ACCT201: 1275 Spring 2016

ACCT201: 1275 Spring 2016
Why Study Accounting?
Accounting 201 - Financial Accounting
Delores Loedel, Professor
ACCT 201: Financial Accounting
Course Description
This course explores what financial accounting is, why it is important, and how it is used by investors and creditors to
make decisions. Covers the accounting information system and the recording and reporting of business transactions with
a focus on the accounting cycle, the application of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), the classified
financial statements, and statement analysis. Includes issues relating to asset, liability and equity valuation, revenue and
expense recognition, cash flow, internal controls and ethics. This is a transfer-level course for Business and Accounting
majors and a requirement for the Accounting and Bookkeeping Certificates of Competence.
Course Details
ACCT201, Section 1275 (4 units)
Tues/Thurs 11:00 to 12:50; room SAN-303
January 26 to May 24
Link to Blackboard (Course Management System):
Technical Support:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (760) 795-6655
Student Learning Outcomes:
1. Analyze and record business transactions using double entry accounting method and in accordance with
generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
2. Prepare a Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows for one accounting cycle.
3. Interpret and analyze the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows for the purpose of
making business decisions.
Students should also be able to identify the ethical implications inherent in financial reporting and be able to apply
strategies for addressing them.
Instructor Information
Delores A. Loedel, CMA
Office Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays, 11:30 to 12:30 SAN 407 and Tuesdays, 1:30 to 2:30 SAN 407
Contact Information: (I will get back to you no later than 24-36 hours; typically sooner).
[email protected] (best way to reach me)
760-757-2121 x6366
Contacting the Instructor
When emailing, put the following in your subject line: ACCT201-1275 first initial and last name (example:
ACCT201-1275 dloedel). Please do not contact me with technical difficulties related to your computer
hardware or software. Please DO contact the student help desk with these types of questions. Please refer to the
Frequently Asked Questions FAQs portion of the Assignments section and also thoroughly review this syllabus
for answers to your questions prior to emailing me.
See Homepage link for more information on my background:
Course Materials
You have two options:
Purchase the bundled textbook at the MiraCosta bookstore. This will include the Connect program that
is required with this course. MiraCosta Bookstore prices have been negotiated to give you the best price
on this textbook.
John J. Wild
Title: Financial Accounting
McGraw Hill
Edition: 5th Edition
Cost: $110.00 (this is your best price available)
Purchase the E-book option online which includes the Connect program. (Please note: if you purchase
the E-book option, you will NOT receive a hard-bound textbook). This option will be provided via a link
on Blackboard when your Blackboard course becomes available to you. ebook+Connect $125.00
If you purchase a textbook elsewhere which does not include the Connect program, you will need to
purchase this online which will be more expensive than just purchasing at the bookstore.
Course Content
Homework: Plan to work at least eight (8) hours per week outside of class time. You should read each chapter
prior to the class session in which it is discussed. Homework must be completed online using Connect (details
to be given in classroom). Homework credit will be given as indicated in the grading section of the syllabus.
Homework will be reviewed in class as necessary. Students are encouraged to form study groups. Success in
this course depends heavily upon regular attendance and completion of the homework before class. You MUST
be prepared for class each time you attend in order to learn the material that is presented. Students should be
prepared to present homework solutions as part of class discussions. Homework will be due on the date posted
on the schedule. Any late homework will be marked down by 5% per day.
Course Philosophy and General Conduct: Together, we will create a learning community where each
student's unique experience and talents will be valued and utilized to the fullest extent possible. Students are
expected to complete the assigned materials by the due dates. With the proper attitude and enough effort
devoted to the coursework, all students enrolled have the opportunity to complete this course with the desired
learning outcomes.
Instructor Conduct: As your instructor, I am committed to each student’s success in this course. I will respond
promptly to your emails (within 24-36 hours). I will be prepared. I will post responses and grades promptly to
your assignments. I will be available during posted office hours and by appointment. I look forward to working
with you and getting to know you!
Course Geography
ACCT 201 online will use course software called Blackboard. Blackboard is an e-learning platform that
organizes and manages the online information flow (readings, exercises and problems, tests, questions,
discussions, etc.) between students and between students and the instructor. It is installed on the MiraCosta
College server. When you log in with your user name and password you must then select ACCT 201 as the
course you are participating in. After you make that selection, you will get a screen with these Tool Buttons on
the left side. Each button accesses a module, and in each module you can find specific information. Explore
the following modules.
Announcements: Check this regularly for timely instructor communication and direction.
Syllabus/Misc Info: Syllabus you can print out and refer to as other important docs.
