littelfuse busbar tin plated busbar D604 info sheet

littelfuse busbar tin plated busbar D604 info sheet
Information on New Products from Cole Hersee Company
Tin-Plated Brass Busbars
Constructed with tin-plated brass hardware – not stainless steel.
Provides superior conductivity and resistance to corrosion.
Manufactured from solid brass with an
electroplated coating of tin: surface retains
unblemished appearance longer than copper,
and the corrosion-free surface maintains
maximum conductivity.
10-gang busbar
Busbars are recommended in ABYC standards:
"No more than 4 conductors must
be connected to any stud." E-9.16.K (10)
Busbars provide for safer electrical distribution,
allow removal of any one lead for diagnostic checks.
"Ring and captive spade terminals
must be the same nominal size as
the stud." E-9.16.K (11)
20-gang busbar
Cole Hersee busbars have standard studs with hex nuts.
• Busbars safely carry up to 36V, and are rated at 50A maximum current.
• Base mounting holes are countersunk for No.10 flathead screws.
• Hardware: standard 1/4" -20 studs with hex nuts, and
#8-32 round head screws that can be fastened with standard
or Phillips screwdrivers.
• M-449-04 10-gang, 5 3/4" (146.00mm) long, 1 1/4" (341.70mm)
long, 1 3/32" ( 26.10mm) height.
• M-448-02 20-gang, 8 7/8" (225.40mm) long, 1 1/4" (341.70mm)
long, 1 3/32" ( 26.10mm) height.
• Black thermoplastic insulator base.
Other Cole Hersee Wiring Products
Terminal blocks with independent hot feed
Available in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 14-gang
(M-426, M-427, M-428, M-429, M-456).
Nickel-plated brass terminal links and screws.
Fuse blocks for plug-in fuses and breakers
In-line fuse/breaker holders
Blocks accept ATC/ATO fuses and circuit
breakers, and are available in different
gang configurations, with or without
ground terminal. Pictured: 10-gang with
ground terminal.
3031 Series accepts glass fuses,
30147 accepts ATC/ATO breakers and fuses,
30183 accepts Mini fuses and breakers,
30186 accepts Maxi fuses or breakers.
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Cole Hersee Co.
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