DR4500 Truline brochure

DR4500 Truline brochure
DR 4500 Truline Digital Circular Chart Recorder
with Innovative Smart Chart – Prints Its Own Chart!
Proven LeaderLine Quality, Accuracy, and Value
Ask for the “Truline”
Created to satisfy industry’s
demand for increasingly precise
and accurate records, the DR 4500
Truline® represents a quantum leap
forward in circular chart recorder
technology. This unique recorder
is ideally suited for applications
in food, water and waste water
treatment, pharmaceuticals, dairy,
environmental testing and metalworking — wherever process
variables must be documented on a
single chart and retained to meet
industry requirements. Functionality
of the Truline can be expanded
by numerous available options
including communications and
control capability. Microprocessorbased and field configurable, the
Truline is industrially hardened for
use in plant and factory.
How It Records Is
Why It’s Better
The Truline is the only circular
chart recorder which draws its own
chart as it records your data. This
technological innovation pays off
in user benefits which make the
Truline the most convenient and
the most accurate circular chart
recorder on the market today.
No More Preprinted Charts
A box of blank Truline charts is all you need to have
a virtually infinite selection of charts at your command.
You create the chart design when you input the operating
parameters. The Truline puts an end to preprinted chart
ordering, storage and inventory.
Unrivalled Accuracy
Although undetectable to the human eye, chart paper
can move and distort due to ambient conditions of heat
and humidity, environmental ingredients which are
probably present where your recorders are in use. This
paper movement can jeopardize the accuracy of your
records. In situations involving close tolerances, the
margin for error can make the difference between being
in, or out, of specifications. Because the Truline prints its
chart as it records data, the pinpoint accuracy seen on the
digital indicator is precisely transcribed onto the blank
chart paper.
Up to Four Variables on a Timeline
All other circular chart recorders use multiple pens to
track multiple inputs, making it impossible to show more
than one variable on a timeline. Records made this way
are often difficult to interpret and leave the user uncertain
about when a given event occurred. Since the Truline uses
only one stylus to record data and print the chart, up to
four variables can be conveniently monitored on the same
timeline. This makes Truline records exceptionally easy
to read, a valuable feature when stored records must be
retrieved and reviewed.
Creates a Permanent, Reliable,
Readable Document
With other circular chart recorders, an operator must
write identifying information on completed charts, creating
the possibility of confusion. The Truline automatically
performs this function. On the border of the chart it prints
pertinent identifying data including a listing of the variable
being monitored, the range of each variable, totalized
values, time references and alphanumeric messages.
Having this information as an integral element of the chart
itself adds authority to your records and makes them easier
to read and use for reference.
Condensed Specifications
• Field configurable — The Truline offers simple
English prompts which walk you through the setup
process. It can be reconfigured any time so it is
adaptable to changes in the range or input measurement and even to completely different applications.
• Extreme accuracy — Typically less than ±1°F for the
usable thermocouple ranges; ±0.1% or better for
voltage ranges.
• Universal inputs — Accepts all thermocouples
(Types B, E, J, K, N Nicrosil/Nisi, R, S, T, W5W26);
Radiamatic; RTDs (100, 200, or 500 Ω Platinum,
100RH); Fo lethality calculation; voltage/current
(0-10 mV, 10-50 mV, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20 mA); Open
channel flow, all inputs are keyboard selectable
without field calibration.
• Data brilliantly displayed — Bright, digital dual
displays are easily read at a distance or in dim light.
• Your entire process at a glance — Selectable displays
include indication of PV, SP, deviation, alarms, control
mode (automatic, manual or remote), output level,
temperature units (F or C), engineering units, totalized
flow values, and setpoint program (run/hold).
• Power requirements — 120/240V, 60 or 50 Hz. A
built-in standard 24 Vdc power supply will drive up
to 2 transmitters.
It’s Your Option
Expand the functionality of your DR 4500 Truline
recorder with these options. Some options are restricted
depending on base model.
• Universal control output — Configurable for on-off,
PID-A, PID-B, or PD with manual reset. Two control
loops available with outputs of Time, Current or
Position Proportioning, Three Position Step, Simplex
or Duplex with Mixed Output forms.
• Chart illumination
• Alarms — Up to 6 fully configurable alarms alert you
to critical process changes.
• Door lock
• Flow totalization — Printed on chart, 4 totalizers
possible, plus grand total print capability.
• Setpoint programming standard with control outputs.
• DMCS communications
• Math capability (1, 2, 3, 4, BTU, Mass Flow)
• Fo calculation for the food and pharmaceutical
• STLR (Safety Thermal Limit Recorder) for dairy
pasteurization applications.
• Flow recorder/controller for dairy pasteurization
• HTST (High Temperature Short Time) model for
dairy industry applications.
• Stainless steel door
• Abrasion-resistant pen for harsh environments.
• Open channel flow measurement model for the
water and waste industry
– V-notch weir
– Rectangular weir
– Cipolletti weir
– Parshall flume
• UL listing and FM approved
• CE Mark
So Smart, It Writes
The Truline prints identifying
information right on the chart for
a record that’s comprehensive and
reliable. Identifying information
Chart shown actual size.
Honeywell Quality
Brilliant fluorescent displays and English language prompts not only simplify configuration
but also keep you informed of process conditions at all times. Display shown indicates
recorder for a chart speed of 24 hours; operation is manual.
The DR 4500 Truline carries a
by unmatched service and support
capability you expect from the
industry leader. There is also a tollfree 800 number for immediate
technical assistance and problem
A Complete Product
The DR 4500 Truline digital
circular chart recorder is a member of
Honeywell’s extensive line of digital
instrumentation. If the DR 4500
Truline doesn’t meet your recording
needs, Honeywell has a digital
recorder that does. Contact your
Honeywell distributor or sales
representative for price and delivery
information on the Truline and other
Honeywell digital recorders.
If it’s worth recording, it’s worth
specifying Honeywell.
( inches
Specifications subject to change without notice.
® Truline is a registered trademark of Honeywell Inc.
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