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user reference manual
We understand - new technology can be intimidating. That’s why we’ve put together this easy to use
reference manual for i-Guide. i-Guide unlocks a world of great choice, convenience and control so you
can fully enjoy your digital cable entertainment experience.
With Family Cable, you have more programming choices than ever before. And with i-Guide, you can
effortlessly find your favorite shows and stars on TV – you’re in control.
With 90-minutes of program listings at a glance, you’ll find i-Guide easy to use and navigate.
The Quick Menu allows you to move easily to the programming and information you want.
You’ll be able to easily set Recordings, Reminders, Favorites and Parental Controls.
Use Mini Guide to browse future listings while you continue to enjoy watching TV.
This manual provides you with the detailed information about important features in i-Guide
so you can get started enjoying your digital cable experience.
i-Guide is used with the following gadgets for your home:
Motorola DCX700-HD Standard Box
Motorola DCX3510-HD DVR Box
906 Okoboji Ave
Milford, IA 51351
table of contents
welcome to i-Guide1
table of contents2–3
basic navigation tips4
your access to digital cable5–8
Listings By Time
Listings By Channel
Navigate Program Listings
Quick Menu
Quick Menu Icons
Main Menu
Program Information
Action Icons
Setting Reminders
Reminder Settings
Title Search
Saving Searches
smart channel surfing
Flip Bar
Mini Guide (Browse)
Digital Music
Access Digital Music
Local Weather
parental controls
Parental Controls Setup
Parental Controls for On Demand
View Locked Programs
Bypass or Clear Locks
Restore Locks
Favorites Lists Setup
Access Favorites Lists
Add or Delete Channels to Favorites Lists
Guide Setup
Cable Box Setup
Audio Setup
Text Language Setup
Screen Saver
Parental Controls and Purchase PINs Setup
Guide Colors
Screen Position Setup
DVR Setup
digital video recorder (dvr)
Control Live TV
Playback Controls
Remote Control Arrow Buttons
Status Bar
Fast Forward
Slow Motion
Instant Replay
Return to Live TV
SWAP Between Two Programs
Recording Programs
One-touch Recording
From Program Information
Manual Recording
Record Two Programs at Once
Two Recordings Are in Progress Overlay
Manage Schedule Conflicts
Search and Record
Actor/Director Search
Keyword Search
Saving Searches
Recording Series
Modify Series
Modify the Series Priority List
Manage Series Priorities
Manage Series Priority List
View Recorded Programs
Recorded Program Information Screens
Future Recordings
View List of Scheduled Recordings
Manage Your Recordings
DVR Setup
DVR Folders
Live Program Notice – Default “On”
DVR Clipping
Manage Series Priorities
DVR Cleanup
DVR History
Modify Recording Options
From Listings
Recording Notices
Recording Starting Notice
Changing Channels While Recording
Recording Low and Full Notices
multiroom DVR
Access Recordings From Your Primary DVR
Access Recordings From Networked Set-Top Boxes
frequently asked questions
basic navigation tips
In i-Guide, yellow is the highlight color. To navigate the guide, use the arrows on your
remote control. The highlight appears on-screen to indicate your current selection.
Pressbuttons on your remote to move the highlight.
Press OK/Select to confirm your selection.
Press EXIT on your remote to return to watching TV.
Currently Unavailable
your access to digital cable
Your remote control holds the key to navigating through the features of i-Guide. Words
appearing in ALL CAPS refer to a specific button on the remote. Note that all remotes may
not have all of the buttons.
Listings By Time
To find out what’s on TV right now, press GUIDE on your remote to access Listings By Time.
The listings grid provides a 90-minute view of programming for up to 5 channels per screen.
The current program is highlighted in yellow. Use the andbuttons to navigate the
listings grid. Instant program info appears in the upper left of the screen. Press OK/Select to
tune to a program from the grid. Press INFO for additional information.
Listings By Channel
Press GUIDE two times to view Listings By Channel and use thebuttons to see listings
for the next channel in the line-up. Use buttons to navigate.
to digital
Navigate Program Listings
You can use the  andbuttons on your
remote to quickly navigate the listings screens –
up to 14 days in advance. Press OK/Select to
tune to that channel or INFO for more information.
Listings are color-coded to identify types of programs.
Blue – Regular programs
Purple – Movies
Green – Sports
Light Blue – Kids’ programs
For faster searching
• Use the PAGE buttons to view listings a page at a time
• Press and hold orto rapidly move ahead in time or through the channel lineup
• Press the DAY + - buttons to advance ahead a day at a time
Quick Menu
The Quick Menu* provides shortcuts directly to the
key features of i-Guide and digital cable service.
Press the MENU button one time and the Quick
Menu will appear over any video or guide screen.
Press thebuttons on the remote to continuously
move through the icons.
Guide Symbols to Know – Quick Menu Icons
These icons may appear on your Quick Menu. Use thebuttons on your remote to
highlight and select an icon for immediate access.
to digital
Main Menu – go to the Main Menu
Search – search programming by category
or by Title, Actor/Director or Keyword
DVR – schedule, view and manage recordings
Movies – lists movies by category
On Demand – view On Demand menu
and programs
HDTV – view list of HDTV programs,
by channel or time
Favorites – view your Favorites lists
Sports – lists sports events by category
Kids – lists kids programming by category
Parental Controls – lock shows or channels
based on preferences
Main Menu
The Main Menu* provides access to all of the features
of i-Guide and digital cable. Press the MENU button
twice to view the available options, including:
• TV Listings By Time
• Search
• Favorites
• Parental Controls and more
The Picture in Guide feature allows you
to watch a show while using the guide.**
* Menu selections vary depending on services offered by your cable provider.
** May not be supported by all set-top boxes.
Program Information
Instant Information is available when you highlight a program in the program listings, which
includes program title, start and end time, a brief program description, and indicators to
identify settings such as Reminders and Recordings.
to digital
To access information while viewing listings or watching TV, press the INFO button.
Press INFO a second time to see a longer description and additional details such as
actor, rating, release year, category and run time.
Action Icons
From the program information screen use the Action Icons to set a Reminder or Recording,
or designate a Favorite among other options. Usebuttons to highlight each icon
and see the on-screen description.
Guide Symbols to Know – Action Icons
Go back to the previous screen
Record/Change Recording Options*
Set or cancel a Reminder for
this program
See all the times the program will
be airing
*Menu selections vary depending on services offered by your cable provider.
