Supervision Agreement

Supervision Agreement
Supervision Agreement for Faculty of Humanities
Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages
P.O. 1010, Blindern
0315 Oslo
Tel. No. 228 55943 Fax. No. 228 54828.
E-mail address: [email protected]
Study programme
and study option:
Chief Supervisor:
Course code for
master thesis
(if any):
Percentage distribution of
supervision between Chief
Supervisor and Co-supervisor:
Proposed thesis
title (or working
title of the thesis):
Period of
Intended date of thesis submission:
The supervisor and the student should, at the outset of the supervisory relationship, discuss and agree on the format of supervision,
the expected progress and the intended date of thesis submission.
The supervisor and the student should observe the regulations and instructions governing the supervision of master theses.
Guidelines for Supervision of Master Theses at the Faculty of Humanities: (only in Norwegian).
In case a co-supervisor is considered necessary, approval should be sought and granted by the relevant department before the
agreement is made. Approval is granted only under exceptional circumstances.
The student should be well-prepared for meetings with the supervisor.
The student should give sufficient notice to the supervisor if he/she is not able to attend a scheduled meeting.
When there are serious problems in supervision, the student should immediately bring this to the attention of the
department/administrative officer concerned.
In case the thesis cannot be completed within the period of the agreement, the student must apply for an extension of the
supervision agreement.
A statement concerning studies abroad must be submitted BEFORE the student goes abroad on fieldwork:
The supervisor should be familiar with and follow the ethical guidelines for supervisors at the University of Oslo. He/she should
also ensure that students are aware of the guidelines.
The supervisor should ensure that the first meeting with the student takes place shortly after having been assigned, in which the
supervisor should discuss with and inform the student about how the supervision is to be organized.
The supervisor should offer the student up to 15 hours of supervision for a 60-credit master thesis (up to 7.5 hours for a 30-credit
master thesis), distributed evenly throughout the supervision period.
The supervisor should be well prepared for the meetings with the student.
The supervisor should discuss with the student as well as evaluate the plan, the methodology and execution of the proposed
research. He/she should assist the student in planning the research with a view to completing it within the normal period of study.
The supervisor is expected to read and give detailed comments on the draft of the thesis chapters at least once, but the supervisor
will exercise his/her own judgement in how far it is necessary to give detailed comments on revised chapters and the completed
The supervisor may, if appropriate, carry out part of the supervision in small research seminars.
The supervisor should, through the meetings with the student, monitor the progress of the student’s work and evaluate the progress
in relation to the planned schedule.
The supervisor should give sufficient notice to the student if he/she needs to re-schedule a meeting.
Modification or Termination of Supervision Agreement
 Changes can be made to the supervision agreement (for example, changing the research topic) when both the student and the
supervisor agree.
When the supervisor is to be absent for an extended period of time in the course of the supervisory relationship, the department
concerned should, in consultation with the student, determine how the supervision can be organized during this period.
In case the department considers that the student is not acting according to the supervision agreement, he/she should be notified in
If the supervisory relationship is not deemed, by the student or the supervisor, to be working satisfactorily, for academic or other
reasons, either side may request to be released from the supervisory relationship. A new supervisor should then be arranged.
The student may be considered as not acting according to the supervision agreement in cases when
(a) the student fails to submit the master thesis within the semester which the thesis is due for submission (i.e. the fourth semester
of a full-time master programme), and has not been given approval for an extension and a new submission date (subject to Section
7.1.6, 7.1.7 and 7.2.1 of the Regulations Governing Studies and Examinations at the University of Oslo and the Guidelines for
Deferred Commencement of Studies, Leave and Part-time Studies for Programme Students:
(b) the student has not contacted the supervisor for two semesters. In such a case, the research can be taken up by other students.
(c) the allotted hours of supervision have been used up, and the student has no approved plan for submission of thesis.
The supervision agreement ends when the student
(a) submits the master thesis
(b) is considered as not acting according to the agreement and has been notified of it in writing, and has not received approval for a
new plan for submission
(c) forfeits or gives up the right to his/her place in the master programme concerned.
Course Leader/Head of Department
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