Manuel Utilisateur HM40
- Before using, please read and follow the user warnings.
- In the manual the component’s shape and color
can be different from the actual model.
-The information in the manual can vary depending
on the software version and your mobile carrier.
∙This user manual is copyright protected.
∙This user manual has been created by the bluebird software co. We have done our best not to create typos, editing errors, and leaving
out any information. Please understand if there are any inconveniences.
∙This product’s program is legally protected. Illegal copying, transmitting, or erasing of the program is prohibited
∙This product’s partial functions might have problems from the environment, user program, and other machines.
∙This wireless equipment cannot service related to safety of human lives due to possible signal interference.
PIDION as the future mobile’s leading global brand, expresses with reliability,
representativeness, and image of advanced technology. It is a registered trademark from the
global brand of Bluebird Soft. and is copyright protected.
Class B Device
(Household Information and
Communication Device)
This device has qualified the electromagnetic wave suitable registration and can be used as a
household device at a residential area as well as any other areas.
Notice Before Using the Device -- - - Precautions Before Using the Battery --
Connecting ActiveSync -- - - - - - - - 21
Installing on PC -- - - - - - - - - - - 21
Using ActiveSync - - - - - - - - - - - 23
Connecting ActiveSync - - - - - - - - 26
About the Product -- - - - - - - - - - - 5
Checking components - - - - - - - - - 5
Getting to know your device’s each part -6
Getting to know the buttons - - - - - 7
-- - - - - - - - - - - - 9
-- - - - - - 9
Insert/Remove the USIM card - - - - - 13
Insert/Remove the MicroSD card - - - 14
Charging with Cradle -- - - - - - - - 17
Turning On-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 18
Soft Reset -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 18
Hard Reset - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 19
Using the Stylus Pen- - - - - - - - - - 19
Adjusting the Display - - - - - - - - - 20
Using the Barcode Reader - - - - - -
Using the Barcodes - - - - - - - - - - 27
Scanning with Barcodes -- - - - - - - 27
Checking Barcodes - - - - - - - - - - 28
Learning Basics
Insert/Remove the battery
Getting to know your Home Screen --
Looking at the Home screen -- - - - - 29
up photos as Home Screen Background 29
Adjusting Volume -- - - - - - - - - - 30
Checking Battery Level -- - - - - - - - 30
-- - - - - - - - - - - - - 31
Selecting text input mode -- - - - - - 31
Block recognizer -- - - - - - - - - - - 31
Letter recognizer - - - - - - - - - - - 32
Transcriber -- - - - - - - - - - - - - 32
Inputting Text
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 34
-- - - - - - - - - - - - 34
Receiving a Call-- - - - - - - - - - - - 35
Blocking a Call - - - - - - - - - - - - 35
Hanging Up -- - - - - - - - - - - - - 36
Making a Call
-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 37
Searching -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 37
Adding a Contact - - - - - - - - - - 37
Menu -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 39
Camera -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Taking Photos -- - - - - - - - - - - - 40
Viewing Photos -- - - - - - - - - - - 41
Settings -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Device Specifications -- - - - - - - -
Q & A - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 55
Service Center - - - - - - - - - - - - 56
Warranty Certificate- - - - - - - - - -
Notice Before Using Device
This information is for your own safety. Please observe the following precautions
∙This device is qualified of electromagnetic wave human
safety standards. For your own safety please use the
authenticated devices only from the head company. If
not the case, we cannot guarantee your safety.
∙Do not press the power button or the power adepter/
cord when the device is wet. There is a danger of
electrical shock.
∙Do not remodel, take apart, or repair the device. Please
refer to your customer service center. If not the case,
you will not be able to get your free repair service.
∙Please follow instructions when using the batter.
∙Do not use your device at an explosive danger zone.
HM40 Manual
∙In case your device is wet, do not put your device in
heaters, microwaves, or etc to dry- there is a risk of
explosion or it can be the cause of malfunction. (Please
note there is a label in the device that changes color
when it gets wet. In this case your will not be able to
get your free repair service.)
∙Do not use your device on-board an airplane or in
∙Please backup your device’s inner data and information.
