Invasion Earth Game Install
GLOBAL VR® Invasion Earth Software Installation Instructions
Document Part #: 040-0066-01
Minimum requirements: Invasion Earth can be
installed only on Vortek Systems with:
512 MB System Memory
GeForce 2 MX400 64MB Video Card
Any Vortek system running Operation Blockade or
Incoming software meets these requirements. Other
systems will need the hardware upgrade kit, # VHK-800001, and may need a computer upgrade. They will also
require installation of the multi-game platform software.
Important: An Emergency Recovery Disk is included in the kit in case of software problems. It
is not required for this installation if you are already running the multi-game platform.
The Emergency Recovery Disk will erase all of your games and settings.
Follow the instructions in this document to install the Invasion Earth software on a Vortek cabinet.
Installation should take about 10 minutes.
Install the Game Software
1. Plug the USB Game Dongle into an open port on the USB hub. If your hub is full, remove one
dongle and plug the second hub from the kit into that port. Plug the removed dongle and the
Invasion Earth dongle into the second hub.
2. With the cabinet powered ON and running the attract mode video, open the CD-ROM drive
and insert GAME DISK 1 OF 1. Close the drive, and the game install will begin
automatically within 30—60 seconds. The system will display a series of processing screens.
Installation will take about 10 minutes.
3. When the game software has finished installing, your computer will automatically reboot.
Once the computer is rebooted, remove the CD. Keep the CD in a safe place in case it is
needed for future use.
Disable Other Game Titles (Optional)
If you wish to disable other game titles installed on the system, perform the following steps:
1. Press the Operator button to enter the Operator menu.
2. Go to the game Selection screen and select a title that you want to disable. Press the trigger to
place an X next to that title. The title will no longer be available for play or show up in Attract
Mode, but will remain installed on the cabinet.
3. Repeat step 2 for each title that you wish to disable.
4. To restore a disabled title, select it in the Game Selection screen and press the trigger to
remove the X.
Invasion Earth Software Installation
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