Request for Admission - with Outpatient Encounter

Request for Admission - with Outpatient Encounter
Request for Admission an Existing Outpatient
A clinician has decided a patient needs an admission
for treatment, observation or diagnostics.
This patient has already been referred into the Royal
United Hospital and has an existing outpatient
Mini Manual
Request for Admission –
with OP Encounter
Step 7.
Request tab opens
Step 8.
Open “Request for Admission” folder
Step 9.
Select “Request for Admission”
Step 10.
Click the up arrow “Details for Request for
Admission ”
Step 11.
Complete the ‘Order details:’ on the left hand
side by entering relevant data in the ‘Detail
values:’ side. To move to the next mandatory
To request a Request for Admission order
Within PowerChart
Add / Set Encounter
Step 1.
Find the patient using the patient name search
Schedule the Appointment
Step 2.
Step 3.
question use the arrow down
Step 12.
Visit Type field should be set to Inpatient
Waiting List or Day case Waiting List
To select the correct patient and encounter by
clicking on the correct patient name (in the top
frame) and correct encounter (in the lower frame)
Step 13.
Complete all mandatory fields (in yellow)‘
type encounter MUST BE SELECTED
Support available:
Please contact your local Champion User
Step 4.
Service Desk:
The patient record for that patient and encounter will be
displayed (on the Quick View Screen)
The arrow down is now greyed out
Click OK
Step 14.
Click over to Order Comments Add as much
detail as you know in here
Step 15.
Sign the Order
The order is placed – the system returns to the request
screen, and the status of the new order is set to
The system displays the patient record for that patient
Email: [email protected]
Patient Clinical Record
Step 16.
Click the refresh
Step 5.
The Request for admission is complete and the
status changes to “Future on Hold”
Click on Request on the Side bar menu
The system will display the Request screen
Step 6.
Version: 1.0
Click on the Add Icon
Page 2
Date: 17/10/2011
The system opens the patient search screen with
a list of patients that match the criteria
Note: It is important that the right patient and
encounter is selected. For this scenario an outpatient
Tel: 01225 82 5444
Click Yes
The Details for Request for Admission
order entry form is displayed
Request for Admission – With an existing
Outpatient Encounter
Add Request for Admission Order in Powerchart
The system displays the Order Services message
File path: \\torchwood\npfit\06 - training\02 - documentation\01 - ruh\05 - mini manuals\bed & site
managers\request for admission with out patient encounter v2 - .docx
Page 3
Author : Teresa Wynes
Schedule the Appointment
Add Patient to Waiting List
Add Patient to Waiting List
Add the Encounter
Step 10.
Enter “R” into the Facility name of the
Organisation Dialogue Box
The appointment attributes box will open (In here you can
amend any order details)
Step 11.
Click the ellipse
Step 12.
Select “Royal United Hospital” from the list
Step 13.
Click OK
Add the Encounter
Within Appointment Book
Step 1.
Select Request List by clicking the Request List
The Schedule Enquiry 1, Add/Set Encounter Pane opens
Step 23.
The system will display the Elective Waiting List
Click OK
Your Scheduling Appointment Book will now open with your
Patient details in the work in progress window
Step 24.
From the Calendar select the Date you want to
Step 25.
Select the correct resource time
Step 26.
Click Schedule in Work in Progress window
Step 27.
Appointment type box will appear with the details
you have selected Check, amend if necessary
and Click OK
Elective Waiting List Conversation
Schedule Enquiry Pane
Step 2.
Step 3.
Select the “Request for Admission” Queue
from the Request List Queries drop down menu
Click Find
side of screen)
Step 14.
Complete all mandatory fields (highlighted in
Step 15.
Click OK
Step 16.
Click OK to Fin Number
The patient has now been added to the Request
for Admission waiting list
(at the bottom left hand
The appointment will now appear in a pending
Step 28.
Click the Confirm Button in the work in progress
The Confirm dialogue box will open
The system will display a list of patients that have
Request for Admissions but have not yet been added
to the inpatient waiting list
Schedule the Appointment
Step 29.
Step 17.
In In Request list go to the enquiry drop down
Select To Be Scheduled
Step 4.
Right click on the patient name (eg
If you have not entered your Ward when adding your
patient to the list
Step 18.
In the Request list Queues drop down select
“Request for Admission ”
Step 30.
Step 5.
Select Patient (near the bottom of the context
Step 19.
Step 6.
Select Add Encounter
Step 7.
Select Yes to the Schedule Enquiry Dialogue
From this list select as many options as you can
to reduce the amount of patients on this list Treatment Function, Main Speciality, Lead
Clinician, etc
Step 20.
The System displays the Select Episode Dialogue box
Step 8.
Click the appropriate 18 Week Wait Pathway (if
you select the episode the encounters will be
displayed in the lower pane and you can check
Specialty, consultant etc)
Step 9.
Click OK
The system will display the Organisation dialogue
Page 4
You will now see your To Be Scheduled list which you will
have to scroll across to check all the orders and special
Right click on your Patient.
Step 22.
From the context menu select Schedule
Click the Modify button
Available Conversations dialog box is displayed screen
Step 31.
Click OK
Step 32.
Enter the Ward of Admission
Do not select Room or Bed and click OK
Click Find button
Step 21.
Fill in the mandatory fields Did the patient refuse
any Dates TCI date time TCI Location
Page 5
Step 33.
Click OK
Appointment now changes colour to show it has
been confirmed
Page 6
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