During the repair or upgrade, there is a slight possibility
of your data being erased. (Ring tones, text/voice
message, characters will be reset.)
∙Please refrain from using your device while driving. If
you are in an unavoidable situation, stop your vehicle or
use your hand free kit.
∙Do not use in places of high temperature and
high humidity. The following can be the causes of
malfunction: getting wet from the rain, spilling drinks,
and taking it in with you at the sauna (high temp.) In
these cases, you cannot receive your free repair service.
∙Do not place credit cards, phone cards, bankbook, and
tickets next to the device. The device’s magnetism can
damage the listed item’s information.
∙Do not place your device at a dusty place. Keep your
power cord away from any heating devices. Unplug
the power cord when cleaning. If there are any dusts or
residue clean the power cords pins thoroughly.
∙When not using a battery for long periods, please
charge it and leave in at room temperature. Even a
charged battery’s voltage will decrease over time.
∙Do not paint your device. It can damage your screen or
your device’s exterior. Also, the paint can peel off and
trigger allergies. If there is a allergic reaction please
seek medical advice.
∙Please avoid impacts or vibrations. When not using the
device unplug the power cord and place it at a safe
place where it will not drop.
Precautions Before Using Battery
These are safety precautions in order to prevent a dangerous accident. Please use the battery correctly and carefully
observe the instructions.
∙If the battery is taken apart by impact, applied
heat, submersion, or hole-drilling, there is a risk of a
dangerous explosion. Please keep away from children
and animals.
∙Leaving the battery in a hot car or enclosed space
where there is direct sunlight, can deform or break
down the battery.
∙Please take precaution in not letting necklaces, coins
and etc touch the battery’s terminal (metal part). Do not
give an impact on the battery by a sharp object or an
animal. There is a risk of explosion.
HM40 Manual
∙Please use only the designated battery for the device.
If the original battery is not used, the device’s life may
decrease and there is a risk of explosion.
(In this case you cannot receive the free repair service)
∙When charging the battery you must use the supplied
standard power adapter. If the original adapter is not
used the battery life may decrease and may explode.
(In this case you cannot receive the free repair service)
About the Product
1. Checking components
The images in this User’s Manual may not reflect the color and shape of the actual product.
(Please contact the Customer Care Center if you wish to purchase any additional or optional products.)
[ Desktop Cradle ]
[ Main set ]
[ Adaptor ]
[ USB cable ]
[Battery Cover]
[ Stylus Pen ]
Getting to know your Device
2. Getting to know your device's each part
Phone Speaker
Scan Button
FN/PTT Button
Battery Cover
Battery Cover On/Off
End Button
Scan Button
Call Button
Volume Down
Power Button
Cradle I/O
HM40 Manual
MicroUSB Port
Barcode Scan
Volume Up
Stylus pen
Barcode Scan Window
About the Product
3. Buttons
Call button
Used to start the phone program. If you press
this button once while using the phone
program, a call is made to the last party in
the call list.
Arrow buttons
Used to move left/right/up/down.
End button
Ends the phone program. You can finish a call
by pressing this button during the call.
You can also exit an application program.
Press and hold (at least 3 sec) this button to
switch off the phone function.
Barcode Scan Button
Scan the barcode.
Fn Button - NUMERIC
This button’s function is used as a
combination. It is used when the blue
printed button is used.
Numeric / Alphabet / symbol button
The default is Numeric. Used to enter
numbers, alphabets or symbol.
It moves one space at a time and
erases the written information.
It is the same is the computer’s back
space button.
If pressed down for more than
3 seconds it will quickly erase
About the Product
SHIFT Button
Used to switch between Lowercase/Uppercase
English alphabet. (The default is Lowercase
English.) If you press this button once and then
an alphabet key, the uppercase of the key is
entered. Then, input mode is switched to the
lowercase. If you press this key twice, the input
mode is remained in the Uppercase like Caps
Lock until you release it. To release the Caps
Lock, you need to press the SHIFT key twice.
Enter Button
You can change the row you are typing in.
It functions the same as the computer
enter button.
