2 Shaft Monitor

2 Shaft Monitor
Basic Installation:
The Loup Electronics Shaft Monitor has two cables that exit the console. The black one
is for the power connection. Attach this to a 12 volt power source, the red lead to the
Positive (+) and the black lead to the Negative (-).
The gray cable needs to be routed to the hitch. This is the cable that carries the signal
from the shaft sensors to the monitor. Use normal routing precautions, secure the wire,
and avoid moving parts and pinch points.
The implement harness is specifically made for the make and model of drill. Again
please follow normal precautions when routing this wiring harness.
Shaft Sensor orientation is noted on the following page. The bracket supplied for the
application uses an existing bolt, by or around the shaft to be monitored. If an existing
location is not suitable, you may need to make your own bracket.
The magnet is installed on the shaft by removing the backing paper from the magnet.
Stick the magnet to the shaft. It is also highly recommended to use a zip tie to secure the
magnet in place.
Basic Operation:
The Power toggle switch is used to power the monitor. Once the power is supplied,
alarms will be generated if the shaft is not in motion.
During Normal Operation the LED for each shaft will be illuminated.
A flashing light, for the shaft that has stopped or is below 2 RPM, indicates an alarm. An
audible alarm will also sound for approximately 15 seconds when the shaft has dropped
below 2 RPM.
When both shafts are indicated in alarm, the monitor will sound the alarm for
approximately 15 seconds then silence without any intervention by the operator.
Service and Troubleshooting
A magnet passing in front of the sensors, activates the Sensors. When the magnet is in
front of the sensor the switch is closed. Continuity tests can be performed on the sensor.
Open with the magnet is not in front of the sensor, Closed when the magnet is in front of
the sensor.
Using a piece of wire to short and then open the lead connected to the switch can
simulate the Switch. By shorting these two wires together at a rate of 2 times per second
the LED for that shaft should illuminate. This would assure that the harness is not broken
or shorted.
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