Quality Requirements from Suppliers

Quality Requirements from Suppliers
Process Specification No. : P-08-03E
Revision No. : 09
Subject: Requirements from AudioCodes’ Suppliers
Belongs to: Quality Assurance
Written by: Yoav Gilad
Authorized by: Eyal Frishberg
Applicability Date: 10.07.12
To define and determine the requirements from AudioCodes’ suppliers on the subjects of
quality, environment, safety and corporate responsibility (C/R): Every order for goods
referencing this document makes the requirements hereby detailed, a mandatory part of the
Purchase Order.
Goods- general term used for material/component/board/subassembly/assembly/fastener/product/service which are part of the product or influencing
the final product AudioCodes supplies.
Manufacturer- a plant making a defined manufacturing job for AudioCodes (mechanical,
packaging, labels, PCB, etc.).
Chips Manufacturer- Chip manufacturer with whom AudioCodes contracted (in the
development stage) for supply of chips containing its development.
Agent- Business selling/supplying goods (capacitors/resistors/fasteners, etc.).
S/C- ODM sub-contractor with whom the company contracted to perform a defined
assembly work (when stated in the contract, it is the S/C’s responsibility to purchase the
goods needed to perform the work. Otherwise, it is AudioCodes’ responsibility to supply
him the goods required).
Supplier- General term for Manufacturer/Agent/S/C supplying goods affecting the product
3 Preferences
3.1 In the event of conflict in between the requirements of this document and any other existing
requirements, the following order of preference will prevail:
 Supply agreement/Contract.
 Purchase Order and Terms & Conditions (if exist).
 Drawings and any engineering instructions.
 This document.
4 Applicable Specifications
Except where a specific issue is indicated, the latest revision of the following
documents shall be considered as a part of this P.S. to the extent specified herein.
 IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033: Handling, Packing, Shipping and Use of Moisture/Reflow Sensitive
Surface Mount Devices.
 European Directive 2011/65/EC on the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS)
 REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and
Restriction of Chemicals.
 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Wall Street Reform Act).
 European Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on Classification, Labeling and Packaging of
Substances and Mixtures.
 Directive 94/62/EC (Packaging and Packaging Waste).
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Process Specification No. : P-08-03E
Revision No. : 09
Subject: Requirements from AudioCodes’ Suppliers
EICC Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct.
P-08-04: S.O.W. for PCB manufacturers.
P-08-11: Statement of Subcontractor’s Work in the Assembly, Soldering and Testing of
Assembled Printed Circuits and Construction of Assemblies
P-08-13: Visual inspection of mechanical and plastic parts.
5 Method
5.1 Order Acceptance
5.1.1 Upon receiving the P.O., it is the supplier’s responsibility to acknowledge the P.O. within
maximum two days and the P.O.’s supply dates and technical requirements within maximum
five days.
5.1.2 Supplier must meet delivery dates listed in his P.O.’s acknowledgment. Any request to
change delivery dates must be sent to AudioCodes’ Purchasing Director or Vendor
Scheduler no later than 21 calendar days before the delivery date listed in the order
acknowledgment (for supply dates of two months and above) or not later than ten calendar
days (for supply dates of less than two months). The change will become mandatory only
following a formal authorization from AudioCodes’ Purchasing Director or Vendor
5.1.3 It is the supplier responsibility to verify that:
a. The revision level of the documentation attached to the order (when applicable) meets
the revision indicated in the P.O.
b. All documentation is in proper and legible condition.
c. All requirements and definitions are clear.
d. He has the technical ability to perform the work ordered.
5.1.4 In any case of unclear or unfinished definitions, inability to perform the processes indicated
in the drawings/specifications, lack of material or absence of any document, the supplier
should promptly notify AudioCodes’ Purchasing Director and Engineering Director in writing
(or by E-Mail/Fax) accordingly.
5.1.5 A supplier working with sub-contractors shall submit the list of his custom-made products’
sub-contractors to AudioCodes’ approval before work starts. It is his responsibility to
request his S/C to supply the goods with inspection reports and compliance reports. This
documentation shall be kept at the supplier’s possession and shall be available to audit by
AudioCodes’ representative at all times.