HM40 Manual
Power Button
Turns on the device
Flash Button
Press this button to set the Function
If you press and hold this button for
over 2 seconds, the LCD display
light is switched
On/Off. The Display On or Off status
is maintained until you press the
button again
Numeric / Alphabet / symbol button
The default is Numeric. Used
to enter numbers, alphabets or
Learning Basics
1. Insert/Remove the battery
1-1. Insert the battery
1 Push the battery to the direction of the arrow.
2 Push down the battery protect cover to the direction of arrow.
Only use the supplied adapter to charge your battery.
Learning Basics
3 Push the battery cover to the direction of the arrow.
HM40 Manual
4 Lock the battery cover sliding the ‘LOCK’ to the right.
1-2. Removing the battery
1 Unlock the battery cover sliding the ‘LCOK’ to the left.
2 Slide down the battery cover to remove.
Learning Basics
3 Lift up the battery protect cover .
HM40 Manual
4 Lift up the battery from the top of the battery.
2. Insert/Remove the USIM card
2-1. Insert the USIM card
1 Push the USIM card holder to (◀ OPEN), direction then lift
2 Place the USIM card on the holder then push down the
Learning Basics
3. Insert/Remove the MicroSD Card
2-3. Removing the USIM card
3-1. Insert the MicroSD Card
Push the top of the USIM card and slide it out from the holder
1 Open the storage card holder by lifting up the flap.
HM40 Manual
2 Insert the microSD card into the storage card holder with its
gold contacts facing out.
3 Lock the storage card holder by pushing it down into place.
Learning Basics
3-2. Remove the MicroSD card
3-3. Precautions using the MicroSD Card
∙The SD card can break if you frequently slide in/out
or put or excessively put too much force.
∙If the card is removed while being used or being
turned off, the data can be lost or malfunction.
∙Please back up important data. We are not
responsible for the lost data.
With the USIM card and storage card compartment opened, lift the
storage card holder flap to open it.
HM40 Manual
∙If the memory card does not slide out, do not
remove by force. After removing the card at the
repair center, exchange your device or get a refund.
4. Charging with Cradle
As you see in the picture, connect the adapter with
the power cable to charge the PDA.
Power Charging Light
∙When the device’s battery is low, it may
warn you with a ring and a message.
∙The charging time can vary depending on
the environment. A new battery is only
partially charged. Please charge fully before
Learning Basics
5. Turning On
∙The [Power] button in on the front.
∙To turn your device on you must press the shortly.
∙After purchasing your device or hard reseting, the
booting process can take some time. We apologize
for the inconvenience.
6. Soft Reset
To reset, press the [Power] button + [4]
∙Please soft reset if your device freezes or has
an unexpected error.
∙It is very similar to rebooting your computer.
Any information not saved will not be lost.
HM40 Manual
7. Hard Reset
Hold [Power] button + [4] button + [SNED]
8. Using the stylus Pen
The supplied stylus pen is used to run programs or
inputting on the touch screen.
Pressing means to open, run, and cancel
any items.
∙Please use this function when your device
does not react to the soft reset. It will go
back to the factory state.
∙When doing the hard reset, everything will
be erased. Please do it at your own risk.
∙We are not responsible for any information
being erased. Before you hard reset, please
back up your data.
Using the stylus pen you can select multiple
items as much as needed. (it is similar to the
mouse drag on the PC)
Holding Down
If you want to see further details of the
selected item, hold down on the item and
a popup will appear. ( it is similar to the
mouse right click on the PC)
Learning Basics
9. Adjusting the Display
On your LCD screen, it is the
function of setting the input
value of the stylus pen.
Adjusting screen Setting
Start ▶ Settings ▶ System ▶
display ▶ Screen adjustment
Press the center target accurately
followed by left top → left
bottom → right bottom → right
HM40 Manual
Connecting ActiveSync
1. Installing on PC
∙[Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5] Korean version.
∙The functions and the layout can be different if you
use different version.
fter connecting to the Microsoft homepage,
download and install [Microsoft ActiveSync].
∙[Microsoft ActiveSync] can be updated through the
Microsoft Homepage.
∙[Windows Vista] users need to install [Windows
Mobile Device Center].
Connecting ActiveSync
n the window about the license terms, press <I accept
the license terms> ->On the [Client information] window,
input <User name> ->Specify where you want to install.