Watch this channel or program
Save the channel in your Favorites list
Place a lock on the program to
restrict viewing
Order PPV, On Demand and other
pay services
You can set Reminders so you don’t miss
shows you want to watch.
Setting Reminders
From the Program Info screen, highlight the
icon and press OK/Select. Follow the on screen
prompts to confirm the Reminder or Reminder
to digital
Reminder Settings
Customize the frequency and timings for
• Use thebuttons to set repeating
• Determine Start and End time for the
Reminder to appear on-screen – up to
15 minutes prior to the program starting and
up to two hours after the program is over
When you set a Reminder, you have the option
of bypassing Locks* if they are placed on the
program, so you can tune directly to the program
without having to enter your Locks PIN
(see Parental Controls section for more information).
i-Guide provides you many ways to find your favorite
shows. Select from the Quick Menu or Search
from the Main Menu to begin. Quickly search
programs by Title, or search by category like
Movies, Sports or Kids programs or view HD
and PPV channels.
If you have a DVR, you can quickly search by
Keyword or Actor/Director. See Search and
Record in the DVR section for more information.
Title Search
Title Search allows you to find a specific program by
entering the first few letters of the program name.
Select Title from the Search menu and use the
buttons to navigate the keyboard and
spell out the program title. Continue entering letters
until the show you are looking for appears on the right.
If the program is not airing in the next 14 days, it won’t
appear on the list.
Saving Searches
Save your search by selecting Save Search. Saving
searches can be helpful when you want to quickly
find a program. Simply select Saved Searches from
the Search Menu to access your list of saved searches
to restart or delete the search. You can save up to 16
searches at one time.
smart channel surfing
Flip Bar
When you change channels, the Flip Bar appears
and provides a brief two line description about the
program and other information including title, start
and end time, channel, current time, program rating
and settings such as Favorites or Locks.
When you find the program you are interested in,
press INFO for more program details, or press
OK/Select to make the Flip Bar disappear.
The Flip Bar may also show other options:
Watch in HD* – When tuning to a standard
definition channel, this button may appear on
the left side of the Flip Bar to indicate the
channel is also available in High-Definition.
Press OK/Select to tune directly to the
associated HD channel.
Mini Guide (Browse)
The Mini Guide allows you to watch television and view program listings without leaving the
program you are watching or going to the full-screen guide.
To access Mini Guide, press OK/Select. Mini Guide appears on the lower 1/3 of the screen
and displays two or three channels and 90 minutes of listings at a time. Use thearrows
to see listings on other channels and thearrows to see listings at other times. At any
time, press INFO or OK/Select to access program info.
The default setting for
Mini Guide is a 2-channel
display. To change the
display, go to Main Menu,
select Setup, then Guide
Setup and change
“Mini Guide Cell Height.”
* Requires HD service from your cable provider. On Demand not available in all areas.
Digital Music
Digital Music is continuous, commercial-free music in
a variety of formats.
Access Digital Music*
•Select Digital Music from the Main Menu
or Search Menu
• Press the MUSIC button on the remote
(if available)
You can press INFO for more information on each
category. Select a music format and enjoy the music.
Local Weather
Get accurate, up-to-date local weather conditions
and a 3-day forecast.
From the Main Menu, highlight Local Weather and
press OK/Select. Use the down arrow button to
see a detailed local weather forecast.
Note: Weather service not available for all locations.
Messages may be sent occasionally by your cable company to announce new services,
special promotions or other information. If you have a Message, an envelope indicator
will appear in the upper left corner on guide screens and a red light will appear on your
set-top box. From the Main Menu, select Messages, highlight the desired Message
and press OK/Select to read.
*Digital Music may not be available on all menu configurations.
parental controls
i-Guide provides a Parental Controls feature, which allows you to restrict viewing and purchases
of TV programs and services based on your viewing preferences. To activate Parental Controls
set a personalized 4-digit PIN to place Locks by movie ratings, TV and content ratings, channels
or titles. You can also hide adult titles from being displayed on-screen.
Parental Controls Setup
Locks can be set quickly in a variety of ways anytime while watching TV or using the guide:
• Press the Lock button on your remote*
• Select the from the Quick Menu
• Select the from any program info screen to lock a specific program
•Access Parental Controls from the Main Menu or Setup Menu to set up all Locks
Quick Menu
Main Menu
Program Info
With any of these actions, if you have not set up a PIN, you will be prompted to enter
a 4-digit PIN to activate the Locks feature. If you have already set up a PIN, enter
your number. (See Setup Section for more information on how to set up PINs).
PIN Setup
*Not supported on all remotes.
Lock Options
The Parental Controls feature also provides you the
opportunity to lock programs and movies by ratings
and content.
From the Parental Controls Button on the Main
Menu filter your locks by Movie Rating, TV Rating,
TV Content, Channel, Title, or Service.
Under TV Content, you can lock the level of explicit
content based on your viewing preferences for
Violence, Language, Sexual Situations, and
Suggestive Dialogue.
Select Movie Ratings or TV Ratings to block content
by rating. The guide will automatically lock that rating
and the more restrictive ratings. For example, when
you lock PG-13, movies with R, NC-17 and Adult
ratings will also be locked.
NC-17 TV-14
Adult TV-MA
Violence (FV, V) Fantasy Violence
Language (L) Moderate Violence
Infrequent Coarse
Intense Violence
Strong Coarse Graphic Violence Crude Indecent
Sexual Situations (S) Suggestive Dialogue
Some Sexual
Situations Intense Sexual Situations
Explicit Sexual
Some Suggestive
Intensely Suggestive
View Locked Programs
To view programs and channels you have locked,
enter your PIN when prompted. Locks will automatically be
restored when you tune away from the channel or turn
your set-top box off.
Bypass or Clear Locks
Temporarily open or clear all Locks for easier viewing.
Under Setup from the Main Menu, select Parental
Controls Setup, then Master Locks, and change the
options from No to Yes.
Restore Locks
Locks may be restored in any of the following ways:
• While watching TV, press the LOCK button anytime and enter your PIN
•Select Parental Controls Setup from the Setup Menu, then under Master Locks change the options from Yes to No to turn Locks back on
• Turn the set-top box off and back on
The Favorites feature allows you to quickly access channels you and your family have
designated as Favorites.
