Lexmark Multi-Function Printer - Mini Assessment

Lexmark Multi-Function Printer - Mini Assessment
Where can TLC find information?
1. All changes to the MFP will be posted on TLC Conference
2. Instructions and forms regarding the MFPs are posted on the ETS-Network
Integration website at http://web/ets/csis; click the Instructions link.
3. Broward Refresh Website – multifunction Printer Refresh guide with Quick
Reference Scan options. URL for website: http://web/refresh - click the
Instructions link.
How will we be notified of training on video conference?
1. It will be posted on the TLC Conference website. It should be in various formats
such as a link to VideoFurnace or burned to a CD or DVD.
2. We are still working on producing a clean copy with clean Audio. Hopefully this
will be available in early December or after the winter break.
How will we know when upgrades are made to the process?
1. Notices will be posted in the TLC Conference.
How do we scan a class of papers?
Load the entire class of papers into the scanner at once.
Click the OMR symbol
Click NEXT
Rescan any sheets that you get an error message on the confirmation sheets.
Must wait for confirmation page before moving on to next class set
What if a bubble sheet won’t scan?
Check for pencil or pen written in over either of the barcodes
Erase if possible
Reprint bubble sheet and re-enter answers
Teachers should save the bubble sheet PDF files they receive in CAB in case they
need to reprint the bubble sheet.
How can the teacher see the test?
1. The teacher can view all tests on BEEP
2. After the teacher requests the bubble sheets in VCV, and they get a confirmation,
a link appears in VC that they can click and view the test and answers
Network Integration/ETS
Rev. 12/5/06
How can the teacher see the scores in VC?
1. In VC, select the class, then select the View to see the scores for the scanned mini
bubble sheets
2. Select the assessment that you want to view
3. No score shows if the child was absent
4. If the child scored below 80%, the score will be in RED to flag it
5. If the child scored above 80%, the score will be in green
6. Class summary will appear at the bottom of the page
Can scores be entered manually?
1. Only in grades 1 and 2. All other scores must be entered via scanning.
How far in advance can you print the tests and bubble sheets?
1. The tests are often revised, so do not print more that one-week in advance.
How can administrators see aggregated data for teachers and school?
1. In the School Reports section of Data Warehouse, there will be reports available
for this. They have not yet been posted.
What if there are many barcode error messages?
1. If you receive a barcode error message – it is server related, not a printer
malfunction. Contact Ray Santos.
What if the screen on the scanner goes black?
1. If this happens, contact Ray Santos at ETS. This is a hardware issue.
What happens if the Grade Test icon isn’t on the display?
1. Email site name and printer IP Address to Ray Santos.
2. IP Address is displayed in the upper left-hand corner of the printer display.
3. Do not shut down your printer at night to allow configuration.
What do I need to do if the IP Address changes?
Submit a Printer Add Move Change Form to Jimmy Lavoie.
Go to the Refresh website at: http://web/refresh
Complete the form.
Pony or scan to email to Jimmy Lavoie at ETS.
Network Integration/ETS
Rev. 12/5/06
On the Confirmation page, when sheets are not graded – What do you do?
1. Examine the sheet to determine the problem.
2. If student does not erase and re-enter the corrected selection, this can create an
Sometimes we san sheets but nothing happen, what is the problem?
This is caused when the server is experiencing high volume. The system processes four
jobs at a time. Jobs get queued up and are processed in order they are received on the
On several occasions, I’ve received the confirmation sheet and the scores don't end up in
VC. What is the reason?
This has occasionally happened when a server locks up and we have to restart services.
We have reported this issue to Lexmark and hope that it will be addressed soon. If your
site has more than one Lexmark MFP we normally setup one MFP on one server and the
second MFP on another server.
What do you do when a large percentage of students miss a question and you want to see
the test?
1. Click on the link in the DWH website and you can see what the question was as
well as the assignment.
How often are tests revised?
1. This is a curriculum decision. If you want them revised more often contact Frank
If a child transfers from one school to another will the new school see the results?
Yes. They will.
For copy mode is there a way to make it darker? Using this method instead of increasing
the Copy Darkness setting will not use more toner. Increasing the Copy Darkness setting
will reset the default setting and use more toner.
Click on the Menus icon in the lower left of the printer panel.
In the list of Menu items, click “Settings”.
Click “Copy Settings”.
Click the Text icon.
Network Integration/ETS
Rev. 12/5/06
For the “Content” menu item click the right or left arrow until the option
selected is “Text”
Can I print the Mini-benchmark Assessment from Virtual Counselor?
Click on the Menus icon in the lower left of the printer panel.
In the list of Menu items, click “Settings”.
Click “Copy Settings”.
Click the Text icon.
For the “Content” menu item click the right or left arrow until the option
selected is “Text”
When the test is graded can we hand it back to the students and they’ll know what they
made or do the only see it in Virtual Counselor?
1. The test is not actually, graded and the student would have to login to Virtual
Counselor to see their grade.
Is there an interface to input the grade into Pinnacle?
1. Not at this time.
2. The norm seems to be that the student does not get a grade for the min-bat test,
it traditionally is used as a tool to assess students.
3. ETS will take the request back to Curriculum.
Is there an on/off switch on both the printer and scanner?
1. Yes, one switch for each device.
2. When trouble-shooting incomplete jobs, it may be necessary to power on and
off either or both switches.
Best Practices
1. Mini-Benchmark Assessment functions
a. Scan one class set at a time. When you receive the confirmation the grade
will be in Virtual Counselor. This will allow you to review the sets for
b. Cleaning the platten daily will return more
accurate data.
c. When you get a paper jam, it is best to rescan
the set to avoid getting inaccurate results.
2. Scanning functions
a. Scan to your email address and then forward
to single or group recipients. By sending to
your own email address you can determine if
recipients receive the email.
Network Integration/ETS
Rev. 12/5/06
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