P/N: C3012, C3013, C3014, C3016, C3040, C3041 and C3047
Competition Engineering Weld-In Subframe Connectors are engineered to provide a solid connection
between the factory front subframes and Competition Engineering's line of Formed Rear Frame Rail Kits.
Competition Engineering's Formed Rear Frame Rail Kits must be used with these subframe connectors.
This kit will also allow you to relocate the leaf springs inboard, mounted directly under the new frame rails. If
you do not wish to install the rear frame rails you may purchase one of our bolt-in subframe connector kits
and weld them in place. Installation will require channeling of the factory floor pan and removal of the factory
rear frame rails.
1. Jack up the front and rear of the vehicle and support it with jack stands. Make sure to place the jack
stands so that they do not interfere with the installation. Level the vehicle front to rear and side to side.
2. Mark the locations of the front spring eye mounting bolts, the large bolts that pass through the spring eye,
onto the floor pan.
3. Remove the axle housing and the leaf springs.
4. Place the driver's side frame connector in position so that the front weld pocket fits over the end of the
front subframe.
5. Swing the back of the frame connector up until it contacts the floor pan. Line up the frame connectors
rear spring pocket mounting hole with the marks made in step 2.
6. Using the rocker box / floor pan pinch weld as a reference, line up the rail of the connector so that it is
parallel to this seam. Brace the connector in place with a block of wood.
7. Trace the outline of the frame connector rail onto the floor pan. This is important as you will be using this
scribe mark to determine where the floor pan will require notching.
8. Begin to trim the area marked by starting in the middle of the footwell area. Trim outwards in both
directions as necessary to allow the connector to fit properly under the vehicle. Do not cut out more floor
pan than is required to achieve a tight fit. Also make sure that the connector is on level.
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Installation Instructions Cont. Weld-In Subfram e Connectors
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9. Trial fit the connector in place. If it fits correctly tack weld it to the floor pan and front subframe.
10. Repeat steps 4 – 9 on the passenger side of the vehicle. Make sure that both connectors are level and
that the rear spring pockets are lined up with the marks for the spring eyebolts.
11. If you are installing formed rear frame rails, do so at this time. The front edge of the formed rear frame
rail is designed to mount on the rear pocket brace as shown.
12. With everything in place, tack weld in several areas to hold the pieces in place. Weld the connectors in
permanently at this time. We recommend stitch welding the floor pan to the connector tube, as the
sheetmetal is very thin. Weld the entire cut area in the floor to the connector tube. Weld completely
around the front and rear pockets at all areas of contact with the vehicle.
13. Paint the welded areas with primer and paint.
14. Relocate the leaf springs inboard following these steps:
a. Remove the factory front spring hanger from the spring eye and mount the spring into the connector
spring pocket.
b. Bolt your existing spring shackles to the rear of the formed rear frame rails through the tube welded
to the rail.
c. Swing the rear of the leaf spring upwards and attach it to the spring shackle.
d. Tighten the bolts to factory specifications.
15. Re-install the axle housing, driveshaft and tires. Lower vehicle to the ground.
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