3 [Microsoft Active Sync] can be installed when it is ready to
4 [Microsoft ActiveSync] is installed.
HM40 Manual
2. Using ActiveSync
∙You can see a Windows Mobile version on the
display and it can be different according to the
1 You can connect with the Cradle.
∙[Microsoft ActiveSync] can be used when the device
is plugged into a notebook or pc. You can transfer
files by syncing it. You can also install/uninstall new
∙The USB cable is sold separately. Please contact the
service center for more details. [Code : 12132]
Connecting ActiveSync
2 If the device and computer are successfully
connected, Microsoft Activesync] will automatically
start. Please select the <Search> button.
HM40 Manual
3 I n the <Mobile device> folder, you can check the
photos, music, and documents stored in the device
and move it to the computer.
[Precautions using ActiveSync]
∙The device not running after removing the battery
∙When "unknown USB device" can pop up, when
while device on.
the device is turning on while connected to the
For this to be avoided, do not remove the battery
<Micro USB Cable>. If you reconnect the device
while the device on. You must press the [Power]
from the <Micro USB Cable> the ActiveSync will run
button or the [Shut Down] button with the stylus
pen in order for the Windows Mobile to [turn off]
∙If in ActiveSync, the state "connecting…" is
continued for a long period of time, disconnect the
device from the <Micro USB Cable>. In [ActiveSync] If in a case where you have removed the battery press FILE ▶ CONNECTION SETTINGS ▶ Select
while the device is on, hold the [Reset] button + <Allow USB connection> ▶ Press [OK]. Reconnect
[OK] button to hard reset.
the device.
Please note if you hard reset, all the data in the ∙If you have reconnected several times and still
memory will be erased.
“unknown USB device” pops up
In certain cases the computer’s USB host has gone
wrong leading to connection failure.
Remove the device from the <Micro USB Cable>
and reboot the computer. Reconnect the device to
the cable and it will run properly.
Connecting ActiveSync
3. Connecting ActiveSync
Start ▶ Setting ▶ Connect ▶
USB-PC connect
If you select [Advanced Network
Function Use] you can connect
various Surrounding USB devices
to your PDA device.
Your device and the surrounding
devices can you used when
connected with the <USB Cable>.
HM40 Manual
If you use the function [USB-PC Connect] your
device’s battery consumption will be high. If you
are not using the function [USB-PC Connect]
disconnect to save your battery consumption.
Using The Barcode Reader
1. Using the Barcodes
2. Scanning Barcodes
Press the [Barcode Scan] button on the side or front of
the device to start scanning barcodes.
In order to scan accurately, you must scan with the
correct angle 10cm away.
Correct scanning Angle
If you are using Barcodes with special programs,
please contact the manufacturing company.
Using The Barcode Reader
3. Checking Barcodes
Start ▶ Memo
The barcode’s information will
appear if you press the [Create
New] button in <Memo>.
If you scan a barcode while
<Memo> is open, the barcode
will be automatically saved in
If you scan when <Memo> is not
opened, it will not be saved. To
do this, press the [Menu] button
in [Create New] and [Paste] to
HM40 Manual
Getting To Know Your Home Screen
1. Looking at the home screen
On top of the screen, [Start], [WiFi], [Connection Status], [Volume],
[Battery], and etc will been
You can see the [Weather],
[Time], [Wireless Connection
Status], [Owner Information],
[Messages], [Operation],
[Schedule], [Device Lock Status],
and etc on the [Home screen]
with your user settings.
2. up photos as Home Screen Background
You can set the photos you can
taken as a background image.
1 Start ▶ Photos & Video ▶
select My Photos.
2 Press the bottom right [Menu]
button on the screen.
3 Select [Set as Home Screen
4 After setting the transparency
level select [OK].
Getting To Know Your Home Screen
3. Adjusting Volume
You can adjust your volume for
program folders, selecting menus,
or In-call volume.
After selecting the
on the top
right, you can adjust your system/
ring tone volume.
Selecting Vibrate will make
your phone muted and into the
Vibrate Mode.
HM40 Manual
4. Checking Battery Level
You can check your battery level
by pressing the
on the top
right of your display.
