P/N C4005 & C4009
1. Remove the engine and transmission from the car.
2. Unbolt the stock engine frame mounts from the frame. (This step may be omitted if the stock
engine location is not being changed).
3. Bolt the stock engine mounts to the engine along with the stock frame mounts.
4. Bolt the mid mount engine plate (if used) between the transmission bell housing and engine.
Temporarily install the headers to make sure they do not interfere with the mid mount plate.
Note: Whatever transmission you are using, whether it be a GM, Muncie, Borg-Warner, or
Doug Nash 5 Speed, be sure that the crossmember location has already been determined and
in place before installation of the front mount engine plate or mid mount engine plate.
5. Reinstall the engine and transmission in the car allowing the front of the engine to sit on the
stock mounts and the transmission to sit on the crossmember. (Do not bolt down either).
6. Install the headers in the car.
7. Bolt on the front engine plate.
8. The engine may be moved to the right, left, or raised for additional header clearance. Make sure
that the transmission mount is sitting on the crossmember and is not more than a 1/2” to the
right or left of being centered between the frame rails.
9. Once a suitable engine location is determined clamp the contoured brackets to the backside of
the engine plate. The large radius cut conforms to the shape of the wheelwells. Now using a
black marking pen, mark all around the bracket where it touches the wheelwell and frame rail.
This will tell you where to locate the reinforcing strips.
10. The 2-1/2” X 2-3/4’ strips reinforces the frame rail area and the 2-1/2” x 10” reinforces the
wheelwell and must be bent to fit the contour of the wheelwell. Once accomplished tack weld
both reinforcement strips in place and again clamp the contoured bracket to the backside of the
engine plate and tack weld it in place.
11. Final welding should be finished before transfer drilling the holes from the plate to the mount.
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