this link will take you to view Refrigeration Installation Instructions

this link will take you to view Refrigeration Installation Instructions
Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator Installation Instructions
Installing your new refrigerator into your home
What to do if your new refrigerator is unstable when installed
A Gently push the refrigerator back until the rear rollers contact floor.
Correct installation of this refrigerator in your home is critical to its performance.
Measure the gap under the front foot, which has come off the floor.
Obtain some solid packing material (hardwood, plastic etc) which fits firmly into the gap under the
Your Fisher & Paykel Active Smart® refrigerator is fitted with front and rear rollers, designed for moving
the product in the forwards and backwards direction.
Avoid moving the product in a sideways direction as this may damage the rollers or the floor
Do not use metallic materials that may corrode and stain or damage floor coverings.
1 Your refrigerator will arrive with the front feet wound up making moving the product into its
final location a simple task.
Example only
2 Roll the refrigerator into its final position making sure there is the correct air gap between the
product and surrounding cabinetry.
50 mm gap (2”)
Un-level floor
This foot lifts off the floor when
top front is gently pushed back
30 mm gap (1⁄”)
B Wind both front feet up and roll the product out of position.
Place the packing material in the location diagonally opposite the front roller that lifts off the floor.
Make sure the packing material stays in place when the product is pushed back into position.
Ideally, the packing material is large enough to rest against the back wall so as to prevent it moving
when the cabinet is pushed into position.
Packing material goes under rear roller diagonally
opposite front foot that lifts – here
20 mm gap (⁄”)
20 mm gap (⁄”)
Wall behind refrigerator
3 Adjust the front feet down until the refrigerator is leaning backward approx 10 mm. This will
ensure a good door closing action.
Foot down,
refrigerator tilted backwards
Raise the front of
the refrigerator
If this foot lifts off the floor when pushing
gently on the top front of the refrigerator
Lower the front of
the refrigerator
C Roll the refrigerator back into position and adjust front feet as per step 4. ( Check alignment
4 Aligning your refrigerator with cabinetry.
and door closing action are satisfactory).
Align the sides of the refrigerator with the cabinetry by adjusting the hinge side front foot.
Make small adjustments to front feet where necessary.
Adjust the handle side foot until it touches the floor and takes a small amount of weight.
Once the refrigerator is in place and aligned with cupboards/alcove push gently on the front top and
check if the product is rocking or stable.
Check that the product is stable (all 4 feet are on the floor). If not return to step A and re-do steps
B and C.
If the product is rocking there may be an uneven floor or slightly out of square
construction of cabinetry. (See “What to do if your new refrigerator is unstable
when installed.”)
50 mm gap (2”)
If you need assistance with the installation of your refrigerator please call your Fisher & Paykel
Customer Care Centre. A Customer Care operator will provide expert guidance and if necessary
can organise a Service Technician visit ensuring the correct installation is achieved. (A service fee
will be charged).
New Zealand
Canada and USA
Ph: 1 300 650 590
Ph: 0800 37 2273
Ph: 1 888 936 7872
Ph: +65 6741 0777
Ph: +44 0845 066 2200
Incorrect installation may result in the product twisting which will give the appearance of doors and
handles being out of alignment.
20 mm gap (⁄”)
20 mm gap (⁄”)
Refrigerator weight on hinge side foot
Please ensure that your refrigerator has been correctly installed as per the above instructions, as
product issues brought about by poor installation are not covered under product warranty. Refer
product warranty guidelines covered in the User Guide.
Part Number 814441
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