Favorites Lists Setup
Create and manage up to five (5) Favorites Lists. From the Main Menu, select Setup,
then Favorites Lists Setup. Use your on screen keyboard to name your lists.
Access Favorites Lists
• While watching TV, press the FAV button to skip
to your next Favorite channel on the current list
•From TV Listings or Mini Guide, press the FAV
button to bring up a filtered guide of the channels
in your last accessed list. Press FAV button
again to scroll through all of your Favorites Lists –
the guide will have a tab with each list’s name
• From the Quick Menu select the to bring up
your Favorites Lists. If you have not yet set up
any Favorites, simply follow the on-screen
prompts to begin a new list
Add or Delete Channels to Favorites Lists
• From the Quick Menu – select the Icon
• Select the Favorites List you want to edit
• Select the Icon to add or remove favorite channels
• You can also rename, delete, or Lock your Favorites list
• Highlight a channel in the listings and press OK/Select or FAV to add to your favorites –
a Icon will appear; Or, to remove the channel, press OK/Select or FAV and they will
be removed
• Press the Icon to confirm your Favorites channel settings
From the Setup Menu, you can activate and customize certain i-Guide features such as
the Flip Bar, Parental Control options, Cable Box settings, Audio settings, Languages
and more.
Guide Setup
Flip Bar Position – Flip Bar can appear on top
or bottom of screen – default is bottom
Flip Bar Timeout – Flip Bar will stay on your
screen, from 2 to 15 seconds – default is 3 seconds
Channel Entry:
—Yes – automatically tunes to a channel after
2 seconds when entering channel number
from your remote – default is Yes
—No – you must enter 3 digits or press OK/Select
when entering channel number from your remote
Reminder Time – Adjust the amount of time
the Reminder Notice will appear before the start
of a program, from 1–15 minutes – default is
one minute
Grid Cell Height – Adjust the listings grid for
single- or double-height grid display
Mini Guide Cell Height – Adjust the listings
display for single (3 channels) or double
(2 channels)
Message Indicator – Select On to make the
message envelope appear when a new message
is received
Cable Box Setup
Front LED Display
Current Channel – displays the currently tuned
channel on the front of the cable box
Current Time – displays the current time on the
front of the cable box
AC Outlet
Switched – Determines that power is available
only when the cable box is on
Unswitched – Allows the power to remain constant
to the outlet on the back of the cable box
Configuration – Highlight and press OK/Select
to show the configuration screen, which includes
information your cable company may need in the
event of a problem with your service.
Audio Setup
Default Audio Track
Secondary digital audio can be changed on certain
networks and programs. Note that the default audio
track will be set to “Channel Default,” or primary
audio, which in most cases is English. You can
change the default language to English, Spanish,
French, or Portuguese.
Descriptive Video Services (DVS)*
Descriptive Video Service (DVS) is an alternative
audio channel which makes television more
accessible to the visually impaired by providing
narrated descriptions of key visual elements within a
program, such as actions, subtitles, scene changes,
graphics, and body language. Default setting is Off.
Audio Output – Choose if the audio output goes to
your TV or to your stereo.
TV Speaker – default setting
•Select Advanced to change the settings for
Compression and Stereo Output
Optimal Stereo
No – Volume is unchanged from the current setting
Yes – Volume is automatically adjusted to the optimal level
Text Language Setup
Access the Text Language Setup from the Setup
Menu to independently select language setting for the
menu text. The default setting is English in most cases.
Change the default language to English, Spanish,
Canadian English or Canadian French.
From the Setup Menu, select Text Language Setup.
Choose the preferred language for the on-screen menus
within i-Guide. Select Yes to confirm.
Note: Changing the language can take several minutes.
During this time, listings are not accessible.
*For Canadian cable providers only.
Screen Saver
A Screen Saver can be activated on your TV screen. Once the Screen Saver is set to On it will
automatically engage if a guide screen is displayed for longer than the set activation time. The
default is set to On.
• From the Setup Menu select Screen Saver to change the settings
• The activation time is between 1-15 minutes
Parental Controls and Purchase PINs Setup
Your Parental Controls PIN allows you to restrict
viewing of programs. Your Purchase PIN is used to
restrict pay programming purchases. Once you have
setup your PINs, you can return to Parental Controls
Setup to set up your program Locks as reviewed in the
Parental Controls section.
Use thebuttons to make your selections,
and then press OK/Select to confirm each setting.
Guide Colors (if available)
Select to change the color scheme of i-Guide.
Screen Position Setup
To alter your screen position:
• From the Setup Menu, select Screen Position Setup to adjust the screen position
• Use thebuttons on your remote until the display arrows are centered on the screen
DVR Setup
Select DVR Setup to manage:
• DVR Folders
• Live Program Extension
• DVR Clippings
The default setting is On for these options. See the
DVR section for complete information about these
If you have a high-definition television (HDTV) and subscribe to HD service through your cable
provider, then you have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite shows, sports, and events in a
wide-screen, high-resolution format.
To quickly access HD programming:
•From Quick Menu select to view shows by Time or Channel or to view a list of all
HD channels
• Select HDTV from the Main Menu
• From the Flip Bar, when tuned to a Standard Definition channel and there is
an HD channel equivalent, a “Watch in HD” button will appear on the Flip Bar.
Simply press OK/Select to tune directly to the associated HD channel
If you don’t subscribe to HD service and you tune to an HD channel, you will be notified that the
channel is not available. Contact your cable provider for information on HD service.*
*You must have HD equipment to view HD programming.
digital video recorder (dvr)
Pause live television! Rewind and replay programs so you don’t miss a beat.
Imagine…coming home to your own personal library of television programs, movies and
sports that you can watch whenever it’s convenient for you. It’s TV on your schedule.
Record up to 90 hours of your favorite programs and view them as many times as you want,
whenever you want.
Control Live TV
With a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) from your cable provider, you have the opportunity to
control live TV. When you tune to a channel, the DVR automatically begins making a temporary
recording of the program. Once the temporary recording begins, you can Pause, Rewind and
Fast Forward through the recording. Your DVR will record up to two hours of Live TV.*
The live TV recording is not permanent, unless you save it to the DVR’s hard drive.
For live TV recordings, the temporary recording will be erased if you:
• Turn off the DVR
Change channels
• Watch more than 2 hours of the same channel – after 2 hours the DVR will buffer only the
most recent 2 hours
Playback Controls
You can play back your video recordings using the Video Control Buttons.
