2011 DocuMaster Pro Data Sheet

2011 DocuMaster Pro Data Sheet
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DocuMaster Pro
Highly versatile & multi-tasking with the NEW
SmartScreen touch screen technology.
The DocuMaster Pro was designed to overcome the problems associated
with finishing pre-collated sets. DocuMaster enables high quality
booklets to be made without having to remove covers and centre
spreads for pre-creasing, only to manually reinsert them back into sets.
Creasing of covers, centre spreads or indeed all sheets in the book if
needed are simply programmed into the SmartScreen control unit.
DocuMaster Pro is the latest version of this unique machine and it
eliminates those tedious and time consuming operations because it
creases the sheets as part of the feeding and bookletmaking operation.
Simplicity of operation is key to finishing digitally printed work because
run lengths are often short with variable data becoming increasingly
Key Product Features
• 7” SmartScreen touch screen
• Takes multi weight pre-collated stocks
• Intuitive and easy to use
• JDF & variable data ready
• High versatile
• Takes stock up to 0.4mm (approx 400 gsm)*
• Rule and matrix guaranteed for life
• 1200 books per hour
• Unlimited alpha numeric memory
• Sonic double detector
• Perforating as standard
• Crease without cracking
Controlled by the same innovative 7” SmartScreen panel as the rest
of the Pro range, the DocuMaster Pro is given full instructions as to
the book size, amount of pages,
crease position etc. All settings
and adjustments are made using
the New SmartScreen and as
only symbols are used, operation
couldnt be simpler. An alphanumeric memory allows an
unlimited number of jobs to be
stored and named as you choose. This makes job recall much easier as
you can use your own job name and numbers for storage.
The DocuMaster Pro is JDF ready and can now handle variable data
books and fully ready to be integrated into a complete work-flow and
MIS package.
The optional variable data camera system used on the DocuMaster is
simplicity itself. The camera is set to read a fixed point on the booklet’s
cover (or any other page) and that is all that is required to instruct the
system to make the book, irrespective of the number of pages. This
system is so simple that it does not need to read data from bar-codes or
data matrix dots it just takes a snap-shot and when it sees that image
again it will perform a set function.
The DocuMaster Pro has the new Morgana PosiFeed feeding system. The
drum stops as the vacuum pulls the sheet down before the drum starts
to feed. This significant change will enable the feeder to be piled higher
and feed the most difficult of stocks.
The heart of the success of the DocuMaster Pro is the creasing rule and
matrix. Morgana use stepping motor technology to accurately position
the substrate before creasing and we use the same technology with
the creasing action. This gives total and consistent accuracy during
operation. With thousands of mechanism’s installed throughout the
world our creasing technology is unparalleled in both performance and
longevity which is why we offer a life long guarantee on the rule and
To ensure booklet integrity an automatically set sonic detector checks
every sheet regardless of stock thickness before feeding them into the
new automatic accumulating station. In the unlikely event of a double
feed the machine immediately stops. Once the complete set has been
gathered it is released into the stitch - fold - trim unit.
The Square Back system enhances the appearance of finished documents
by creating a square effect finish adding value to the finished job. This
will change the way you and your clients think about finished booklets
because it transforms the book into one that lays flat and appears to
be perfect bound but with the added value of strength because of the
stitches. Quiet in operation it can also be used off-line to enable work
from other devices to be professionally finished.
DocuMaster Pro is the Multi-tasking champion. Use it as a booklet
maker, a creaser or a perforator, to produce 4pp brochures on heavy
card stock or to give the perfect bound appearance to pre-produced
booklets. The DocuMaster Pro will happily do them all. Near-line or offline finishing enables your print engine to operate at maximum speed.
This is often not the case when on-line finisher’s are used. Due to the
high productivity of the DocuMaster, work from more than one print
engine can be finished.
DocuMaster Pro
Highly versatile & multi-tasking with the NEW
SmartScreen touch screen technology.
technical specifications
Crease & Fold
Maximum speed A4 S.P.H. (crease only)
Maximum sheet size
L 630mm x W 330mm
Minimum sheet size
210mm x 140mm
Maximum paper thickness
0.4mm (approx 400 gsm)* including laminated material
Minimum paper thickness
0.11mm (approx 80gsm)*
Maximum number of creases per sheet
Maximum number programmed applications
Unlimited alpha numeric
Maximum number of folds per sheet
Minimum incremental adjustment 0.1mm
L 2700mm x W 720mm x H 1185mm
Power requirement
240v 50/60hz
Up to 1200 bph
Maximum sheet size
L 460mm x W 320mm
Minimum sheet size
210mm x 140mm
Maximum cover thickness
0.38mm (approx 350gsm)*
Minimum inside sheet paper thickness
0.11mm (approx 80gsm)*
Maximum book thickness
23 sheets 0.11 (approx 80gsm)*
Maximum number programmed applications
Unlimited alpha numeric
Maximum number of folds per sheet
Maximum staple pitch
Minimum staple pitch
Maximum trim
L 2700mm x W 720mm x H 1185mm (including Squareback)
Power requirement
240v 50/60hz
Narrow creasing rule, Variable data camera system, Squareback, 2 Knife Trimmer
Note: the production speed varies according to material size and the number of crease/folds on the sheet
As part of our continued product improvement plan, specifications and information published here are subject to change without notice.
All specifications are dependent on application, type of stock, temperature, RH and print engine used.
Specifications quoted were measured on uncoated and unprinted stock.
E & OE.
DocuMaster Pro data sheet ver 4 - 01/13
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