i3010 PIN Pad User Guide
The Ingenico 3010 is a peripheral data entry device that allows
the customer to enter a personal identification number (PIN)
and encrypts the PIN for security purposes. The Ingenico 3010
connects to a payment terminal, such as an Elite 510 or
Ingenico 5100. The Ingenico 3010 may also be connected to an
ECR or PC. The application running on the payment terminal
or PC directs all Ingenico 3010 operations, including the
exchange of information with the host computer.
The application in the payment terminal or PC directs all PIN
pad device operations (such as text display and PIN entry
sequences) by sending message packets. For information on
message packets, refer to the Ingenico 3010 Programming
The Ingenico 3010 has the following features:
Supports Triple DES encryption for both Master/Session
and DUKPT key encryption
Two line, 16 character display
16-key (4x4) keypad
The keypad can be used for PIN and data entry. When the
display prompts for PIN entry, the customer presses the
appropriate digits and presses [OK] to complete the entry. The
customer can erase the last key entered by pressing [Clear],
and cancel a transaction by pressing [Cancel].
Unpacking the Box
If the Ingenico 3010 has been damaged, do not
use it; there is a danger of electrical shock and a
potential for further damage to the unit or
connected equipment.
To unpack the Ingenico 3010:
1. Inspect the shipping carton and its contents for damage. If
the Ingenico 3010 has been damaged during shipment, file
a claim immediately with the shipping company and notify
Remove the Ingenico 3010 from the shipping carton.
Remove the protective plastic wrap and place the unit on a
table or counter top.
Remove the protective plastic wrap from the display panel.
Replace all the packing materials, close the lid, and save
the carton for re-packing for future transport.
Selecting the Installation Site
Determine a location for the Ingenico 3010 that allow for easy
use and offers adequate ventilation and protection.
Keep the Ingenico 3010 away from:
Excessive heat
Oil or moisture
Excessive dust
Direct sunlight
Excessive electrical noise
The Ingenico 3010 meets or exceeds high standards for
protection against power line transient noise and
environmental electrostatic discharges (ESD). However, there
are environments which exceed these standards.
Noisy power, power disruptions, and environmental ESD may
have harmful effects with respect to Ingenico 3010 operations.
These factors do not usually result in permanent damage, but
their presence can result in the corruption of Ingenico 3010
memory, which would require reloading keys and other
customized programming. The use of surge suppressers, torrid
noise filters, or un-interruptible power supplies (UPS) can help
avoid device failure when using the Ingenico 3010 in an
electrically hostile environment.
Connecting the PIN Pad
To connect the Ingenico 3010 to a payment terminal, such as
an Elite 510 or 710 point of sale terminal:
1. Disconnect power to the payment terminal. All cabling
should be done with the power off.
2. Ground yourself before connecting any cables. Do not
touch any connector or port pins.
3. Insert the 4-position modular plug on the PIN pad cable
into the jack in the back of the Ingenico 3010, as shown in
Figure 3.
Elite 510
4. Insert the other end of the cable into the appropriate 6-pin
DIN port in the back of the payment terminal.
On the Elite 510, use the COM3 port.
On the Elite 710, use the RS232 port.
For any other device, consult the documentation that
accompanies your payment terminal to determine the
appropriate port.
5. The Ingenico 3010 powers up when the payment terminal
is powered up.
Clean the Ingenico 3010 as required by using a clean, slightly
damp cloth with water and a mild soap or cleaner. Do not use
harsh chemicals.
Do not spray liquid cleaners directly on the
Always apply the cleaner to a cloth before
cleaning the Ingenico 3010.
To prevent damage to the Ingenico 3010 from
1. Check all the cable connections to
make sure that they are firmly
2. Check the payment terminal’s AC
outlet to ensure that the outlet is
supplying sufficient power. Substitute
the payment terminal’s power pack
with another power pack.
3. The payment terminal’s application
program might not be loaded
correctly—try downloading the
application program and try again.
4. For persistent problems, contact an
Ingenico service representative.
1. Check your display panel. If the wrong
or no characters are displayed, refer
to the solutions in Display Panel does
not work.
2. For persistent problems, contact an
Ingenico service representative.
Possible Solution
If you encounter a problem in Ingenico 3010 operation, use the
following troubleshooting guide to fix the problem.
Display Panel
does not work
Keypad does
not respond
Error Messages
For an explanation of the prompts and error messages that can
appear on the Ingenico 3010 display panel, refer to the
Ingenico 3010 Programming Guide or your application’s
reference manual.
Returning the Ingenico 3010
Unless explicitly instructed by an Ingenico service
representative, do not attempt any service, adjustments, or
repairs on the Ingenico 3010. Such action can invalidate your
In Canada:
6520 Gottardo
Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2A2
(888) 900-8221 or
(905) 795–8221
If your equipment failure cannot be resolved by your own
support staff, contact the appropriate Ingenico service center
listed below. Make sure to have the Ingenico 3010 serial
number at hand when you make the call.
In the USA:
1011 Mansell Road
Roswell, Georgia 30076
(800) 435-3014 or
US Federal Communications Commission
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation
is subject to the following two conditions:
This device may not cause harmful interference.
This device must accept any interference received,
including interference that may cause undesired operation.
Ingenico 3010 Installation Guide
Part Number DL00483, Revision B
Released Dec. 08, 2004
Copyright © 2004, Ingenico. All rights reserved.
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