4GFXSH Data Sheet

4GFXSH Data Sheet
4G V-Flex
Custom Project Specification Document
Features at a glance
Power and Flexibility in a Compact Design
• Large Template Storage Capacity
(10,000 in 1:N; 500,000 in 1:1)
Need a compact device but still require strong biometric capabilities and deployment flexibility? 4G V-Flex is
the right solution for you. A variety of models are available to address a wide range of deployment scenarios,
from small template requirements to scaling up to address 500,000 templates or virtually an unlimited
number of users with smart cards.
• Optional Integrated Card Readers
(Prox, iClass or MIFARE/DESFire)
• Range of 500 DPI Sensor Options
• Field Replaceable Sensors
Recess Mounted
• Backwards Compatible
• Remote Device Management
• IP Connectivity (LAN, WAN, POE)
Range of 500 dpi
Sensor Options
• Easy Administration with SecurAdmin™
Prepare for Future Demands with a Scalable Platform
• Flush or Recess Mounted
• Standalone Door Access Control
(SDAC) Capabilities
Quick throughput, deployment flexibility, and the ability for the system to expand over time meet the
demands of today and will be drivers for future requirements.
• Ensure employees gain access fast, 4G searches 6,000 templates per second.
• Accommodate enterprise installs with massive on-board storage of 500,000 templates for 1:1 verification
• Eliminate the need for Cards and PINs with the ability to store 10,000 templates for 1:N identification
Meet Challenging Security Requirements
A full range of options are available for different security requirements with multi-factor authentication
combining fingerprint, cards and PINs.
• Remove install constraints with a wide range of configurable options for multi-factor authentication.
• Reduce cost and complexity for single door access control with built-in door relay and controls
• Add safety and security measures for employees with the duress finger option
• Have peace of mind with tamper detection built in for added security
Reduce Maintenance Costs
Save time and drive down the cost of ownership with a communication-ready connected smart device,
containing new installation and maintenance capabilities.
• Leverage the latest communication standards - Full Ethernet, POE, RS485
• Maintenance is quick and easy with our Innovative field replaceable sensor modules.
• Take full advantage of IP connectivity for Remote device management.
Leverage Existing Infrastructure
Confront migration costs and effort with a device that is backwards compatible and purpose built to work
with security industry technologies.
• Eliminate the need for re-enrollment with support for all Bioscrypt legacy template formats
• Leverage existing Bioscrypt integrated systems - works with existing BioSDK integrations with PAC
partner applications
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4G V-Flex
Product Specifications
Recessed Mounted:
Height 6.27” (159 mm)
Width 3.8” (96 mm)
Depth 1.89” (48 mm)
Networking Options: LAN, WAN, RS485
PC Connection: USB, RS232
External Media
USB memory
About L-1 Identity Solutions
Enterprise Access Division
Flushed Mounted:
Height 6.27” (159 mm)
Width 3.8” (96 mm)
Depth 2.56” (65 mm)
With over 350,000 readers deployed in over
90 countries, the Enterprise Access Division
of L-1 protects and secures identities and
assets by helping customers address
demanding access control and
identity authentication requirements with
innovative and reliable systems.
Input / Outputs Wiegand (Customizable format up to 256 bits)
• 3 General Purpose Inputs
• 3 General Purpose Outputs (Extendable to 6 outputs)
Fingerprint Sensor Options UPEK TCS1, Secugen Optical (All 500 dpi)
Internal Card Reader Options V-Flex 4G (Prox) – integrated reader for proximity cards
V-Flex 4G (Smart) – Integrated card reader for iClass or MIFARE/DESfire cards
Template Storage Capacity V-Flex 4G (Base) – Store 10,000 templates for 1:N identification or
500,000 templates for 1:1 verification with an external reader
V-Flex 4G (Prox) – Store 500,000 templates for 1:1 verification or
10,000 templates for 1:N identification
• Market-tested and customer proven solutions that are interoperable, and designed to grow with you.
V-Flex 4G (Smart) – Template on-card capability provides limitless
user base expansion, store 10,000 templates for 1:N identification
Transaction Log Capacity Our Advantage:
• One of the most established
companies that specialize in
biometric access control solutions.
1 Million transaction logs stored on device
• Knowledgeable technical support team ready to help prepare you for
deployment and to answer any questions.
Authentication Modes V-Flex 4G (Base)
• Finger-only single-factor authentication
• Card or PIN + Finger (with an external reader)
V-Flex 4G (Prox)
• Prox Card + Finger
• Prox Card Only
• Finger Only
V-Flex 4G (Smart Card)
• Smart Card + Finger
• Card Only
• Finger Only
Template Support Bioscrypt Pattern and Minutia
Power over Ethernet (POE) Standard
Voltage 12 - 24V DC
Current Draw
Power Indicator
The L-1
Enterprise Access Division:
Americas [email protected]
800 444 0496 • 905 940 7490
500 mA, 0.5 amps @ 12 VDC
LED indicator (Blue)
[email protected]
+41 22 849 1051
Integrated Door Relay Deadbolt, electromagnetic (EM) lock, door strike, automatic door
Mounting Recessed or Flush mount with field replaceable sensors for easy maintenance
Operating Temperature 32° - 140°F (0° - 60°C)
Regulatory Approvals and Certifications
Administration Software Options
Works with SecureAdmin™ software or SecureSDK™
Canada • United States • Switzerland
Device Models
4G V-Flex (Base)
4G V-Flex (Prox)
4G V-Flex (iClass)
4G V-Flex (MiFare/DESFire)
Secugen Optical Sensor
UPEK TCS1 Sensor
Copyright © 2009, L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc. All
rights reserved. The trademarks identified herein
are the trademarks or registered trademarks of
L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc. or other third party.
Call or email us to Schedule an appointment today for a solution overview and demo.
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