JabloPhone GDP-04i Business Class of Phones References

JabloPhone GDP-04i Business Class of Phones References
JabloPh o n e
Business Class of Phones
230 × 220 × 100 mm, 920 g
Illuminated graphical LCD, Resolution 132 × 65 dots, 82 × 40 mm
500 names and 1000 numbers
SMS memory
124 received + 50 sent messages + SIM memory capacity
Call history
Memory for 100 records of missed, outgoing and incoming calls
Ringing melodies
20 unique melodies
SMS typing
Built-in “QWERTY” keypad
Speed dialing
6 memory keys with 12 memories, label for records
Hands-free calling
Built-in speaker and microphone
Operating temperature
–10 °C to +55 °C; 25 to 75% humidity
AC power adaptor
100 – 240 V AC/50 to 60 Hz; 6 V/2 A DC
Echo cancellation; Noise reduction HR, FR, EFR and AMR coding; Digital audio interface
Multilanguage support – downloadable language sets
Complies with Health and Safety: EN 60950 class II, EMC: EN 301489-7
Radio parameters: ETSI EN 301419-1, EN 301511; radio equipment: class 1,
can be operated according to T/R 20-08
JABLOCOM s.r.o., Czech Republic
sales@jablocom.com, www.jablocom.com
JabloPh o n e
JabloPhone is Your Solution!
JabloPhone, also known as Jablocom’s GSM Desktop Phone, is a mobile phone that looks and functions exactly like a desktop phone.
JabloPhone enables customers to get rid of their landlines and just use their mobile networks. The key benefit for users is that it allows them to
reduce costs without having to give up the benefits of landlines. Since most people find it extremely uncomfortable to have mobile phones
or smartphones glued to their ears, the JabloPhone is designed in the shape and feel of a desktop phone.
Through leading partners such as GSM providers worldwide, both businesses and households use and enjoy the benefits and features
of JabloPhone. In addition, the product fits the telephony needs of many vertical industry institutions including: hospitals, hotels, construction
sites, oil fields, military bases, schools and law enforcement facilities.
Home Application
Mobile and always ready to use
Large buttons and full keyboard
Just unpack it
Easy texting and typing
Save your landline costs
Smart office
One provider for all your calls
Calls, texting and data in one
Tested, proven radiation reduction
Tested and proven to reduce exposure to mobile phone
electromagnetic waves by ten thousand times
Where to use
• Get rid of landline costs.
• Large keys are ideal for senior
citizens and those with weak vision.
• Ideal for households in rural areas that typically
only have mobile networks due to costs and location.
Quality speakerphone
Convenient solution for conference calls
Business Application
No worries about wires
PC management software
Save your time and money on infrastructure
Calls, contacts and connectivity
• Quality speakerphone for critical group conference calls.
• Reduce costs associated with landline installation
and maintenance.
• Call transfer from GSM to PBX, enabling organizations
to drop their PSTN connection and just use JabloPhone
as a full, functioning virtual switchboard allowing free
intra company calls.
JabloPhone GDP-04i
JabloPhone GDP-04Ai
JabloPhone GDP-04i, also known as
GSM Desktop Phone, is a standard mobile
phone operating on GSM network
in a shape of desktop phone.
GSM Desktop Phone equipped with analogue line socket;
allows to connect an analogue line phone, then both devices
are on the GSM network (on the same number) working as
parallel phones.
JabloPhone GDP-04i 3G
GSM Desktop Phone with 3G
module; allows faster data
connection & calling and data
download at the same time.
Help Me!KIT GDP-04i RF + wireless
GSM Desktop Phone with built-in radiofrequency module
enables operating with various wireless accessories such as
panic wrist button, smoke detector and smart socket.
Centralized PC software JabloTool
• Contact management
• Device settings
• Call list history
• SIM management
• SMS management
• Internet configuration
• Outlook synchronization
• Multilanguage support
• Dialing from PC
• Lifetime support
Vertical Application
• From office to hotels to homes, workers can
take their JabloPhones wherever they need to go.
• Manage and control entire phone system through JabloTool.
• Internet connectivity and SMS capabilities allowing
for all-in-one phone, SMS and data usage.
Key features
Call transfer
Quick dialing buttons
Quality speakerphone
PC call management software
Headset connectivity
Internet connectivity
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