VeriFone VX 680 Flyer

VeriFone VX 680 Flyer
VX 680
High -Volume Portable Solution
Built to Withstand Almost Anything
The world’s smallest, portable payment device is packed with the robust performance retailers demand.
Specially designed with superior components for businesses where speed, convenience and durability are
essential. With the VX 680’s industry-leading security, unparalleled speed, NFC-capability, easy-to-use
gateway and a recurring revenue stream. The VX 680. Durability meets capability.
Built Better, Inside And Out:
uilt with the highest-grade components such as
keypads that can withstand one million key presses
and smart card readers built for 500,000 insertions
ottom-loading printer to protect from spills and
a sealed spill-resistant keypad to stand up against
the toughest environments
• S uperior gateway that offers easy access to
detailed reports, back-end support and much more
• The ultimate in security protection with EMV, PCI
PED 2.0, all paired with VeriShield Total Protect which
eliminates usable data from merchant applications
and networks by encrypting it from end-to-end
• OTA downloads, saving time and effort
• L arge color display with ABS plastic screen
features UV-inhibiting additives to prevent
color fading in sunlight
• E asy-to-use touch screen provides a familiar
user interface
• V
ariety of wireless options, including GPRS,
WiFi and Bluetooth
• F ailure proof protection from shock, vibration,
temperature, humidity, ESD, power line
disturbance, RF emissions and RF immunity
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*PCI PED 2.0 comes standard for Dial and Ethernet. PCI PTS is optional for Dial and Ethernet and standard for GPRS.
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