1. By all means, the responsibility for the work performed by the S/C lies with
the S/C to whom the P.O. was addressed.
2. It is the supplier’s responsibility to require his sub-contractors to meet the
requirements of para 6 & 7 of this P.S.
5.1.6 AudioCodes reserves the right to increase, decrease or cancel the P.O. up to two months
before the supply date listed in the P.O.
5.1.7 Any deviation from AudioCodes manufacturing instructions as well as usage of
unauthorized components, shall be considered legitimate cause for termination of the
contract with the supplier, rejection of the goods and returning them to the supplier (on his
expense) without paying good’s invoice.
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Process Specification No. : P-08-03E
Revision No. : 09
Subject: Requirements from AudioCodes’ Suppliers
5.2 Manufacturing
5.2.1 The supplier shall perform the work ordered or supply the required goods as detailed in the
order and/or the technical documents attached to it.
5.2.2 In case the manufacturing file or its attached documents contain any handwritten
corrections/omission/addition, it is the supplier’s responsibility to inform AudioCodes’ Q.A.
Director or Engineering Director, and receive written authorization to continue production
in the current situation.
5.2.3 PCBs manufacturing shall meet all the requirements of AudioCodes’ Process Specification
5.2.4 Assembly, soldering and inspection of PCBs and assemblies shall meet the requirements of
P.S. P-08-11.
5.3 Quality Control
5.3.1 It is the supplier’s responsibility to perform quality control of the goods before shipment to
5.3.2 In his quality control, agent shall include inspection of conformity to AudioCode’s order,
including the following points: type of goods, quantity, packaging and accompanying
5.3.3 In their quality control, Manufacturers and S/Cs shall include the requirements of para. 5.3.2
and a physical final inspection of the products. Unless otherwise agreed, the final inspection
results shall be attached to the documentation sent with the goods (see para. 5.6).
5.3.4 Unless otherwise specified in the P.O., final inspection shall be based on ANSI/SQC Z1.42008, General Inspection Level II, A.Q.L. of 0.65%. PCBs shall be inspected per Table 4-2,
C=0 (Class 2), per IPC-6012 and IPC-6016, according to the PCB type.
5.3.5 The quality of mechanical and plastic parts shall meet the requirements of P.S. P-08-13.
5.4 Documentation Control
5.4.1 Manufacturing files/drawings/computer files which are part of the P.O. shall be kept by the
supplier in a controlled manner. Whenever a revision is made to any of the manufacturing
documentation terms, it is the responsibility of AudioCodes’ Purchasing Director or the
applicable buyer to send the supplier the most up to date documentation, together with
the P.O.
5.5 Storage and kitting
5.5.1 In case manufacturer/Sub-Contractor stores items belonging to AudioCodes and/or
intended to be installed in AudioCodes product, it is their responsibility to hold and manage
a logistic system enabling full stocks control and identification of the stored goods. It is the
manufacturer/Sub-Contractor responsibility to insure these goods are kept in its full value
as well as to assure proper storage conditions.
5.5.2 When a kit is sent from AudioCodes to the manufacturer/Sub-Contractor, it is his
responsibility to report reception and acceptance within not more than two days.
5.6 Packaging and shipment
5.6.1 All Product packaging shall comply with the requirements of Directive 94/62/EC in respect
of its design and composition, including the Directive’s restrictions on the use of certain
hazardous substances in the manufacturing of the packaging.
5.6.2 Items (not including products) shall be shipped in their original package only. Package shall
contain manufacturer name, quantity, and the item catalogue number. When, under
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Process Specification No. : P-08-03E
Revision No. : 09
Subject: Requirements from AudioCodes’ Suppliers
certain circumstances, it is impossible to supply the goods in its original packaging, or when
the ordered quantity do not match the standard packaging quantity of the item (e.g. the
ordered quantity is not an accurate multiplication of the standard quantity of items in a
tray/ruler), it is the supplier’s responsibility to call Purchasing Director’s attention to this
deviating condition and receive his prior permission to the supply of the goods.
5.6.3 Non-hermetic humidity sensitive components shall be packed in vacuum packaging as
defined in the latest revision of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033. The MSL of the component shall be
clearly printed on the product label. If the original vacuum package was opened in order to
ship partial quantity of components, than both quantities (the remaining and the quantity
shipped) should be re-packed in vacuum within the time limit dictated in the above spec,
and product data as well as its MSL should be kept on both packages.
