Instructions for Reworking and Lubricating the O-Ring in a

Instructions for Reworking and Lubricating the O-Ring in a
Instructions for Reworking and Lubricating the O-Ring in a
HOBO® Pendant® Logger (UA-00x-xx)
Follow these instructions for properly reworking and lubricating the O-ring in a HOBO Pendant logger to ensure a
waterproof seal.
Before You Begin
Using your fingers (not cloth or paper), spread a
small dot of silicone-based grease on the O-ring, just
enough to moisten it all the way around and making
sure that the entire O-ring surface is completely
coated with grease. As you work the grease into the
O-ring, make sure there is no grit or debris on the
Place the O-ring back on the end cap, making sure it
is fully seated and level in the groove. Make sure the
O-ring is not pinched or twisted and that no dirt, lint,
hair, or any debris is trapped on the O-ring. This is
necessary to maintain a waterproof seal.
Very slightly grease the inside rim of the case,
especially around the screw holes with the silicone
grease, just enough to moisten the inside edges
without touching any circuitry. Make sure that there
is no excess lubricant that could get onto the logger
electronics or label. Make sure there is no debris on
this surface.
Check that the desiccant pack is tucked into the cap.
You will need a small Philips head screwdriver and
silicone-based O-ring grease, such as Parker Super-OLube, to complete these steps (no petroleum-based
lubricants). The logger should be wiped clean and dried
completely before opening it.
Avoid electrostatic discharge while handling the
logger and internal circuit board; ground yourself by
touching an unpainted metal surface. Hold the
circuit board by its edges and avoid touching
Working on a clean, dry surface, remove the two
screws that secure the end cap to the case and
remove the cap.
Examine the desiccant pack that is tucked into the
cap. If the desiccant is not bright blue, put the
desiccant pack in a warm, dry place until the blue
color is restored. Or, for faster drying, the desiccant
can be dried for two hours in a 70°C (160°F) oven.
10. Carefully push the end cap into the lubricated case
until the screw holes are aligned. Visually check that
the O-ring forms a uniform seal all around.
O-ring on end cap, with
desiccant tucked inside
Logger case with
circuit board inside
Remove the O-ring from the end cap. Use the thumb
and finger of one hand to hold the cap from the top
and bottom, and use the thumb and fingers on your
other hand to slide the O-ring to form a loop as
shown. Use this loop to roll the O-ring off the cap.
Inspect the O-ring for cracks or cuts and replace it if
any are detected (the O-ring is included in the
Pendant replacement parts kit, UA-PARTSKIT).
1-800-LOGGERS (564-4377) • 508-759-9500 • [email protected]
11. Re-fasten the screws. Tighten the screws until you
feel them hit the bottom of the screw holes, but not
so tight that they distort the clear housing.
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