WiFi Plans for Flt Managers 2016

WiFi Plans for Flt Managers 2016
OnStar with 4G LTE
Wi-Fi for fleet vehicles.
A built-in Wi-Fi hotspot and 4G LTE connection bring
greater productivity to your GM fleet vehicles.
Welcome to vehicles that can dial up the efficiency of your employees. Using the new
OnStar with 4G LTE and available built-in Wi-Fi1 hotspot can turn your vehicle into the
ultimate mobile workstation.
· Seamlessly connect up to seven mobile devices
· Reliable Internet access on the go
· A more powerful connection than a smartphone or mobile hotspot
· Maintain a connection up to 50 feet from the vehicle
OnStar® data plan pricing for fleet managers.
Your 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot (if equipped) requires a data plan for each vehicle to
access the Internet. After the free trial (3 months/3 GB, whichever comes first), choose
one of the following plans for your fleet:
— $145 for 12 GB of data good for 12 months,2 whichever comes first (RPO code: ROV)
— $240 for 24 GB of data good for 24 months,2 whichever comes first (RPO code: ROW)
Purchase at the time of order using RPO code, or purchase anytime by emailing
[email protected] to be invoiced.
A GB of data is about 10,000 emails or 66 hours of surfing the web.3 That’s plenty of data
to cover most things your employees might need to handle at the job site. And if you
have questions about how much data is left to use, just press the blue OnStar button to
connect with an Advisor.
©2016 OnStar. All rights reserved.
1 Available 4G LTE Wi-Fi requires compatible mobile device, active OnStar subscription and data plan. Visit onstar.com for details and system limitations. 2 Plus tax. Credit card payment required
for monthly subscriptions. 3 Data usage varies by device. The above examples are based on averages and are estimates only. The actual amount of data used for the described activity can vary.
Visit the online data calculator at www.att.com/att/onstardatacalc for more information. Visit onstar.com for details and system limitations.
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