SystemairCAD version 2011-11.01.B1
Introduction and important information
Web updating of SystemairCAD.........................................
Info to Windows 7 users.....................................................
How to install SystemairCAD..............................................
Distributor version with prices ...........................................
Consultant version without price ........................................
What is new in SystemairCAD ...........................................
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Warranty conditions for DV and TIME .................................. 15
NOTE: The prices are not changed, the only change in the pricelist is new prices for the new
functions and changes in the program.
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Web updating of SystemairCAD.
The update of SystemairCAD is possibly to do just like other programs.
This means that you don’t have to uninstall and install the program every time we send out
new versions.
If we have made an update of the program you will see the dialog box below.
When you click Yes (Danish “Ja”) the program is automatically updated and ready
to use with the new feature.
As a new thing, you have to choose your market location when you install this
update. With the next update, this will not be necessary.
The only thing we don´t make as web update is price changes
This will always be made via an informational E-mail with a new price database
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Info to Windows 7 users
If you have windows 7 installed on your computer and you don’t have the full rights of the
computer, you might have problems with using the pdf printout.
Then you have to press the
options tab and then select
This box will appear and now you press this button.
Then you select your
personal folder and
documents in your personal
Finally you should get a
result that looks a little like
Page 3
When you are using Windows 7, you might find out that it can be difficult to update
SystemairCAD if you don’t have the administrator rights of your computer.
If this occurs you can try to open and run the program as administrator.
You need to right click on the Systemair logo and then choose run as an administrator – that
should do the job and let you update the programme.
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How to install SystemairCAD
SystemairCAD is available in 2 versions, one for distributors and one for consultants.
Distributor version with prices
The version for distributors includes prices and is available for distributors on
www.systemairCAD.dk where a user name and password is needed to access the zip-file for
The user name and password to access the program is issued earlier for all current
distributors. If for some reason you have forgotten the password, you can contact Systemair
After login, the following screen will appear and you should click download to save the zip-file
on your computer.
NOTE: If pop-up window does not appear when you click download, hold down the ctrl button
on your keyboard while clicking download. This will overwrite the build in command to not
allow pop-up windows.
Page 5
When you have downloaded the zip-file, unzip the downloaded zip-file and install the program.
Page 6
IMPORTANT: If you want to save your customer database, you should copy it from your
current SystemairCAD folder before installing the new version.
The file is named DnCust.db and can be found here: C:/program
files/systemair/systemaircad or C:/programs/Systemair/systemaircad depending on your local
After installation of new version, you can place the file in the same folder and overwrite the
empty customer database installed with the new version.
Page 7
Consultant version without price
The consultant version without price, is available on www.systemair.com, Systemair products,
Download, Software tools and SystemairCAD. Here the users have to register before being
able to access the program.
Page 8
What is new in SystemairCAD 2011-11.01.B1
1. Duct connection dimensions in the printout.
2. New info in printout for valves.
3. Removal dampers in the DVP section.
4. New dampers in DV unit.
5. VDI 6022 in TIME unit.
Page 9
1. Duct connection dimensions in the printout.
It is now possible to see the duct connection dimensions on the printout.
2. New info in printout for valves.
When you select a valve for a coil, you can now see in the printout what type of connection
the valve has.
Page 10
3. Removal dampers in the DVP section.
It is now possible to remove the supply and/or extract damper in the DVP section.
Page 11
4. New dampers in DV unit.
The dampers in the DV unit will now change to fullface dampers, just like they are on
the TIME unit.
With this change it will no longer be possible to select the dampers mounted outside
the unit, now they will always be inside.
Page 12
5. VDI 6022 in TIME unit.
It is now possible to select the TIME unit as a hygienic version.
The hygienic certification is called VDI 6022 and you can see the certificate on the next
You can make the selection in the “select unit type” box or in the “more unit data” box
placed under the “unit data” tab.
Page 13
Page 14
Warranty conditions for DV and TIME
Standard warranty:
We deliver according to Orgalime S2000, which includes 1 year warranty.
Extended warranty:
Provided Systemair´s recommended maintenance and service program is followed and
documented, an extended warranty of up to 4 years is granted:
Unit casing (panel, frames and corners)
Control elements (electrical elements)
Heat exchangers, motors, coils and dampers
4 year anti-perforation corrosion
2 year
2 year
General conditions:
Systemair´s recommended maintenance and service program is followed and
Extended warranty only includes delivery of spare parts, but not installation costs.
Start of warranty period is time of delivery given on the order confirmation.
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