Optimization of new primers in a single run
• Temperature gradient of up to 40ºC
• Silver block for fast heating and cooling
• Easy to use software featuring gradient calculator
Optimization of annealing temperatures
With the TGradient annealing temperatures of new primers can be optimized in a single run. Due to a
temperature gradient across the block during the annealing step, each row represents an individual
temperature. Thus 12 different temperatures can be tested in a single run. After the program is completed
and samples have been analyzed in a gel, according annealing temperatures can be retrieved from the
instruments gradient calculator.
Easy to program
Program parameters are entered in a clear central spreadsheet. This provides two major advantages: first,
all parameters of a program are displayed on one screen (no need to click through subsequent steps),
secondly, this format mimics the way most users spontaneously write a thermocycling program on a
sheet of paper. Thus programming a TGradient is truly intuitive.
Smart lid technology
Like all Biometra thermocyclers the TGradient features a heated lid with in-built pressure control. Thanks
to a special clutch mechanism always optimum pressure is applied onto the tubes. Condensation is
reliably prevented and the tubes are in perfect contact with the thermoblock.
Temperature Gradient
Temperature Uniformity
Technical Specifications:
Order Number
Tgradient 48
Tgradient 96
48 tubes, .5ml
96 x .2ml tubes
96 well microplates
48 well (silver)
96 well (silver)
384 well (non gradient) (aluminum)
in situ (non gradient) (aluminum)
Program Memory
Total capacity: 1500 steps
10 directories with 100 programs each, maxium 99 steps per program
Maximum 99 cycles per loop
Temperature Range
-3.0 to 99.9°C
Temperature Gradient
Maximum 40°C
Cool samples to 4°C
Maximum Heating Rate
4.0°C/sec (silver block)
Maximum Cooling Rate
3.0°C/sec (silver block)
Temperature Uniformity
+/-0.3°C within 15 seconds
Control Accuracy
+/- 0.1°C
Back lit graphical LC display
Auto restart after
power failure?
Touchdown. Time increment. Pause. Alarm. Online help.
Temperature increment. Gradient calculator
Smart lid technology
Lid Temperature Range
30 - 99°C
Power consumption
Maximum 310 Watt
Noise emission
Very low
Seriell RS232. parallel Centronics
Dimensions (W x D x H)
25 x 34 x 18.0 cm
8.8 kg
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