Inputting Text
1. Selecting text input mode
2. Block recognizer
There are five different character input methods
This input method uses the traditional writing area
box split in the middle.
The left side is used to write letters and the right side
is for number entry.
Symbols and common functions are located in other
smaller boxes located in the right of the writing box
Inputting Text
3. Keyboard
4. Letter recognizer
This input method displays an on-screen keyboard
that can be used to input characters by tapping the
screen using the stylus pen.
This option allows you to enter text using your own
The screen is divided into three different areas. A
capital letter area, small letter area, and a number
Characters are entered by printing letters in each
area. The character is then analyzed and typed on the
screen automatically.
HM40 Manual
5. Transcriber
The transcriber option is similar to the letter
recognizer, except instead of entering characters into
a designated area, you can enter entire words and
sentences using your own handwriting.
Transcriber supports both printing and cursive writing
styles and then automatically types the information
on the screen.
1. Making a Call
To make a call, press the [Phone]
button in the bottom of the
screen. Input a phone number
and press [Call].
Without inputting the a phone number again, press
the [Call] button to redial.
: Deletes mistake numbers.
: You can use the saved speed dials to make a
call. To add/edit/delete a speed dial, press the
menu on the bottom right.
(You can save a maximum of 98 speed dials.)
: You can the recent view received calls/out
going calls/missed calls.
: After inputting a phone number press this
button to make the call.
HM40 Manual
2. Receiving a Call
When you are receiving a call,
press the [Call] button or the
[Answer] button on the bottom
of the screen.
3. Blocking a call
To block a call, press the [Ignore]
button on the bottom of the
screen or the [End] button on the
You can also block the call by
shorting pressing the volume
※ The outgoing information message can be different
from the regular devices.
4. Hanging up
To hang up, press the [End]
button or the [End] button on the
device’s keyboard.
∙The BIP-1500 Does not support conference
calls, call transferring optional call services.
∙The BIP-1500 Does not support Voice Call
during Dial-up.
∙The BIP-1500 supports only the regular
optional call service <Call waiting>. (The SMS
service from call waiting is not supported.)
HM40 Manual
1. Searching
2. Adding a Contact
1 Start ▶ Select Contacts.
1 Select the [Create New] button
on the top left.
2 Type in a name on the [Name
Input] to search a contact.
2 Select the contact’s category.
You can use various menus when
you hold down the contact.
Call Work/Home/Cell phone :
Each numbers saved can be
Send Email : Sends email to the
saved email account.
Send Message : Sends a text
message to the saved phone
Copy Contact : Copies the
selected contact.
Delete : Deletes the selected
HM40 Manual
∙If the BIP-1500 device has been reset, there
will not be a information message when
retrieving/deleting a contact list.
∙The BIP-1500 device may take some time
showing the saved contacts when it has been
reset or has been erased from the USIM card.
3. Menu
3 The contact will be saved
when the attributes are
imputed in order. Press [OK] to
save in Contacts.
Press and select the [Menu]
button on the bottom right of
the contacts screen.
Edit : You can edit a saved
Send Contact : You can send a
contact wirelessly.
Contact copy/delete : You can copy/delete a selected
Option : You can do the setup of <Alphabetical order
> and <Show only name of contact>.
Display standards : You can set up the standards of
the contacts for the names/companies.
Filter : You can filter the selected items.
Selecting Contacts : You can multi-select or select all.
1. Taking Photos
Start ▶ Camera
Video : Switches to Video mode.
Mode : You can set it up as
Resolution : You can set various
resolutions of 480x640 / 600x800 /
768x1024 / 1536x2048.
Your photo will be taken when
you press the [OK] button. The
photo/video will be automatically
saved in the album.
Flash : You can turn on/off your
Full-Screen : You can change your
display to full screen.
Option : You can change the
name/storing location/file size.
HM40 Manual
2. Viewing Photos
You can do the following options
: Delete / Send / Wireless-transfer /
Set up as background / Enlarge /
Edit / Properties with the photo
/ Video.
Start ▶ Photos and Video
You can Enlarge/Reduce or check
the information of the saved
∙If the battery is too low, the camera will turn
off or will not open.
