Positron V-214 ISDN BRI Asterisk IP PBX Blade

Positron V-214 ISDN BRI Asterisk IP PBX Blade
V-214 ISDN PCI Quickstart
•Single Compact Flash port
•Four ISDN BRI S/T ports for connection to the telephone network
•Single Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) port for connecting a phone or fax machine
•Hardware based G.168 echo cancellation chip up to 128 ms tail length
•PCI 2.2 compliant Ethernet interface
•10/100 Mbps auto MDIX Ethernet port
•Per channel fax/modem G.164 pr G.165 2100 Hz phase reversal tone disable
•ITU-T G.165, G.168 (2000 and 2002) compliant
Contents of Box
•V-214 PCI Card
•Two RJ-45 ISDN line splitters
•Three RJ-45 Cat5e Ethernet Cable (orange)
Installation Steps
Ensure the power is off on the computer before inserting
the card into the machine.
1. Install the PCI card into the machine:
- Insert card into the desired slot and screw the PCI bracket into the computer frame to ensure a solid fit
- When the PCI card is securely fastened, turn on the computer
NOTE: When the card is booting, the LED will flash from GREEN to
RED with a short delay. When the board has successfully booted, the GREEN LED light will be solid.
3.Connect to the browser based configurator by opening the browser to the IP address. The following is the default connection credentials:
Username: admin
Password: password
To ensure your PBX is working, try the following:
• Check the LEDs on the PCI bracket, the GREEN LED light is solid
• Plug an analog telephone into the FXS port – is there a dial tone?
• At the dial tone, press 6000 and you will hear the operator’s voice
These steps do not require user configuration. If you are unable to complete them, please contact Positron Telecommunication Systems.
2.Connect RJ-45 Ethernet cable provided (orange) to the Ethernet port on the PCI bracket:
- The Ethernet cable may be connected to a hub / switch or directly to Compact Flash
a laptop / PC. The following is the default configuration for this port: Sandisk Compact Flash is the recommended media of choice
IP Address:
Speed: 10/100 Auto
Think Inside the Box
Ethernet (static)
To PCI Bus
Ethernet (optional - requires driver)
The default IP address of the card is – the Ethernet interface on the bracket is auto speed detect and auto cable cross over.
For configuration you may connect directly to the Ethernet interface or through a switch. No special cable is required.
Windows XP/2000 and Linux source code are available on the CD along with installation instructions.
IMPORTANT: If you want to connect to the PCI card from the Host PC, you need to ensure the IP address is configured on the same
segment as the PCI card. For example, if the default IP address of the card is, then a suggested IP address for the Host PC driver is
LED Functionality
The LED on the PCI bracket provides state / diagnostic information. The table below describes each state:
Card is booting
GREEN to RED blinking
Operating system loading
Only GREEN blinking
System fully loaded and operational
GREEN solid
Hardware failure
RED solid
Factory Reset
In the event that a configuration does not allow connectivity to the system, a user may perform a factory reset that will put all the IP addresses and passwords back to the default settings. Instructions: Push and hold the reset button for approximately 20 seconds.
NOTE: When you push and hold the reset button, the LED light will be
GREEN solid. When factory reset is complete, the GREEN and RED will be
solid and the button can then be released.
Reset Button
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