Play / Pause
Remote Control Arrow Buttons
Thebuttons on your remote control
will control playback when you are watching
a recording in progress or while watching a
recorded program.
Fast Forward
Slow Forward
From Pause
Slow Rewind
From Pause
Go to Live TV
Status Bar
The Status Bar appears whenever you Pause, Rewind or Fast Forward a live program.
The Status Bar shows title, channel and duration of time. Green indicates the length of program
in the buffer. Red indicates you are watching a DVR recording in progress. White indicates the
length of multiple programs that have been recorded in the buffer.**
* Recording capacity varies.
** Recording buffer (temporary storage) for each tuner will record as long as you stay tuned to the same channel.
You can Pause live TV anytime by pressing
on your
remote. For programs you’re watching live, your DVR
will remain in pause for up to 90 minutes.* Pressing
more than once allows frame by frame
to resume the program.
viewing. Press Play
Press Rewind to rewind. Press it up to 4 times
to increase Rewind speed. On the 5th press, the
program resumes normal play.
Fast Forward
For live TV, Fast Forward can be activated if you
have pressed Pause or Rewind. Press the to
move forward. Press it up to 4 times to increase
FF speed. On the 5th press, the program resumes
normal play. You can only Fast Forward up to the
point of live broadcast.
Slow Motion
Use Slow Motion to access “slow-forward” and
“slow-rewind” – perfect when watching sporting events.
To activate, press Pause , then Fast Forward
or Pause
then Rewind . Press Play
to resume regular program speed.
*Pause capacity depends on video format; less than two hours for HD programming.
Instant Replay
With Instant Replay,* you can replay the last
15 seconds of a program. Press Replay or Page
on the remote. Press repeatedly to continue skipping
back in 15-second increments.
Return to Live TV
When you pause or rewind a live program, the program
continues to broadcast in real time. To return to live
or on your remote.
show, press the Live* button
SWAP Between Two Programs
If your DVR has two tuners, it can buffer (temporarily record) two programs at the same time –
one on each tuner. The SWAP feature allows you toggle back and forth between two live shows
while giving you control of both. If you change channels any other way than using the SWAP
button, you will lose the buffer recording.
1. While tuned to a program, press SWAP on your remote to change tuners
2. Select a second program by changing channels or using the guide
3.Press SWAP again to toggle between the two programs
4. When recording two programs at the same time, on-screen prompts will ask if you wish
to swap tuners. Select your desired recording preference
Recording Programs
i-Guide makes it easy to schedule recordings on
your DVR and build your own personal library.
You can record programs in several ways:
• One-touch right from the on your remote
• From any Program Info screen
• Set a manual recording
One-touch Recording
Press the RECORD on your remote any time
while you’re watching a program to begin recording.
From the Listings grid, just highlight the show you
want to record and press the record button on your
*Not all remotes have Replay and Live buttons.
From Program Information
From any Program Information screen, highlight
the button and press OK/Select to schedule
a recording. Follow the on-screen prompts for
additional recording options.
Manual Recording
You can set a Manual Recording for specific time
or channel:
Select DVR from the Quick Menu or Main
Menu, or My DVR button on your remote
Select Set a Recording
Select start and end times and day, then
press Confirm
Select channel to record from channel list
Select Record to confirm settings or select
Recording Options for additional options
Record Two Programs at Once
A Dual Tuner DVR allows you to set recordings for two
different programs that air at the same time. While
recording two programs, you can watch and control
either program up to the point of live TV by using the
SWAP button on your remote.
While Watching a Show Currently Airing
•Press RECORD to record the program you
are watching
•Press SWAP to switch to the other tuner
and find the second program you want
to record
• Press RECORD when you locate the second
program you want to record
From the Guide
•Highlight a program you want to record from
any listings screen
•Press RECORD to set up the first recording
•Highlight the second program
•Press RECORD to set up the second recording
Two Recordings Are in Progress Overlay
When two programs are recording simultaneously
and you change channels, an overlay will appear.
Follow the on screen prompts:
Swap to view your other recording
Continue recording, don’t change channel
Stop recording change channel (this appears
when 2 recordings in progress and want to tune
to another channel)
Manage Schedule Conflicts
If you schedule more than two recordings for the
same time, you will see a Scheduling Conflict
screen that allows you to choose between a
previously set recording and the new recording that is
conflicting. Individual recordings always take priority
over series recordings when there are scheduling
conflicts. In case of a scheduling conflict between
two series programs, additional icons will appear at
the bottom of the Scheduling Conflict screen to help
you determine which program to record.
Search and Record
Expanded search and record capabilities make it easy to find your favorite shows, celebrities
or even subject on TV and schedule auto-recordings based on your search criteria.
Actor/Director Search
Actor/Director Search allows you to find your favorite celebrities appearing on TV.
Select Actor/Director from the Search Menu and use thebuttons to navigate the
keyboard to spell out the celebrity name – up to 25 characters. The list of available actors
will begin to populate as soon you begin to enter letters, and the list will narrow as additional
characters are entered.
Once you see the celebrity you want, arrow right and press OK/Select to view programs
that meet your search criteria. The list can be sorted by date or alphabetically by selecting the
Sort Results button on the left side of the screen. If you don’t see your celebrity on the list, that
means that there are no upcoming programming available. Save this search for quick access later.
Keyword Search
Select Keyword from the Search Menu and use
thebuttons to navigate the keyboard to spell
out your keyword. Select Search Now to begin the
search and the list of matching results will appear.
The Keyword Search is based on any word in the
program title or description. The list can be sorted
by date or alphabetically by selecting Sort Results.
Save the search criteria or set up an auto-recording.
Saving Searches
Save your search by selecting Save Search on
any results screen. Saving searches can be helpful
when you want to quickly find a program, subject
or celebrity. Simply select Saved Searches from the
Search Menu to access your list of saved searches
to restart or delete the search. You can save up to
16 searches at one time.
From any Search Results screen you can:
• Sort Results – sort results by title or date
• Save Search – save your search for future reference
(save up to 16 searches)
•Auto-Record – set a DVR auto-recording of your
search results
Recording Series
Your DVR allows you to record multiple episodes of
a program (series) according to your preferences.