∙If not in use more than a minute, it will go
into sleep mode.
∙If the device can shoot video, the user
manual will vary depending on the camera
The selected Photo/Video can
be Enlarged / Reduced / Viewed
with as a slideshow/set as a
background / Wireless-transfer /
Save / Edit /Properties.
HM40 Manual
Setup for the communication of Bluetooth
Search surrounding Bluetooth
devices and pair (connect).
Start ▶ Settings ▶ Bluetooth
Turning on Bluetooth
Set up as on/off.
(If not in use, it will drain your
Way to set up your Bluetooth
Making your device discoverable
Other devices and search and discover your BIP-1500
1 Press [Search for devices] to search other Bluetooth
2 Select a Bluetooth device and press [Next].
ype in the password to connect with the selected
device and press [Next]. (The password will be
different for every device. Please refer to manual)
heck if you are connecting to the right device. It
correct, press [Finish].
5 If the model name and icon of the device you have
chose appears, you are finished connecting.
Set up a password for your device every time you turn
it on.
Start ▶ Settings ▶ Lock
You must input your password
After selecting [Press ok if
the device is not used for the
following time] set up a time.
The pairing method is different for every
Bluetooth devices. Please read the manual for
other Bluetooth devices.
HM40 Manual
The password must be 4~6 characters long. Simple
passwords such as [1111] or [1234] cannot be used.
If the [Check if the device is not used for the
following time] is set up, the screen below will show
when turning on your device.
Type in a phrase in which will help you to remember
your password.
After inputting your password,
press the [Unlock] button on the
bottom of the screen.
If you get the password wrong 4
times in a row, a [Hint] window
will appear.
Sound and Notifications
You can set up your event, program, screen pressing,
hardware button notification sounds.
HM40 Manual
You can set the Notifications sounds when the (sound
and notification) is set up.
Start ▶ Settings ▶ Sound and
Start ▶ Settings ▶ Sound and
Notifications ▶ Notifications
If you check each item the (sound
and notification) will be setup
with a sound.
You can set the phone, wireless
network, notification, Activesync,
and etc sounds by Ring/Vibration.
Background Display
You can set up your photos as the home screen
Start ▶ Settings ▶ Home
1 After selecting [Use this as
background] press the [Find]
2 Select the folder that has the
photo you want to use in
You can set up items to be displayed on your home
Start ▶ Settings ▶ Home ▶ Items
When you check the item it will
be shown on your home screen.
You can set the order of the items
that are going to be shown by
using the [Move up] / [Move
down] button.
3 Select your photo.
4 After selecting you photo
press [OK].
User Information
You can set up a memo or your personal information.
Start ▶ Settings ▶ Personal ▶
User Information
You can set your name, company
name, address, phone number,
email address, and memo to be
shown when your device turns
You can adjust/turn off the devices sounds.
Start ▶ Settings ▶ Personal ▶
Ring/Vibration : You can set as
Ring / Ring(getting louder) /
Ring only once / vibrate / Ring
and vibrate / Ring after Vibrate
/ None.
Ring tones : You can adjust the
Ring tones.
Keypad : The key pad sound
can be adjusted to Long tone /
Short tone / Off when keypad is
HM40 Manual
Display Light
Battery power / Exterior power
To save battery, you can set the battery power and
exterior power to be turned off automatically.
Start ▶ Settings ▶ System ▶
Display Light
The shorter you adjust your
display time, the longer your
battery will last.
Use the slider bar to adjust the brightness.
Start ▶ Settings ▶ System ▶
Display Light ▶ Brightness
If you set the brightness of PDA
close to [Darker] mode, the
battery of PDA will last longer.
You can turn the light back on
again by press the buttons of the
External GPS
Select the port you want to use by receiving data from
the program’s external GPS.
Start ▶ Settings ▶ System ▶
External GPS
All the programs using GPS can
communicate with this port.
You can designate the hardware
port in which GPS devices will
connect to.
If you select [Automatic GPS management] you can
receive multiple program’s GPS data simultaneously.
HM40 Manual
You can set up the usage for the G-Sensor.
Start ▶ Settings ▶ System ▶
Uninstalling Programs
The memory’s current state (Usage, Available space)
will be displayed.
