So your heating isn t working1

So your heating isn t working1
So your heating isn’t working!
How most heating systems work
Generally you have 2 basic parts to a heating system, whether it be Ducted Air,
Hydronic Radiator or Hydronic floor heating.
1. Thermostat (this is in the house & turns the boiler/heater on/off)
2. Boiler/Heater (this heats up the air/radiator/floor)
Thermostat relay contacts
Relay closes when heat is required (when under setpoint) & supplies “on” signal for
boiler to start up. Once thermostat has reached it’s set temp the relay then opens
turning the boiler off.
(You can hear the relay ‘click’ on & off when this happens)
What happens if heating does not come on
1. Read operating instructions. For thermostat – make sure it is programmed
2. Check to see that the heater/boiler is turned on.
3. Change the batteries(with good quality one’s) in thermostat.
What happens if heating still does not come on.
Is there a display on the thermostat? – If no – thermostat faulty.
If yes- put thermostat in manual
increase set temperature to 25°- 29°C (above room temperature). The heating on
symbol or
should come on the screen. If it does and heating comes on, the
boiler, heater and thermostat are O.K – re program the thermostat.
If the heating ‘on’ symbol or
comes on the screen but the heating does not
then there is a fault with either the thermostat or with the boiler/heater. A heating
serviceman will need to be called to fix your heating.
What if the heating will not turn off
If the heating ‘on’ symbol or
is still on the screen, reduce your operating
temperatures. If the heating symbols or
are not on either the batteries need to
be changed or the thermostat relay is faulty (will not turn off) or the boiler/heater is
faulty. A heating service man will need to be called.
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