To set up a Series Recording, begin by selecting
the program from the Listings grid or from a Search
results list:
• Select Record from the Program Info screen
• Select Set Up a Series Recording
• Select the type of episode to record, such as
First run only episodes
• Specify how many recordings to save
• Specify how long to save the recording
• To access advanced series set up features,
like add minutes to the start and end times and
specify which channels to record, select the
Recording Options to review all options
Your Series Recordings will appear in the
My Recordings list with the show title as its label.
Multiple recordings of the same show will have the
same label and will be listed beginning with the
most recent recordings first as default. To change
your view use thebuttons on your remote to
View By Date, View By Channel, or View By Title.
You may also modify the priority assigned to a
series using the Series Priority List.
Modify Series
From the DVR Menu select Series Recordings for
a list of scheduled Series or keyword Series. From
here you can change the priority of your series, or
modify Series recording. To modify:
Use thearrows to highlight the series,
press OK/Select to view a summary of
recording settings for that series including the
number of episodes scheduled to record in
the next 14 days
Highlight the
to modify settings. Select the
again to view and modify all settings
Highlight the
to confirm
Modify the Series Priority List
If there are scheduling conflicts in your series
recordings, your DVR automatically creates a
Series Priority List. The first series you set to
record has the highest priority and will be the
one recorded if there is a conflict. You can easily
change the recording priority of the
series so that the series of your choice are
recorded when a conflict exists.
Select DVR from the Quick Menu or Main Menu
Choose Series Recordings
Highlight a program and use the Page Arrows
to modify priority
Note: If you want to record two series recordings instead of an individual recording that
airs at the same time, you must delete the individual recording from the Scheduled
Recordings List (See View List of Scheduled Recordings section to cancel a recording).
Manage Series Priorities
• To give your new recording the highest scheduling
priority and to capture the most number of
episodes for your new recording, select High.
The screen will show you how many episodes
of the new series will be recorded and which
episodes of the old series will not be recorded
because of the conflict
• To move the new series back to the bottom of
the scheduling priority list, select Low and the
screen will refresh and give you revised results
• Select the Record Icon to confirm your
new settings
Guide Symbols to Know – Manage Series Priority List
Return to previous screen
Show conflicts when the new series is a
low priority
Record new program or series as shown
Don’t record new program or series
Show conflicts when the new series is a
high priority
View Recorded Programs
From the DVR menu, select My Recordings to view
your programs:
Press My DVR on the remote (if available)
Select from the Quick Menu
Select DVR from the Main Menu
Use thearrows on your remote to sort
recordings by Title, Date or Channel. Use
thearrows to scroll through the list and press
OK/Select or INFO for program description and use
the action icons to begin playback.
You can control playback of a recording by using the
video control buttons or arrow buttons on your remote
to fast-forward, rewind and pause your program.
Guide Symbols to Know – Recorded Program Information Screens
Go back to the previous screen
Delete the program from My Recordings
Play the recording
Change the Delete Priority
Start the recording from the beginning
Place a Lock on the program to
restrict viewing
Future Recordings
View List of Scheduled Recordings
From the Main Menu or Quick Menu,
Select DVR*
Select Future Recordings
See a list by day of all the programs you have
scheduled to record; usearrows to advance
by day
• Select a title to cancel the Scheduled Recording
or modify Recording Options
• To give your new recording the highest scheduling
priority and to capture the most number of
episodes for your new recording, select High.
The screen will show you how many episodes
Manage Your Recordings
A recorded program remains in your My Recordings list until you decide to delete it or
have set it to delete when space is needed. Your DVR will record and store up to 90 hours
of standard definition programming and up to 20 hours of High Definition programming.**
There are several options you can choose to make the most efficient use of your storage space:
i-Guide gives you easy ways to manage your recordings.
DVR Setup
From the Quick Menu or Main Menu, select DVR
to access DVR Setup to manage:
• DVR Folders
• Live Program Notice
• DVR Clipping
The default setting is On for these options.
You can also access DVR setup from the Setup Menu.
* Menu label may vary.
** Recording HD programming requires a DVR connection to an HD television.
DVR Folders
DVR Folders help you keep recorded series organized
and help you scroll through your recordings quickly.
DVR Folders automatically group like titles into
folders. Highlight the DVR Folders to open and
scroll down to select a specific episode to watch.
Press LAST to return to your recordings list.
Live Program Notice – Default “On”
The notice overlay will appear when a DVR recording
is scheduled for a live program, such as sports
or awards shows. You can choose to extend the
recording time of live programs in the event the
program runs longer than scheduled.
DVR Clipping
i-Guide provides a feature to accommodate recording
two overlapping programs. With DVR Clipping,
i-Guide will automatically clip the beginning of a
program if there is a recording overlap when both
tuners are in use. For example, while watching live
TV, a scheduled recorded program ends at 9:05,
but your second recorded program is scheduled to
begin at 9:00; the second program will be “clipped”
so that your first program is recorded in full. Clipping
happens when both tuners are in use during the
recording time. If this occurs, a “clipped” notice
will appear next to those programs in the
My Recordings listings.
Manage Series Priorities
From the DVR Menu select Series Recordings to
view a list of Series and Keyword Series. Use the
up/down arrowson your remote to highlight
a series. If you want to change priority of a series,
use the page up/down keys on your remote to move
the series up or down your list. Select Confirm to
confirm and accept your changes. The first series
set to record has the highest priority and will be the
one recorded if there is a conflict.
DVR Cleanup
From the Main Menu, select DVR Menu to access
DVR Cleanup.
DVR Cleanup allows you to delete multiple
recordings with a simple check box. When you
select DVR Cleanup, a DVR Cleanup screen
appears, with a list of all of your recordings. To
check what recordings to delete, simply highlight the
corresponding box(es), then arrow left to highlight
the Delete button and press OK/Select, and confirm
your deletion.
DVR History
DVR History provides you with a list of recent DVR deletions or missed recordings. If a
program did not record, DVR History will provide a reason why the program didn’t record
or when a program was deleted.
Modify Recording Options
i-Guide gives you flexibility to manage your personal
video library. You can modify your Recording
Options at any time, as often as you like.
From the Quick Menu or Main Menu (or from
MY DVR on the remote), select DVR, then select
Future Recordings to see a list. Highlight a
program title and press OK/Select or INFO.
You can also select Series Recordings to see a list
of just scheduled series.
Select from the Program Information Screen.