5.6.4 It is the supplier’s responsibility to attach Shipping Certificate/Invoice to every shipment,
detailing the following: AudioCodes’ P.O. number, AudioCodes’ catalogue number and the
quantity. Agent shall include a Certificate of Compliance (C.O.C.). Manufacturer and S/C
shall add Certificate of Analysis (C.O.A.) as well.
5.6.5 Serial Numbered goods: In cases of S/N controlled goods, the outer package must have
relevant bar-coded S/N label. A list of the S/Ns of the shipment must also be supplied as
part of the accompanying documents. If possible, supply the S/N list by Excel file directly to
ACL warehouse.
5.6.6 Supplier shall pack the ordered goods in a proper package to avoid any damage or harm to the
goods during shipping and transportation. The outside package marking shall include
AudioCodes’ P.O. number, AudioCodes catalogue number and quantity. Shipment from overseas
shall also reference the country of origin.
5.6.7 Ex-Work shipments shall be done through AudioCodes’ Fedex account, unless AudioCodes’
Purchasing department authorizes to ship the goods by another forwarder.
5.6.8 European suppliers shall add EUR1 to the shipment documentation.
5.6.9 Partial shipment, unauthorized by AudioCodes, may cause the airfreight cost to be
charged to the supplier.
5.6.10 Special requirements to suppliers of electronic components:
 The manufacturing date of the components shall be marked on their packaging. This
date shall not be earlier then 18 months from the date received to AudioCodes’s
warehouse. In case of vacuum packed devices, the date shall not be earlier then 36
months from the date received to AudioCodes’ warehouse.
 Active components and IC components shall be packed in anti-static packaging.
Environmental Quality
6.1 AudioCodes will give preference to suppliers whose environmental management system is
qualified to ISO-14001 or equivalent international standard.
6.2 Unless otherwise explicitly specified in the P.O, all goods supplied to AudioCodes must meet the
requirements of the European Directive 2011/65/EC on the restriction of hazardous substances
(RoHS) or any amendment to this Directive.
6.3 Upon shipment of every first time delivery of goods (every AudioCodes’ Cat. No.), the
manufacturer shall supply RoHS compliance statement and all relevant technical data evidencing
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Process Specification No. : P-08-03E
Revision No. : 09
Subject: Requirements from AudioCodes’ Suppliers
the product meet above requirements (laboratory tests, raw materials’ suppliers declarations,
6.4 REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006: When requested by AudioCodes or by AudioCodes’
authorized representative, supplier shall send the full material disclosure and weight of the item
purchased, or direct AudioCodes to his website or any accessible data source from which such
data can be downloaded.
Note: Upon AudioCodes’ request, manufacturers of sub-assemblies and systems shall report such
data on component level (e.g. for every component/item constructing the sub-assembly) to
enable AudioCodes to comply with the Regulation in the EU states which might calculate the
SVHC concentration based on the “once an article always an article” approach: components of a
finished product should be regarded as individual article.
6.5 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Wall Street Reform Act): When
requested by AudioCodes or by AudioCodes’ authorized representative, supplier shall identify
and verify his sources of tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold and cobalt incorporated into products sold
to AudioCodes, to assure they are conflict-minerals free. Supplier shall report his data in a format
supplied by AudioCodes. Suppliers should also have a publicly available conflict-mineral policy.
6.6 When shipping materials designated as dangerous materials, it is the manufacturer/supplier
responsibility to properly mark the package and to send the material’s SDS to Q.A. department.
SDS format must meet European Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on Classification, Labeling and
Packaging of Substances and Mixtures (CLP Regulation).
7 Code of Conduct
7.1 The Electronic Industry Code of Conduct establishes standards to ensure that working conditions
in the electronics industry supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and
dignity, that business operations are environmentally responsible and that business ethics is
strickly implemeented.
7.2 AudioCodes requests its suppliers to take all necessary action to comply with EICC Electronic
Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct and to further force this code down to its supply
8 Safety
Not applicable.
9 Appendixes
Approved by: Eyal Frishberg
V.P. Operations
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