC Debugger
A complete RF4CE software
stack is available from
Available now for $149
CC2538 Development Kit
Complete development kit for
ARM Cortex-M3 based CC2538.
Includes the new SmartRF06
Evaluation Board
- XDS100v3 (c)JTAG Emulator
- Dot matrix LCD
- SD card holder
- Light sensor and acc.meter
- Current sense circuitry
- Break-out jumpers
Platform for RF evaluation,
testing and prototype
CC2538DK Contents:
2 x SmartRF06EB
2 x CC2538EM
1 x CC2530 USB dongle (sniffer)
IEEE 802.15.4 Packet Sniffer
Kit Price: $399
Release: Q2 2013
CC2540 Development Kit
Complete hardware and
software development kit for
CC2540/41 and Bluetooth Low
Generic platform for RF
evaluation, testing and
prototype development
The included CC2540 USB
dongle can be used as a BLE
Packet Sniffer
Available for $299
CC2540DK Contents:
2 x SmartRF05EB
2 x CC2540EM
1 x CC2540 USB dongle
Available add-on kits:
CC2540EMK-USB (dongle)
CC2541 SensorTag Development Kit
CC2541 SensorTag
Operates as a Bluetooth Low
Energy peripheral device.
Fitted with six sensors, all
sensors chosen to be small,
energy efficient, and low cost
surface mount devices; object
temperature, humidity,
pressure, gyroscope,
accelerometer, magnetometer
CC2541DK-SENSOR Contents:
1x CC2541 SensorTag with plastic enclosure
1x CR2032 Battery
Allows app developers to
quickly and easily write smart
phone apps for Bluetooth Low
Energy accessories without any
embedded hardware or
software development.
Available now for $25
CC2541 Remote Control Kit
CC2541 Bluetooth low energy
Advanced Remote Control Kit
The kit contains all the
hardware, software, and tools
required for evaluating,
developing, testing, and
debugging BLE controllers and
target nodes (Set-Top-Box, TV,
Kit Price $149
Release: Q2 2013
CC2541DK-RC Contents:
1 x CC2541 Advanced Remote Control
1 x CC2540 USB Dongle
1 x CC Debugger
CC2541 Mini Development Kit
Contains a CC2540 USB
dongle and a CC2541 Keyfob
The keyfob operates as a BLE
peripheral device. The keyfob is
equipped with a battery
regulator for very low power
consumption, a two-colored
LED, buzzer, a 3-axis
accelerometer and two buttons.
For only $99, it is ideal for
prototyping and demos.
CC2541DK-MINI Contents:
CC2541 Keyfob
CC2540 USB dongle
CC Debugger
Includes the CC Debugger for
programming, debugging and
SmartRF Studio support
A variant with a CC2540
Keyfob is also available.
CC2543-CC2544 Development Kit
Complete hardware and
software development kit for the
8051-based, 2.4GHz proprietary
RF CC2543, CC2544 and
CC2545 system-on-chips.
Generic prototype platform for
RF evaluation, testing and
software development
Available now for $299
CC2543-CC2544DK Contents:
2 x SmartRF05EB
2 x CC2543EM
1 x CC2544 USB dongle
Available add-on kits:
CCxx10 Mini Development Kits
The $75 CCxx10 Mini
Development Kits provide
a basic development and
test platform at low cost
Contains hardware
making it possible to set
up a link between two
simple RF nodes.
Includes the CC
Debugger for
programming, debugging
and SmartRF Studio
EM Adapter BoosterPack
EM Adapter BoosterPack for TI
LaunchPads – Easily add
wireless connectivity to your
Compatible with
- LPRF Transceivers
- CC3000 family WiFi modules
- XL BoosterPack connectors
- EM connectors
- I/O breakout
- USB power supply
1 x EM Adapter BoosterPack
Kit Price: $15
Release: Q2 2013
CC Antenna DK
Antenna reference
- PCB antennas
- Chip antennas
- Wire antennas
13 low cost antennas and
3 calibration boards.
Frequency ranges from
136 MHz to 2.48 GHz.
See also DN031
CC Debugger
Debugger probe and
programming tool for all
8051-based CCxxxx RF
SoCs and CC85xx
Can control CCxxxx Low
Power RF transceivers
PC Tools:
SmartRF Studio
SmartRF Flash Programmer
IAR EW8051
Available for $49
MSP430 Experimenter’s Boards
• Supports selected Low
Power RF Evaluation
• Do not support SmartRF
• Perfect for prototyping
with MSP430 and LPRF
• Software libraries and
RF stacks available on
the web
PC Tools
SmartRF Studio
• PC Tool available for FREE
• SmartRF Studio can be used together with TI’s
development kits for all CCxxxx RF-ICs.
• Converts user input to associated chip register values
– RF frequency
– Data rate
– Output power
• Allows remote control/configuration of the RF device when
connected to the PC via a SmartRF Evaluation Board
• Supports quick and simple performance testing
– Continous RX/TX (for antenna testing etc.)
– Packet RX/TX
SmartRF Studio
SmartRF Packet Sniffer
• Captures and parses packets going over the air
• Useful debugging tool for any RF protocol and SW designer
• PC Tool available for FREE
• Supported protocols
Bluetooth low energy
ZigBee RF4CE
ZigBee 2007/PRO
Generic protocol (raw data)
• The Sniffer’s product page (www.ti.com/tool/packet-sniffer)
lists all the hardware required for packet sniffing
SmartRF Packet Sniffer
SmartRF Flash Programmer
• Program the flash on all TI
Low Power RF System-onChips
• Program IEEE 802.15.2 MAC
addresses or individual bytes
• Powerful command line
• Can program any MSP430s
and CC430 using either the
MSP-FET430UIF or the
eZ430 Emulator Dongle
• Can also be used to update
the firmware on the TI
evaluation boards
PurePath Wireless Configurator
• Easy to use PC tool to
configure the behavior
of the CC85xx devices
• Configures e.g. audio
interface, sample rate,
I/O mapping
• Customize the CODEC
register settings
• Generates a firmware
image that can be
programmed on the
PurePath Wireless Commander
• Free graphical PC tool
for production testing
and controlling the
CC85xx audio ICs over
the external host
• Test Features
Continuous RX and TX
Packet Error Rate test
Audio test
Regulatory compliance
– Pre-pairing
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