Select to change the Recording Options or select
to delete this program from your list of Future
Use the buttons on your remote to change
the Recording Options:
Change the frequency of the recording, such as
every day or once a week
Specify how many recordings to save
Set a Save Until parameter, either until you delete
or delete automatically when space is needed
Change the start and end times in order to catch
every minute of a program, even if it runs over
From Listings
Select your Scheduled Recording in the listings; it will
be indicated by the red dot in the Instant Info.
Press OK/Select or INFO and select to change your
options or delete the Scheduled Recording.
From here, select to cancel the recording, or select
to see all the Recording Options.
Recording Notices
Recording Starting Notice
If you are currently watching TV, before a Scheduled
Recording begins, a notice will appear giving you the
opportunity to confirm or cancel the recording. If you
don’t do anything, the DVR will automatically tune to
the channel and begin recording. Live TV programming
that was temporarily recorded in the buffer will be
Changing Channels While Recording
If two recordings are in progress* (dual-tuner DVRs
only), and you attempt to change channels, a notice
will appear. (Two Recordings in Progress screen)
Select the to view the other recording
Select the to continue recording as scheduled
Select to cancel the current recording and
change the channel
Recording Low and Full Notices
i-Guide will advise you with an on-screen notice
when available memory on the DVR is low or full.
If recording space becomes full during a recording,
the recording will stop. When you schedule a
recording and recording space is low, a notice
will prompt you to review your DVR Recordings to
delete recordings.
multiroom DVR
Enjoy DVR Recordings Throughout the Home
Multiroom DVR for i-Guide brings your digital cable experience to the next level:
• Access DVR recordings throughout your home – from the living room, to the kitchen, to
the bedroom, on any set-top box connected on the home network.
• Watch different recordings, including HD, in multiple rooms.
• Stop a recording in one room and resume play in another.
Multiroom DVR Uses a Home Network of Set-top Boxes
Networked set-top boxes connect to
your primary DVR enabling you to enjoy
DVR recordings throughout the home.
Play, fast-forward, rewind, pause and
skip ahead or back when watching a
recorded program.
Networked Set-Top Boxes
Multiroom DVR requires
Motorola DCX MoCA-enabled
set-top boxes.
Your primary DVR retains full
functionality to schedule or delete
recordings, change recording
options, play, pause, fast-forward,
rewind, skip ahead or back and
pause live TV.
Now, your whole family can enjoy DVR recordings – even in HD – from any connected
TV on the home network.
Access recordings from your primary DVR
Enjoy all the benefits of DVR! The primary DVR on your
home network has full DVR functionality to play, schedule
and delete recordings and pause live TV. Your primary
DVR can record two programs simultaneously – even HD
shows – while up to three secondary set-top boxes on
the network playback recordings. From the
My Recordings list, an “eye” icon appears in the instant
info area if a recording is being viewed in another room of
the home. Recordings cannot be deleted until playback
has ended.
Access recordings from networked set-top boxes
To enjoy recordings stored on your primary DVR from set-top boxes in the home, select
DVR from the Quick Menu (press MENU once to access Quick Menu), or select My
Recordings from the Main Menu (press MENU twice to access Main Menu). Quick Menu with DVR on networked set-top boxes
The DVR button provides access to My Recordings
Main Menu with My Recordings on networked set-top boxes
My Recordings goes to list of DVR recordings
Sit back and enjoy the show from networked set-top boxes
From the My Recordings list, choose a program and press OK for program information.
Follow the on-screen prompts to play or resume – or even restart a program from the
beginning. Pause, fast-forward, rewind and instant replay to control your recorded show.
Parental Controls settings are unique to each set-top box on the network. Remember, you
can only control live TV on the primary DVR.
My Recordings on networked set-top boxes
Sort by Date, Title or Channel
Program Info on networked set-top boxes
Select Play or Resume, Restart or set Parental Controls
frequently asked questions
Interactive Program Guide
1. Q. What are the icons (little pictures) at the bottom of the screen?
A. Quick Menu Icons are available to help you find what you’re looking for faster.
The Quick Menu lets you quickly go to other areas of the guide, such as Movies or
Favorites Menus. Once you have selected a program title by highlighting it and pressing
OK/SELECT or INFO, you can use the Action Icons on the information screens to set
Reminders and Parental Controls, schedule Recordings, BUY programs and more.
2. Q. How do I tell what the icons mean?
A. You will find descriptive text beneath the row of icons when you have an icon highlighted.
This information changes as you move the yellow highlight using the arrow buttons on your
remote. On Program Information screens, the Action Icons are specific to the program.
3. Q. I can’t see the entire program title in the listings.
A. Some program titles are too long to fit in the space provided in the grid. You might see
“…” to indicate there is more to the title. (For example: “Third Rock from the Sun” might
look like “Third Rock…”). Highlight the program and check the Instant Information area
at the top of the screen for program title and other valuable information, including rating,
actors, start/end times, etc.
4. Q. What is the graphic bar that appears when I change channels?
A. The Flip Bar appears for a few seconds as you’re changing channels to provide
important information about programs. You will find the name of the current program, start
and end times, channel number, rating and current time.
5. Q. How do I get information on programs?
A. i-Guide provides detailed information on programs, including movies and sporting events.
While in a listings screen, you can access information by pressing the INFO button on your remote.
While you are tuned to a program, press INFO once for Instant Information or twice for complete
information. Information includes program details like actors, ratings and a brief program synopsis.
You can also set Reminders, place Parental Controls, order On Demand movies and events and
see other times a program is airing. To remove the information screen and return to watching
television, press the EXIT button on the remote.
6. Q. What is the red light on the upper left front of my box and/or what is the
envelope on the screen?
A. Occasionally your cable provider may send message to let you know of new services
and special promotions. To read the message, go to the Main Menu and select Messages.
You can keep or delete the Message once you have opened it.
7. Q. How do I set my digital audio language?
A. Not only can you choose the language that displays on the screen buttons and
descriptions, but you can also change the secondary digital audio that is available with
certain networks and programs. Choose Audio Setup from the Setup Menu and change
the default setting. Choose from English, Spanish, Portuguese or French. This feature
is only supported on certain digital channels that provide secondary audio. If the chosen
audio language is not available, the default audio language will be heard.
8. Q. What if I forget my Parental Controls/Purchase PINs?
A. You must call your local cable company to have these PINs reset. All of the PINs will
be cleared. Once reset, you will need to enter new PINs.
