PC Board Replacement Kit (002-1374-xx)

PC Board Replacement Kit (002-1374-xx)
Elevance Chair PC Board Replacement Kit
[002-1374-00 for 115VAC]
[002-1374-01 for 230VAC]
PC Board
Assembly................. 1
Special Tools:
Always disconnect chair from the power source before removing
any covers. Failure to do so may result in personal injury.
Step 1: Position chair.
A) Press a chair up control button to raise chair seat
approximately 26-28” above floor.
B) Unplug chair from power source.
Note: Upper lift arm cover cannot be removed if chair is raised higher than 28” above floor.
Metal PC
Board Cover
Upper Lift
Arm Cover
Step 2:Remove covers.
A) Release two clips using a flat head screw driver.
B) Pull upper lift arm cover up to free it from shaft.
C) Remove two screws and metal PC Board cover.
003-2228-00 Rev.B (4/11/13)
Step 3:Remove PC Board.
A) Label and disconnect all wiring harnesses from the PC Board.
B) Remove two screws and lift out PC Board assembly.
Equipment Alert
Use care to prevent static discharge when handling PC Boards.
Step 4:Install new PC Board.
A) Repeat steps 1 - 3 in reverse to install the new PC Board.
B) Plug chair into the power source.
C) Calibrate the chair.
PC Board Assembly
Chair Calibration Procedure
Calibration is only required if the chair is not operating at all, or if it is not raising/lowering to the proper extents.
Power to the chair must also be cycled after moving the #4 dipswitch to complete the procedure.
Calibration should always be performed after replacing a chair’s PC Board, a tilt sensor or any lift mechanism.
Movement of the chair is monitored by sensory devices that keep the chair within the range of motion accommodated by the drive mechanisms controlling the chair.
The Calibration Mode is a programmed routine of chair movements that locates the end of travel points, calculates working values for these points, stores these
values in memory and then tests the results of the routine. Follow these steps to calibrate a chair.
Step 1: Unplug the chair from the power supply.
Step 2:
Step 6: Install PC Board Cover and Upper Lift Arm Cover.
Plug chair back into to power supply.
Activate control buttons to test chair operation.
Remove the Upper Lift Arm Cover and PC
Board cover (2 screws). Locate S1 and S2
switch components on the Chair PC board.
Step 5: Unplug the Chair and move dipswitch #4 on S2 program
switch out of Calibration Mode (OFF position).
Push in with a screw driver to release
clips and lift Upper arm Lift Cover
up to free front clips from shaft. Lift
Cover must be removed to access
Chair PC Board and cover.
Equipment alert
Control buttons do not work normally during a Calibration Mode.
Pressing any button (including the S1 Test pushbutton) will stop
the chair movement and end the Calibration Mode.
clips (2)
Step 4: Plug chair into power supply and press the TEST
button on switch S1.
As soon as the TEST button is pressed, Calibration
begins. Step back and allow the chair to complete
all 3 up/down cycles of the calibration routine.
Chair PC
Note: The chair emits a short beep every 2 seconds while calibrating. When
finished calibrating the chair emits 3 long, confirmation beeps.
Step 3:
The Calibration Mode has failed if the chair emits 1 long beep at the end of
the calibration mode.
Move the #4 dipswitch on the S2 program
switch to the Calibration Mode position (ON).
Special Programming Features - Button 4
The number 4 Position Button on the control devices is capable of being set to one of
three operation modes. Which operating mode the number 4 button invokes depends
on the dipswitch settings of the PROG SW on the PC Board. The operation modes and
their respective dipswitch settings are shown below.
Push in with a screw driver to release
clips and lift Upper arm Lift Cover
up to free front clips from shaft. Lift
Cover must be removed to access
Chair PC Board and cover.
clips (2)
Equipment alert
Operation Mode Switches should be set before the chair is
powered on. Changes in Operation Mode Switch settings
do not “register” until the power is cycled off and back on.
Cuspidor Position Mode Setting
Press button 4 to raise the chair (patient) to the cuspidor position, a position convenient for cuspidor use.
The cuspidor solenoid output also activates on the PC board.
The cuspidor solenoid output (J5) can be connected to an optional automatic bowl flush solenoid,
initiating an automatic bowl flush function as the chair raises to the cuspidor position.
Press button 4 again to return chair to last position used before the cuspidor position.
return to the Last Position Mode Setting
Press button 4 to move the chair back and forth between two “remembered” positions.
The chair remembers any position it sits motionless in for 2 seconds or more.
For example: Move chair to desired position, leave it sit still for 2 seconds. Use arrows to move chair to
a 2nd desired position and leave it sit still for 2 seconds. Now pressing button 4 moves the chair back
and forth between these two desired, remembered positions.
normal Mode Setting - This is the factory default setting for button 4.
Press button 4 to move the chair to a programmed position.
Program button 4 the same as any other position button.
Program position 4 button by moving chair to desired position, press and hold button 4 (2 seconds) until
you hear 3 beeps, indicating the position is programmed in memory.
Chair PC
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