Flow Station
These installation instructions cover installing the flow station option to any TSI Controller or Monitor that
accepts a flow station input. TSI controllers that have not been modified to accept the flow station input will
not work with the flow stations.
NOTE: See the appropriate Installation Instructions to install and wire the controller.
Component List
Part Number
CFM probe sized to duct work
Pressure transducer
¼” pneumatic tubing
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Flow Station Installation
1. Select the mounting location of the flow station.
The construction plans normally show the
mounting location. If no location is specified,
typically the flow station is installed upstream of
the damper actuator.
WARNING: Figure 1 gives the minimum straight
length duct diameters required for the flow
station to operate correctly.
TSI recommends installing the flow station
upstream of the damper (before). TSI does not
recommend installing the flow station
downstream (after) the damper. If the flow
station must be placed downstream, a minimum
of 4 straight duct lengths between the damper
and flow station is required. In addition, the flow
station must be rotated 90 (perpendicular) from
the damper shaft position.
The minimum straight duct lengths shown are the
absolute minimum.
2. Drill a 1¼" hole in the side of the duct work. If
probe is longer than 18 inches drill a 5/16" hole
directly across from the 1¼" hole (Figure 2).
3. Slide foam gasket onto flow station, and insert
into duct work. Insert the flow station through
the 1¼" hole, and into the 5/16" hole (if
required). On probes 18 inches or longer attach
the nut to the threaded end of the flow station
(5/16" hole end).
Figure 1: Flow Station Mounting Location
4. Rotate the flow station until the air flow indicator
arrow matches the correct direction of air flow.
5. Screw the flow station into place with sheet metal
screws (screws not provided by TSI). On 18 inch
and longer flow stations tighten the 5/16” nut.
The finished installation should look like
Figure 2.
Figure 2: Flow Station Hole Location
6. Verify that the jumpers on the pressure
transducer are installed correctly, per Figure 3.
The default pressure transducer output range is 0
to 0.5 in H2O.
7. Mount the pressure transducer within 10 feet of
the flow station. The transducer must be
mounted on a wall in the correct position per
Figure 4 (screws not provided).
WARNING: Do not mount pressure transducer
to ceiling, duct work or vibrating surfaces.
Preferred mounting location is on the wall
nearest the flow station.
8. Run two ¼” pneumatic lines (20’ included)
between flow station and pressure transducer
and connect.
Flow Station
Pressure Transducer
Figure 3: Pressure Transducer Jumpers
Double check that the pneumatic tubing is
correctly plumbed, firmly seated, and has a tight
9. Refer to the wiring diagram for proper transducer
wiring (Figure 5). The cable is terminated at the
pressure transducer and at the TSI controller or
Figure 4: Pressure Transducer Mounting
Wiring the Pressure Transducer
WARNING: Do not connect more than 24 VAC to
any terminal.
Do not apply voltage to the RS-485 output, analog
output, or control output of the TSI device. Severe
damage may occur if voltage is applied.
WARNING: Each damper/actuator and flow station
has a separate transformer that must be installed.
Do not wire more than one device per transformer.
Wire the transducer to the FLOW INPUT terminals on
the TSI controller, per Figure 5. Refer to the
Installation Instructions for the TSI controller to
determine the correct terminals.
Figure 5: Transducer Wiring
This concludes the installation of the flow station. If you need assistance on installing the controller, see the
appropriate Installation Instructions. If you need further assistance installing the system, call TSI Customer
Service at 651-490-2811 or 800-874-2811.
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