UR422usb flyer

UR422usb flyer
Universal RS422/USB Remote
Direct connection to Audio/Video Workstations via USB
Sony P2, VDCP, and Odetics protocols with Clip select
Optional T-Bar Control – Slow motion or Clip position
Two RS-422 ports – Port A may be configured as input or output
Precision weighted Jog Wheel with Shuttle, Jog or Step function
Bi/Tri Level Video Sync Input – Frame accurate control
LTC Timecode Output – Controlled Machine or Virtual Machine
Plug & Play, Automatic Machines Recognition and Configure
32 cue points and 16 loops
8 GP Inputs or Outputs – Telecine, video switcher control
Large Display 2 line by 40 character display
22 User Definable keys with LED's All keys are user definable via PC/Mac
Key functions include Track Arm, Monitor, Edit, Locates, Loop's, Macro's
Special CB Macro functions Instant Replay, Instant Forward, Again
Field software update Software may be updated by user using PC or Mac with
serial port
UR422-USB remote is designed as a small footprint low profile versatile remote control and
incorporates the custom upgrades that were made to the original UR-422. The keyboard is user
definable and may be configured to suit specific applications. The USB port provides the power
and direct connection to a DAW or Video Workstation to provide track arming and a Jog/shuttle
machine control interface.
The machine control and track arming can be routed to separate ports allowing control of video
playback whist recording on an separate audio recorder
The UR-422 is supplied with a USB power supply for use when not connected to a computer.
User Defined Keys
The function of every key may be defined by using the windows set-up tool. This shows a
picture of the keyboard. Right click on any key and a key function list is displayed, select the
function and the key label and colour on the screen will change. Once you have selected your
keyboard layout download and update the labels on the UR422.
RS422 Ports
The two ports may be used as two outputs or one input and one output.
USB port
Configured as USB RS422 port, may be used for direct connection to DAW as controller or
The can show either the current transport machine and record track arming or two machines.
The Transport commands may be sent to either or both machines.
Track Arming
The track arming can be fixed or used with a bank key to arm all tracks on one or both
Cue Points
When using the 1-8 keys for cue points the bank key allows access to 32 cue points. When used
with the Bonsai the cue points include both timecode and clip number.
Size: 8.1” x 5.1”
Available now from stock
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