DVR Overview
10. Q. I currently record programs on my VCR or DVD recorder. How is a DVR
A. Your DVR Cable Box takes recording technology to a new level, capturing picture
and sound digitally (for a superior result to tape-based recording) and allowing greater
viewing flexibility. You can also press Instant Replay to review the last 15 seconds or
rewind to see a scene again. Yet you won’t miss moment of the program, because the
DVR keeps recording the current broadcast while you pause, rewind or replay scenes.
11. Q. How do I return to live TV when I’m watching recorded programming?
A. Simply press the LIVE or button on your remote.
13. Q. How does the Parental Controls feature work?
A. Parental Controls allow you to block programs from being viewed. Locks are based on a program’s title, rating, TV content rating and channel. See the Parental Controls
section in this manual.
14. Q. How can I find programs I want to record?
A. Using i-Guide, you can search many ways: through the Main Menu, Quick Menu, Search Menu, by programming category, through the By Time or Channel Listings grid or through the Search Menu to alphabetically search by Title. When you find something that sounds interesting, simply press Record. The DVR will automatically record that program for you.
15. Q. What kind of programs can I record?
A. You can record both standard and High Definition programs which are automatically interpreted by the DVR. Recording HD programs will take more storage space on your DVR. However, you must have HD equipment.
16. Q. I have a home theater system. Can I record a program in Dolby
DigitalTM 5.1 on my DVR?
A. As long as the program is being broadcast in Dolby Digital audio, the DVR will record the digital audio. A Dolby Digital indicator will appear on the Flip Bar and Program Information screen for programs that provide it.
17. Q.What is the picture quality of recorded programs?
A. The DVR records programs in the same quality in which they are broadcast. For example, programs broadcast in HDTV format are recorded in HDTV quality (if your DVR is connected to a HDTV). Broadcast quality may vary.
18. Q. Can I record Digital Music channels?
A. Yes. You can record and playback Digital Music. However, the playback controls (Pause, FF and REW) are not functional for recorded digital music.
19. Q. How much High Definition programming can I save versus standard
definition programming?
A. You can record up to 90 hours of standard digital TV or up to 20 hours of HDTV (depending on the transmission bit rate). Recording times may vary.
20. Q. Can I increase the rewind and fast forward speed?
A. Yes. Your DVR will control rewind and fast forward at four speeds each. Just press the REW or FF buttons up to four times. The on-screen indicator will tell you at what speed you are controlling playback.
21. Q. Can I set the DVR to skip commercials as it is recording?
A. No. You can only fast forward through commercials if you’re watching a recorded program.
22. Q. Do Parental Controls work with DVR?
A. Yes. Parental Controls restrict viewing of recorded programs. If you schedule a
recording for a program you have Locked, the program will be recorded; however, audio is muted and no video will appear while the program is recording. A restricted notice remains on screen allowing you to enter your PIN to view the program during the
recording. Once the program has been recorded, you can saccess it from My Recordings.
Just enter your PIN to view.
Note: You can also set Parental Controls on recorded programs. Use the LOCK button
on your remote or Lock Icon from My Recordings or from Recorded Program
Information screen.
23. Q. How many hours of programming can I store on my DVR? What is the
hard drive capacity?
A. The recording capacity depends on the video format that is being recorded. Your Dual Tuner DVR can record up to 90 hours of standard definition programming or up to
20 hours of high-definition programming. The hard drive capacity on many DVRs is120GB.
See “Manage Your Personal Video Library” section in this manual for more information.
24. Q. Do I have to connect my DVR to a telephone or other data source?
A. The DVR gets all the information it needs from your cable signal, so that’s the only connection required. In some cable systems, a phone connection may be necessary. Check with your local cable company to confirm.
25. Q. Can I adjust the quality of the video recording to conserve hard disk
A. No. The DVR records at a pre-set level to ensure consistent results.
26. Q. Can my cable operator or another company track what I record with my
A. No. What you choose to record with the DVR is confidential.
Controlling Live TV
27. Q .How long can I pause live TV?
A. You can pause up to 90 minutes of standard programming; less with HD
28. Q. How far back can I rewind live TV?
A. You can rewind up to two hours of standard TV programming as long as you were
tuned to the same channel.
29. Q. How do I use Instant Replay?
A. If your remote control is equipped with a REPLAY button, press it to instantly replay the last 15 seconds of the program. If there is no REPLAY button, use the PAGE button
on your remote.
30. Q. If I’m watching a program in progress and want to record it, can I record
from the beginning?
A. If you just tuned to the program, the DVR begins recording from the point where
you pressed record on your remote. If you have been watching the program from the
beginning and have not changed channels (without using SWAP), the DVR will save all
the temporary recording (buffer) to the Hard Drive and you will capture the entire
31. Q. How can I catch up to the live broadcast of a program after I’ve paused
A. Press the LIVE button (if available) or the down arrow on the remote. Or, you can fast forward to the point of live TV. The on-screen indicator will display “LIVE”.
Managing Your Recordings
32. Q. How long can I keep My Recordings?
A. You can keep themes long as you want. Just remember, the recording space is limited, so you may need to delete some recorded programs from time to time in order to make room for new ones.
33. Q. How will I know when I’m almost out of recording space?
A. An on-screen notice will appear advising you when recording space is low (80% full
or full.
Note: If you are recording a program and run out of recording space, the recording will stop. You can always see how much recording space is available from My Recordings. You can also manually delete recordings or set your DVR to automatically delete recorded programs when space is needed. See: “Manage Your Personal Video Library” section in this manual.
34. Q. Does the DVR automatically delete programs when the record space is full?
A. Only if you set it up that way. The DVR will automatically delete programs if you tell it to do so by setting the programs to be deleted when space is needed. When the record space is full, the oldest recordings that you have set to be deleted will be deleted first. If you do not want the DVR to automatically delete certain recordings,
you can set them so that they are only deleted by you.
35. Q. How many recordings can I schedule for the future?
A. There is no limit to the number of recordings you can schedule as long as you do not schedule more than two programs to record at the same time and you have
available recording space.
36. Q. What if the program I want to record runs over its scheduled air time,
such as when a football game goes into overtime? How can I make sure I
record everything?
A. For live programs, you will be provided with the opportunity to extend the recording.
Follow the on-screen prompts to extend the program end time for your recording.
