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Phone: 1-877-4-SPRUCE | International: +951-372-9555
TSO C74b, RTCA DO-138
Temperature Range:
Power Requirements:
Transmitter Power:
Receiver Frequency:
Receiver Sensitvity:
-15 C to +55 C
3.1 lbs
6.25” X 1.63” X 10”
14 volt
200 watts peak minimum
1030 MHz
-74 dBm
About Transponders
Bendix/King transponder is a radio transmitter and receiver which operates on radar frequencies. Receiving ground radar
interrogations at 1030 MHz, it returns a coded response of pulses to ground-based radar on a frequency of 1090 MHz.
As with other Mode A/Mode C transponders, the KT 76A replies with any one of 4,096 codes, which differ in the timing and number of pulses transmitted. By “replying” to ground transmissions, KT 76A enables ATC computers to display aircraft identification, altitude and ground speed on Enroute, Approach or Departure Control radar screens. When the IDENT button is
pressed, your aircraft will be positively identified to the Air Traffic Controller.
Operating the KT 76A
To operate your KT 76A, first be sure that the Function Selector Knob (1) is turned OFF before starting the aircraft’s engine(s).
Then, select the proper reply code by rotating the four Control Knobs (2). The reply code wil be displayed in the Code Windows
After engine start, turn the Function Selector to SBY (Standby), giving the transponder about 45-50 seconds to become operational. Once airborne, turn the Function Selector to ON, which places the KT 76A in normal Mode A operation.
If your aircraft is equipped with an encodign altimeter, turn the Function Selector to the ALT (Altitude) position, for altitude reporting (Mode C) to ATC. Altitude reports are automatically updated in 100-foot increments, from 1,000 feet to 35,000 feet.
Important Codes
Here are some of the more important ATC reporting codes you should know:
Code 7700: Reserved for emergencies. Use it to gain immediate attention and help from Air Traffic Control monitoring
your location.
Code 7600: Signifies communications failure. Use it to tell the controller that your COMM radio is not working. If you
can still receive transmissions, respond to ATC with your transponder, following ATC instructions.
Code 7500: Used to report a hijacking.
Code 0000: Reserved for military aircraft. Do not use this code!
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