Owners Manual TP400F

Owners Manual TP400F
Owners Manual
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General Information
The TP400F is specially designed to clean upholstery, seats and any other fabric surface.
This machine sprays specially formulated foam on the surface to be cleaned. This foam is
created by mixing compressed air with water, and chemical. Normal carpet extraction
methods penetrate below the surface, the only drawback being the long drying time. With the
TP400F, the foam only cleans the surface. Once the foam is sprayed and vacuumed, drying
times are minimal in comparison with normal extraction methods.
Safety instructions (read carefully)
Every electrical device must be used only for the function it is intended for, respecting the
manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to follow the instructions could result in serious bodily
injury to the operator (electric shock, electrocution, etc.). Irresponsible use may put people in
serious danger. Carefully read the following points and be sure to understand everything
before using the machine.
Before connecting the machine’s plug to the electrical socket, check that the voltage available
is the same as indicated on the label of the machine.
Verify that the electrical plug complies with the wall outlet.
Do not use adapters or multiple sockets
If an electrical extension cord is used, check that it corresponds to the absorbed power of the
machine. It must be sealed against water (SJTW Rated).
Take care of the cable. It is essential that it is protected from water, tearing and chemical
agents. Do not repair the cable if it is damaged replace it with a new one.
Do not pull the cable to move the machine or to remove the plug from the wall socket. Pull out
the plug only when the machine is switched off.
Do not handle the plug with wet hands.
Do not spray water near outlets. Do not use the machine to spray or to suck corrosive liquids
(acids or bases), explosive or inflammable liquids (gasoline, kerosene, solvents, etc.) or dust.
Do not use the machine in an explosive environment.
Do not allow the machine to be used by children and persons unable to understand the danger
connected with using electrical power.
Do not bring the end of the suction hose or one of the accessories near yours or others’ face,
particularly near ears and eyes: the sucked air could seriously damage them.
If the machine is used as a wet vacuum cleaner, you must check the water level in the recovery
tank regularly to avoid water being sucked in by the vacuum motor.
In case of abnormal function (very noisy motor, pump not on, extreme temperature rise, etc.)
switch the machine OFF and pull out the plug.
After use, clean the machine and store it in a warm and dry environment.
Construction of the machine
The TP400F is constructed with the following parts:
Solution and recovery tanks
Air compressor box
Foam brush applicator and solution hose
Vacuum hand tool and vacuum hose
The machine is comprised of:
The air compressor and the compressed air tank, located in the air compressor box
The solution tank, containing the water and chemical solution used to clean
The recovery tank, used to recover the dirt sucked with the vacuum motor,
The solution pump and the vacuum motor, situated inside the solution tank,
The control panel for the pump and for the motor,
The control panel for the compressor and air pressure regulator.
Preparation for use
To prepare the machine for use:
1. Insert the male quick disconnect fitting (located at the end of the solution hose coming
out from the foam regulation panel) into the female quick disconnect fitting (located at the
pump outlet). This way you allow the water from the pump to enter the panel where the
foam is created.
2. Check that the valve at the foam outlet is closed. Connect the solution hose to the foam
outlet and then open the foam outlet valve.
3. Raise the recovery tank, after releasing the spring clips holding it to the solution tank.
4. Add warm water into the solution tank. Add chemical in to the solution tank according to
the dilution rate suggested by the manufacturer.
5. Re-connect the recovery tank to the solution tank.
6. Connect the hose and the hand tool to the machine body.
7. Connect the plug of the machine to a properly grounded electrical socket. Switch the
solution pump on by moving the switch to the position “I”. The pump switch is situated on
the pump and vacuum motor control panel.
8. Switch the air compressor on by moving the switch to the position “I”. The compressor
switch is located on the foam regulation control panel. The compressor will run until full
tank pressure is reached (Approx. 1 minute). After this, the compressor motor will only
turn on to recharge the tank.
9. Switch on the vacuum motor.
At this point the machine is ready for work. The optimal working air pressure is 4 bars. The
air pressure is indicated on the air pressure gauge on the regulation panel.
Working method
1. In order to spray foam, pull the lever on the foam brush accessory. Spray foam uniformly
on the surface to clean. The ideal thickness of the foam is about ¼”.
2. Let the foam react with the surface for 30 seconds. If necessary, use the brush to agitate
the foam.
ATTENTION: You only need to spray enough foam to cover the area to be cleaned. Keep in
mind that only the foam that comes in to contact with the surface is cleaning the surface.
3. Vacuum the foam from the surface. It is mandatory that you use defoamer in the
recovery tank prior to vacuuming the foam. If defoamer is not used, the foam can be
sucked in to the vacuum motor and damage it.
4. While using the machine, if for any reason you should need to switch the compressor on
again using the compressor ON/OFF switch, you must empty the air tank. Otherwise the
compressor may be unable to start, because of the air pressure inside the air tank. To
empty the air tank, spray air only with the foam brush accessory, with both compressor
and pump switched off.
NOTE: The compressor is provided with a safety thermal protection, which intervenes to
protect it from an overheating. If the compressor stops suddenly, when the pressure or the
air has not yet reached its set value, then it can be due to an overheating. If this happens,
check that the voltage supplied to the machine corresponds to the value indicated on the
label and that the set point for the air pressure is not too high. Switch the compressor off,
empty the air tank and wait approx. 10 minutes before switching the compressor on.
Machine Maintenance
It is highly recommended to follow these maintenance procedures:
1. After using the machine, before storing it, remove all the water from the 2 tanks. Put
some clean water inside the solution tank and drain it completely by turning the pump on
and spraying water through the foam brush accessory. This operation is useful to clean
the water system of the machine, including the pump, the couplings, and the nozzle.
2. After each use, empty the compressed air tank, spraying air only, until the tank is
completely empty.
3. Periodically clean (at least every 2 months) the water filter, removing it from the machine
and rinsing it under warm water.
4. Clean the vacuum motor filter.
5. Every 6-8 months, the machine may need to be delimed. This process is done by running
a deliming chemical through the pumping system.
6. Periodically bring the machine to a service center to check the machine and all of its
functions. Wearing parts like carbon brushes, bearings, etc. which must be replaced in
time to avoid damage to the other components of the machine can not be then covered
by warranty.
7. Every 2-3 months, drain the air tank by the valve located at the bottom of the air tank.
Condensation forms in the air tank during normal usage. To do this, unscrew the circular
cover located below the machine, locked with 2 screws. Unscrew the air tank drain cap,
without removing it completely. Screw the cap and the circular cover on again.
ATTENTION: This operation must be done with the compressor completely empty and with
the machine switched off.
Compressor maintenance
The compressor used in the machine is oil less and therefore does not require frequent
maintenance. The air compressor is located in the lower part of the machine. If you need to
have access to it, you should open the machine body, unscrewing the 4 screws that lock the
upper cover to the lower box. Never access work on the compressor and never open the
machine before removing the electrical plug from the socket! Only qualified personnel may
perform this operation.
Control panel
During testing in the factory, the machine is tuned for optimal performance. As applications
and requirements may vary, the machine is provided with adjustment knobs. These
adjustment knobs regulate the type of foam that is generated by the machine.
There are 2 adjustments on the machine:
1. Adjusting the air pressure
Before making any adjustments, you must wait for the compressor to come up to full
Foam Consistency
For dryer foam, you must increase the air pressure.
For more humid foam you must decrease air pressure.
NaceCare Solutions
1205 Britannia Road East
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
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