37. Q. Can I watch a show I am recording before the recording is completed?
A. Yes. You can either watch it live as it’s being recorded or you can rewind the program you are currently recording and watch it from the beginning while the recording
38. Q. Can I make a VHS tape or DVD of a recorded program?
A. You can copy a recorded program to a VHS or DVD tape by playing a recording from the DVR in real time while simultaneously recording on your VCR or DVD.
39. Q. Can I set up my DVR to record every episode of a specific program title?
A. Yes! Your DVR lets you record multiple episodes of a program according to your preference by setting up a Series Recording. Select the episode type to record, such as first-run only or all episodes. Specify how many recordings to save and how long to save the recording - until you erase it or until space is needed. To access advanced series setup features like add minutes to the start and end times and specify which channels to record, select the Recording Options Icon to review all options.
Tip: Use Title Search to find all air times for a particular title. You can then set up
individual recordings for any or all episodes, no matter what time they’re on.
40. Q. Can I “bookmark”a program I have recorded?
A. Yes. When you stop playback of a recorded program, it will stop where you left it.
To continue watching the program, select Resume or Restart from the Action Icons.
41. Q. On occasion, a recording starts a minute or two after the program has begun.
A. The DVR timer is synchronized with the program guide time. If a broadcaster starts the program a minute earlier than the first minute. You can program your DVR to start early or end late by adjusting your Recording Options.
42. Q. Only part of my program recorded. Why?
A. If the beginning of the program did not record, you might have tuned to the program after it started and then set it to record. If the end of the program did not record, the DVR may have reached its storage capacity before it was able to record the entire program.
DVR – Dual Tuner Recording Features
43. Q. How many tuners does my DVR have?
A. Most DVRs have two tuners. This feature allows you to record two channels at the same time, record one channel while watching another or record two programs and watch a 3rd program from your DVR recordings library.
Note: some DVRs are equipped with only a single tuner. See the Single Tuner FAQ
section for more information.
44. Q. What is DVR Clipping?
A. If there is a recording overlap when both tuners are in use, i-Guide will clip the beginning of the program. See the DVR section in this manual for a review of DVR
45. Q. Can I record or watch two programs at the same time?
A. Yes, you can use the SWAP button on your remote to change from one tuner to the other.
46. Q. Can the DVR play back a High Definition recording while another HD
program is being recorded?
A. Yes. In fact, you can record two programs at once while watching a previously recorded program from the hard drive for both HD and regular programming.
47. Q. Are there separate buttons for each tuner? How do you make the Dual
Tuner DVR record two programs at once?
A. i-Guide can record two different programs listed with overlapping times by pressing the Record button, by manually scheduling the recordings, or by setting future recordings from Program Information screen.
DVR – Single Tuner Recording Features
Refer to this section regarding recording
48. Q. Can I watch another program while I’m recording?
A. You can watch a previously recorded program while you are recording a live program by accessing the DVR menu. However, if you change channels you will see a screen asking you to confirm you want to change the channel and stop the recording.
49. Q. Can I schedule a recording for two shows airing at the same time?
A. Currently, your DVR can only record one program at a time. If you try to schedule a recording at the same time you have scheduled another, you will see a Scheduling
Conflict message that gives you the opportunity to change your Recording Options.
50. Q. Why doesn’t the set-top box respond when I press the keys on my
A. If power is on, make sure your remote is in the Cable mode. Press the CABLE button on the remote.
51. Q. If the power goes out, do I need to reset my Parental Controls and
Purchase PINs, Favorites and Reminders?
A. No. These features will not be lost if the terminal loses its power. However, the guide information will need to reload into the box.
52. Q. Nothing happens when the MENU button is pushed, but I can change
the channel up and down.
A. If the terminal was just installed, it takes approximately 5-15 minutes for i-Guide to be downloaded to the set-top. If after 5-15 minutes nothing happens, unplug the terminal, plug it back in and wait another 5-15 minutes. If the guide still does not
appear, contact your cable company.
53. Q. I can’t see the edges of the i-Guide screens.
A. Select the Adjust Screen Position option from the Setup screen. Press the buttons until the arrows on the screen are centered. If image is centered and still cut off, check your TV’s user manual.
54. Q. The guide has locked up. Neither the buttons on the remote, nor the
buttons on the terminal itself work.
A. Try unplugging the terminal and then plugging it back in. This will reset the terminal and allow for data to be downloaded. It will take some time for the information to appear.
If there is still a problem after the information has appeared, call your cable company.
55. Q. I have no video, a snowy picture or I cannot tune to any of the digital
A. Make sure that all of the cable connections are secure and that the TV is tuned to the correct channel (3 or 4). Also, make sure you are actually controlling the cable terminal (press the CABLE button on the remote).
56. Q. Why won’t my remote control respond when I press a button?
A. Go through this quick checklist to determine the problem:
1.Press the CABLE button on the remote to make sure it is in Cable mode. Try using the remote again.
2.If the remote is still not functioning correctly, press the CHANGE button on the front
of the terminal. If the channel changes, there is a problem with the remote control.
The batteries or the remote control itself may need to be replaced.
3.Unplug the terminal and plug it back in.
4.Call your cable company.
57. Q. There are no listings in the guide, or the words “To Be Announced”
appear in the listings screens.
A. This can happen if there has been a power failure or if the terminal was unplugged. Make sure everything is plugged in and running. Wait 5-15 minutes for the channels and program data to load.
58. Q. I have a message on my screen that says, “This feature is currently
being restored.” What does this mean?
A. This screen appears if you try to access a feature that is not available because the terminal has not received all the necessary data. This most commonly happens following a power loss.
59. Q. I have a message on the screen that says, “This channel should be
available shortly.” What does this mean?
A. This screen will appear when you tune to a channel that is currently not available. If the channel is not available after 15-30 minutes, call your cable company.
60. Q. What do I do if I am stuck in a screen or menu I do not understand and
want to get out?
A. You can always press the EXIT button on the remote to immediately return to watching TV. You can also press the LAST button to back up one screen at a time.
61. Q. The displayed information is incorrect.
A. Although i-Guide checks all data thoroughly before it is sent to your home,
programmers do sometimes change their schedules at the last minute without
notification. Please report erroneous data to your cable company.
62. Q. What happens to my DVR recordings if my digital cable box box
temporarily loses power?
A. All recordings that were saved prior to the power loss are preserved, as well as
future recording schedules. You miss only the recordings in progress while the power
was out.
Note: If you experience continued problems with your cable box, remote control or interactive program guide, please contact your local cable company.
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