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attached document
Open up a browser and go to: You will see the following:
Log on with the following credentials:
Username: lbtuser
Password: lbtuser
The following screen will open. Click on the Device Manager tab at the top:
At the next screen, click Control:
To reboot a device, use the pull down menu next to Control Action and choose
“Reboot Immediate”, select the outlet you want to power cycle, and then click Next.
In this example I’m choosing to reboot the Camera:
The next screen will confirm your selections and ask you to apply the change. Click “Apply”.
The last screen you will see will show you the outlet state of the device you power cycled. Here
the camera shows a state of off. After a few seconds, refresh your screen and it will change back
to on.
Now it shows the outlet is back on (I refreshed the screen)
If you are done power cycling outlets, you can now log off (located in the upper right of the
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