Technical Data Sheet - AquaWeb advanced alarm management service type ABS CMS 211

Technical Data Sheet - AquaWeb advanced alarm management service type ABS CMS 211
AquaWeb Advanced Alarm Management Service
Type ABS CMS 211 Advanced alarm handling system retaining the strong alarm handling functionality but with the addition of management tools giving
full visibility of the current situation with alarms and on call personnel.
Mainly used by medium to large operators working with numbers
of pumping stations and on call personnel or smaller organisations with a high requirement for visibility of alarm status at all
* High level Scada/alarm management system
* Allows low cost installation of telemetry evenon small pumping
* Large amount of high added value functionalityto improve the
way that you handle alarms
* Easy to use system management web interface to allow all editing and updating of telephone numbers and details to be completed by the operator
* Easy to use alarm management web interfacegiving alarm data
on all pumping stations
* On screen diary to help with the management of on call personnel
* Map with quick links
Functionality included web interface - system management
* Add, edit or remove on call personnel details
* On call personnel vacation and non availability planning
* Management of alarm groups
* Management of on call personnel sequence rotation
* Management of operational working hours (priority calls)
* Management of pumping station set up data
* Add, edit and update pumping station equipment data
Communication and infrastructure
* Alarm transmitter or GPRS modem
* Connection to ABS central server
* Command log to record reason for events
* Dedicated login, profile management and security
* Remote set up of communication devices
* Proof of delivery of outgoing SMS messages
* Heartbeat check
* Standard weekly reporting
Alarm handling - managed
* SMS message alarm on and alarm off
* Battery back up and power failure alarm
* Man on site functionality to hold alarms
* Alarm acknowledgement by SMS
* Alarm routing by skills
* Alarm routing by area
* Alarm routing by priority
* Alarm forwarding to obtain acknowledgement
Web interface - alarm management
* Acknowledgement of alarms using PDA or PC through Web interface
* Alarm status for all pumping stations details includingdescriprion or fault
* Alarm event log
* Alarm acknowledgement status and signature
* Alarm blocking of known repeating alarms
* Entry of alarm cause for further analysis
AquaWeb advanced alarm management service type ABS CMS 211 2015-04-07 | We reserve the rights to alter specifications due to technical developments.
Web interface - on screen diary
* On screen diary - overview of hours covered
* On screen diary - management of on call personnel details
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