Assignments: Specific assignments to be completed at a specific time. Assignments include chapters to
be read, exercises and problems to be completed; self-study test questions to answer, chapter online
homework exercises via Connect and instructions for your practice set.
Link to Connect: Link directly to assignments on Connect
Connect Info: Information and assistance about MAL
FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
Discussion Board: Post for participation to Discussion Boards for each assigned chapter.
Exams: Your online exams will be posted here.
Faculty Information: Bio, background and contact information. Campus office hours.
My Grades: Track your grades here
Student Tools: Personal information, grade check, etc
Student Help: Link to MiraCosta help
News: News that I find of interest (including Scholarship information)
Course Grading
Evaluation Criteria
Please see the Assignments Section for more details on the following assignments and exams as well as due
dates. PLEASE NOTE: Late assignments will not be accepted. If you experience a technical difficulty, please
contact the student help desk at the contact information listed above. Technical difficulties are not an excuse for
a late assignment. Allow yourself plenty of time for any problems that you may encounter. If you have a
family or personal emergency, please email me.
Homework Assignments
In class Quizzes
In class Practice
Exam #1
Exam #2
Project I
Exam #3
Project II (Group)
Final Exam
Points (1,000 possible)
130 (13 chapters @ 10 points each)
130 (13 chapters @ 10 points each)
130 (13 chapters @ 10 pts. each)
110 (comprehensive exam)
Make-Up Work Opportunity: I will provide an opportunity to make-up ONE missed exam (to be taken in
the Proctoring Center - student must notify the instructor immediately when missing an exam). In
addition, at the end of the semester, students will have the opportunity to make up TWO Quizzes and
TWO Practice assignments. Please note that the makeup Quizzes will be cumulative.
You will receive a letter grade based on the following scale.
90% - 100% = A
80% - 89% = B
70% - 79% = C
60% - 69% = D
59% or less = F
Course Rules & Expectations
Students are expected to attend each class period. Attendance is critical in the student’s success in this course. Please
read the drop procedure outlined in the current Class Schedule. Officially dropping the course at any time up to the drop
deadline is entirely your responsibility. Failure to do so may result in your receiving a failing grade for the course.
The instructor reserves the right to drop students, without additional notice, for any of the following (unless advance
approval is obtained from the instructor).
Failure to attend the first class meeting.
Two (2) consecutive unexcused absences.
Three (3) unexcused absences during the course of the semester.
Missing an exam.
Students are expected to be on time for class. Tardiness is a disruption to me and to your fellow classmates. Please be
considerate. The instructor reserves the right to drop students from the course for excessive, unexcused tardiness.
Students are also expected to remain throughout the class period and should not leave during break without prior
approval. Students who leave the course early will be considered absent for that class period and subject to the drop
policy as described above.
Students are expected to be attentive to the material being presented during class and participate in class discussions.
Students should be prepared to answer questions and present homework solutions in class. Students should be
respectful to other students and the instructor by refraining from unnecessary chatter and discussions not pertaining to the
material being presented.
Please turn your cell phones off or on silent during class. Students should not receive or place phone calls during class. If
a personal emergency arises, the student may excuse themselves from class to place a call. ABSOLUTELY NO
TEXTING IN CLASS! Students who abuse this policy will have their phone confiscated during the class period.
Laptops should only be used for work related to ACCT201 course material. Students must not use a laptop during class to
work on personal items, or for another subject or project.
I have set up a Blackboard site for this course. I will use Blackboard to post schedule changes, changes in assignments,
other announcements, handouts, grading, links to other websites, etc. In addition, your optional online discussion forum
will be hosted here. Please ensure that your correct email address is associated with your Blackboard account. It will be
your responsibility to keep your Blackboard listing updated as to changes in your email address. Should the need arise; I
will use the Blackboard email listing to contact you outside of class.
Each student agrees to the following statements of student behavior:
• I agree that I, and only I, will be the one completing and submitting class materials (homework, quizzes, exams,
written projects, etc.) in my name.
• I agree that I will not directly copy or plagiarize material from books, publications, the Internet, other students’
work, or any other source. I am familiar with, and I agree not to violate, copyright laws. If small amounts of
material from other sources are used as part of any class assignment, I agree to clearly indicate such and
properly cite the source.
• I agree that any projects submitted for this class have been prepared for this class only and have not been, and
never will be, submitted for any other class at MiraCosta or any other school.
• I agree that, unless approved by the instructor, I will not share answers to homework assignments, quizzes,
exams, or any other course material with fellow classmates.