The programs installed by the user or in default will
be displayed.
Start ▶ Settings ▶ System ▶
Start ▶ Settings ▶ System ▶
Uninstall Program
Main memory
You can check the memory for
Total/Usage/Available space of
storage and programs.
Select the program you
want to uninstall on the list.
Press [Uninstall] and it will
automatically be removed.
Storage Card
You can check the usage/available
space of the Micro SD memory
card and the program store.
Program Monitor
You can change the screen vertically, horizontally
(right hand), horizontally (left hand)
Start ▶ Settings ▶ System ▶
You can readjust the stylus pen
points by pressing the [Display
Adjust] button.
Text Size
You can adjust your text in 5 sizes.
HM40 Manual
The memory status of running programs will be
Start ▶ Settings ▶ System ▶
Program Monitor
Using the menu you can select
the running programs and to
stop it. You can also stop all the
programs running at once.
USB-PC Connection
You can connect with a PC.
Setting up the wireless internet with Wi-Fi.
Start ▶ Settings ▶ Connections ▶
USB-PC connection
Start ▶ Settings ▶ System ▶
The computer uses a tunneling
VPS can connect with your
device with RNDIS. In this case,
try to connect un-checking the
[Advanced Network Function].
Through the wireless internet
settings, you can set up the Wi-Fi
that connects the surrounding AP
(access point).
If the [ActiveSync] does not work
properly, try using the [Advanced
Network Function].
Device Specifications
Physical Characteristics
(W x H x D)
64.8 x 134.5 x 18.9 mm / 2.5 x 5.3 x 0.7 inch
Including standard battery : 195g
2.8" QVGA with backlight, TFT LCD, 260K, 240 x 320
Standard Battery
Rechargeable, 3.7V, 1,500mAh, Li-ion
Extended Battery
Rechargeable, 3.7V, 3,000mAh, Li-ion
Expansion Slot
SIM Slot
MicroSD slot (up to 32GB)
HM40 Manual
Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 / Android
256MB RAM / 512MB ROM
USB 2.0 Client via microUSB connector
User Environment Characteristics
Operating temp
-20℃ to 60℃
Storage Temp
-25℃ to 70℃
95% non-condensing
Speaker, Dual MIC Phone w/ noise cancellation,
Bluetooth headset profile
Drop Spec
4 ft. / 1.2m drop per MIL-STD 810G
5 megapixel color camera w/ LED flash
Sealing Spec
Integrated GPS w/ A-GPS
Data Capture
Barcode Scanner
Performance Characteristics
1D&PDF417 Laser Class II or 1D&2D CMOS Imager
Integrated Radio
1922.8 ~ 1977.2 MHz
2402 ~ 2480 MHZ
Q Water went into my device. What do I do?
A First, remove your battery from the device and
Q How do I get the repair service?
You can send via a delivery service to the
Q It won’t turn on.
The program may be damaged. Please try resetting
Q My battery drains very quickly.
A The battery can be drained quickly when the
dry them in a dry place. After drying for a period
of time try turning it on. If it still does not turn
on, the main-board or other parts needs to be
replaced. Please refer to your service center.
your device. If it still doesn’t work, refer to your
service center.
Q It won’t charge.
Make sure the power cable and your device
has been connected correctly. Try cleaning your
charging terminals. If it still doesn’t work, your
battery life might be finished or it can be a broken
battery. (The battery warranty is 6 menthes)
headquarters. When sending the package make
sure you pay for the shipping fee in advance.
When the repair is finished the headquarters will
be covering the shipping fee.
Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is turned on. If it drains quickly
regardless of using the options above, please
purchase another battery.
※ If you have done the above and the device still
does not work, please refer to the service center.
※ After the 1 year warranty the repair service will
be charged.
Service Center
Before Requesting After-Sales Service
efore asking for after-sales service, please back up
the data from the terminal.
We do not back up data from the products received
in the Customer Care Center. Therefore, we assume
no responsibility for loss/deletion of data.
