MyChild Button Booster Seat

MyChild Button Booster Seat
Button Booster Seat
Group 2+3 booster car seat
This product conforms to ECE R44.04
Group 2+3 child car seat.
Suitable for children from 15kg to 36kg (approx 4 to 12 years old)
Instructions: Please read carefully and keep for future reference. Your
child’s safety may be affected if you do not follow these instructions.
1. This is a “Universal” child restraint. It is approved to Regulation No.
44, 04 series of amendments, for general use in vehicles and it will fit
most, but not all, car seats.
2. A correct fit is likely if the vehicle manufacturer has declared in
the vehicle handbook that the vehicle is capable of accepting a
“Universal” child restraint for this age group.
3. This child restraint has been classified as “Universal” under more
stringent conditions than those which applied to earlier designs
which do not carry this notice.
4. If in doubt, consult either the child restraint manufacturer or the
5. Only suitable if the approved vehicles are fitted with 3 point
safety-belts, approved to UN/ECE Regulation No. 16 or other
equivalent standards.
• The booster seat MUST be fitted and used in accordance with
the manufacturer’s instructions. Incorrect installation could be
• Warning! Do not use any load bearing contact points other than
those specified in these instructions and marked on the child restraint.
• Car interiors can become very hot when left in direct sunlight. The
booster seat may become hot and should be covered up.
• Secure ALL heavy or loose objects in the vehicle as they could
cause injury to passengers in the event of an accident.
• In the event of an emergency, it is important that the child can be
released quickly as defined by British Standards. The car seat belt
is not fully tamperproof and you should discourage your child from
playing with the seat belt and buckle when in use.
• Take care not to damage the seat by trapping it in the doors or
under folding seats.
• If your car has a folding seat, ensure it is correctly locked upright.
• A child must NEVER be left unattended.
Safety (continued)
• If in doubt about the use or installation of this product please
contact the store where it was purchased.
• Please retain your receipt as this is your proof of purchase in the
event of a claim.
• The booster seat cover is a safety feature. NEVER use the booster
seat without it. Don’t put your child’s safety at risk by using other
makes of replacement cover; they could stop the child seat from
protecting your child as well as it should.
• NO child restraint system can guarantee protection from injury in
every situation. However, correct use of this booster seat will reduce
the risk of serious injuries or death to your child.
• Do not try to modify the booster seat in any way.
• The booster seat MUST be replaced in the event of an serious
• Always use your booster seat within the specified age groups.
• If you are still unsure, contact the supplier or manufacturer for
advice. Use your vehicle’s owner’s manual for further information on
where to put the booster seat.
Your 3 year warranty
Whilst we make and test our products to the highest standards of
durability there’s always a small chance of a hiccup! Our promise
is to repair, replace or refund a MyChild product that has an
identified manufacturing defect from the date of purchase for a full
3 years thereafter at no extra cost.
However, you must register within 28 days of the date of purchase
to receive the full 3 years guarantee!
To receive your full guarantee you can register your product by:
visiting and complete the
warranty form, or by telephone on 0161 335 2508.
Thank you for purchasing the Button Booster Seat.
Please read these instructions carefully before use to ensure safe
and satisfactory operation of this product.
Your child’s safety is your responsibility. If you have a query with this
product or require replacement parts, please contact your nearest
MyChild retailer.
Positioning your booster seat
• NEVER put booster seat on a front passenger seat if an
airbag is fitted.
• NEVER put booster seat on a side facing passenger seat.
• The booster seat can go on the rear seats of most cars
provided they are fitted with an automatic 3-point safety
belt (A) and NOT with a 2-point lap belt (B).
• Refer to the vehicle diagram opposite for allowable
seating positions.
• Ensure the booster seat is pressed firmly against the
backrest of the car seat.
Attaching the lap and diagonal seat belt
• With the child in position (SEE PICTURE) attach the lap and
diagonal belt.
• ENSURE that the lap section of the vehicle seat belt is fed
under the armrests of the booster seat and does NOT rest on
the child’s stomach.
• ENSURE that the lap section is worn low down and firmly
engaged with the pelvis.
• The diagonal belt must pass over the child’s shoulder and
NOT across the neck.
• ENSURE that the seat belt straps are not twisted.
• Remove the excess slack from both the lap and diagonal
belts by pulling them tight.
• ATTENTION: We strongly advise that you encourage your
child NOT to play with, release, climb out of or remove the
buckle or seatbelt.
Cleaning the booster seat cover
• Starting at the rear of the seat, pull the polyester cover
over the plastic shell of the seat.
• Carefully pull the cover down towards the front of the seat
ensuring the cover material does not rip or tear.
Cover 100% polyester
Dry flat away from direct sunlight
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Imported by MyChild. M34 3QA
Tel: 0161 335 2508
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