• I acknowledge that failure to comply with any of the above statements may result in failure of an assignment,
removal from the course, failure in the course, and discipline action deemed appropriate by the instructor in his sole
discretion and/or policies and procedures set forth by the Board of Trustees of the MiraCosta Community College District, fully
described in the College Catalog.
College Policies & Services
• January 25: (Monday): First day of classes.
• February 5: Last day to DROP classes with no grade and no “W”.
• February 12-15: Presidents' Day Holiday
• February 26: Last day to file Petition for Degree/Certificate and to file for Pass/No Pass. Consider this option if
you do not need a letter grade.
• March 21-26: Spring Break
• April 28: Last day to Drop class with “W” grade; Drops after that receive a letter grade. If you discover this course
is not for you, or your class performance is not satisfactory, make sure to drop by this date.
• May 23-27: – Final Exams
Students seeking an “Incomplete” grade must consult with me in person no later than the week prior to finals.
Incompletes will only be considered for emergency or other unforeseeable justifiable reasons at the end of the term, and
only upon agreement of clear conditions for completing coursework. Incompletes are rarely granted and only if the
emergency or other unforeseeable justifiable reason occurs after the date for dropping the class. Work, vacation, family
concerns, class schedules, time management problems, and other normal issues all students deal with do not qualify.
PASS/NO PASS GRADING OPTION (for graded classes):
You have the option to choose Pass/No Pass grading for this class. If you choose this option, you must submit a Petition
for Pass/No Pass to Admissions & Records before 30% of the class has elapsed. This option for grading is nonreversible
once selected. The petition form is available online, or from Admissions & Records. Students planning to transfer should
consult with a counselor before opting for Pass/No Pass to ensure this option is accepted by their intended transfer
institutions. Check the MiraCosta College catalog or schedule for more detailed information.
Students with disabilities, whether physical, learning, or psychological, who believe that they may need accommodations
in this class, are encouraged to contact Disabled Students Programs & Services as soon as possible to ensure that such
accommodations are implemented in a timely manner. Their phone number is (760) 795-6658 and they are located on
the Oceanside campus in Building 3000-Student Services, Room 3009, adjacent to Parking lot 3C.
The MiraCosta College faculty librarians assist students with their research questions, whether academic or personal.
Students may obtain assistance from librarians either one-on-one at the reference desk, through class orientations, group
workshops, individual appointments, or online. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of library resources.
The Tutoring and Academic Support Center (TASC) and the Writing Center (WC) assist students by providing individual
and group tutoring, WC drop-ins, learning communities, self-help materials, and student success workshops. Services are
free and available to all students during day and evening hours at all MiraCosta College campuses. Take advantage of
these academic support services. For more specific information, please call (760) 795-6682.
MiraCosta College Acct201 - 1275 "Assignment Schedule" (Subject to Change) Delores Loedel-Instructor
In Class Discussion (1)
Continue Intro/Chapter 1
Chapter 1/Chapter 2
Review Homework/Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Review Homework/Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Review Homework/Review for Exam
Exam I
Review Exam/Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Review Homework/Chapter 5
Chapter 5
Review Homework/Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Review Homework/Review for Exam
Exam II
Chapter 7
Review Homework/Review Exam/Chapter 8
Chapter 8
Review Homework/Chapter 9
Chapter 9
Review Homework/Chapter 10
Chapter 10
Review Homework/Review for Exam
Exam III
Chapter 11
Review Homework/Review Exam/Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Review Homework/Chapter 12
Review Homework/Chapter 13
Review Homework/Review for Final
Final Exam
In Class
In Class
Exam (5)
Ch 1
Ch 1
Ch 1
Ch 2
Ch 2
Ch 2
Ch 3
Ch 3
Ch 3
Exam #1 (ch1-3)
Ch 4
Ch 4
Ch 4
Ch 5
Ch 5
Ch 5
Ch 6
Ch 6
Ch 6
Exam #2 (ch4-6)
Ch 7
Ch 7
Ch 7
Project I Due
Ch 8
Ch 8
Ch 8
Ch 9
Ch 9
Ch 9
Ch 10
Ch 10
Ch 10
Exam #3 (ch7-10)
Ch 11
Ch 11
Ch 11
Ch 12
Ch 12
Ch 12
Ch 13
Ch 13
Ch 13
Project II
Final (ch1113+comp)
11:00 to 12:50 a.m.
Be prepared to discuss chapter and answer questions in class
Homework is due before class by 10:00 a.m. on Connect
In class quiz on chapter basics (bring long scantron)
Practice problem given on chapter in class
Exam (bring long scantron)
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