Bluebird Soft Customer Service
FAX : +82-2-548-0870
E-Mail : [email protected]
Address : 1242, Gaepo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul,
Operating hours
Mon.-Fri. : 9:30 A.M. ~ 6:30 P.M. (GMT Time: +9 Hours)
The center is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and
HM40 Manual
Registering for After-Sales Service
e receive the products for after-sales service through
mail, delivery service and hand carry only in principle.
If you bought the product from any party other than the
authorized dealer, you need to register the product
before asking for after-sales service.
Please enclose an evidence of purchasing or the receipt to
the product for after-sales service.
Please enclose the name, telephone number, address and
symptom for prompt service.
You can ask for after-sales service through the dealer or
the Customer Care Center in the head office.
Do not intentionally damage the label on the product.
Damaged label may result in a disadvantage to the
When you return the product to Bluebird Soft for service,
please put the product in a protective box.
No warranty will not be provided for any damage
occurring during delivery. We recommend you to use the
box and protective cover supplied with the product.
Make sure to deliver the product in a safe way. Bluebird
Soft assumes no responsibility for loss of the product
during delivery.
Charged Service
1. If it is not a default, it will be charged when requesting
for after-sales service.
- Service request due to inappropriate use of the
- Loss of a PIN number
- Use of programs that might effect the program
(over-clock, forceful changes in the input of the system,
personal developments)
2. Default due to a mistake on the part of the customer
- Default due to inappropriate or careless use of the
product (dropping, submersion under water, shock,
damage, unreasonable operations, etc).
- Default due to a repair or unauthorized technician.
- Default caused intentionally or by carelessness of the
- Default due to the use of fraudulent parts or
3. Other cases
- Default due to nature (fire, damage due to sea wind,
flood damage, etc.).
- Expendable parts have exhausted there life (batteries,
antenna, or other component parts).
4. Regulations of treatment after charged service
- If the same default occurs on the part that had been
repaired within a 2 months(60 days) period, it will be
provided with free of charge repair service.
There will be no returning of goods or
repayment upon the following situation
emoval of the sealing of the product if it had been
If the product has been damaged due to careless use
by the customer or due to a natural disaster (floods,
rain, fire, etc.).
L oss of product or other components (CD, diskette,
manual, connecting cables, etc).
amage to the product after 10 days of purchase,
the product will either be exchanged or provided with
after-sales service (note, returning of goods or
repayment is not allowed).
Warranty Certificate
Thank you for purchasing a product from Bluebird Soft Inc.
a circumstance arises where you lose a receipt or the
certificate of guarantee, then the term of guarantee will
be calculated 3 months (certified by the number of the
manufacture, a certificate of inspection) after the date of
Name of Product
Name of Model
Date of Purchase
In case of accessories (such as batteries), only those that
match the sales list managed by the service center will be
eligible for customer service.
Manufacture Number
repair or an exchange of batteries that does not match
the sales list of the service center due to the carelessness
of the customer will be fully charged.
Term of Guarantee
HM40 Manual
Place of Purchase
1 year from purchase
1. Bluebird Soft Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Bluebird)
provides the warranty service for its products in
compliance with the regulations on compensation for
damage of customer.
2. Upon receiving a notification on a defect of its product
within the range of warranty during the warranty
period, Bluebird will repair or replace the defective
product according to its warranty policy.
3. If the defective product within the range of warranty is
not repairable or replaceable, Bluebird shall refund the
purchasing price within a designated period from the
date of receiving a notice of defect.
5. W
arranty of Bluebird is valid in the countries where the
Bluebird products are distributed by Bluebird. (Contract
for additional warranty service like field service)
6. B
luebird products may contain the recycled products,
components or materials equivalent to new products in
the aspect of performance.
7. T
his warranty is applied to software products only when
the programming commands are not executed. Bluebird
does not guarantee interruption-free or error-free
4. Bluebird assumes no responsibility for repairing,
replacement or refund until it receives the defective
product from the customer. The replacement shall
be equivalent to a new product in the aspect of
Customer Service Center
Working hours
Weekdays (9:30am ~ 6:30pm)
Saturdays and Sundays Closed
Phone Number: 1588-1380
Address: 1242 gaopo-dong kangnam-gu Seoul
Customer Service Center 1588-1380 we will do our best to satisfy your needs.
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