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View Spec. Sheet
Date: 12/5/2011
ESM-WSC White Static Cling
Product Overview
This 7 mil white static cling is specifically formulated for ecosolvent ink printing. ESM-WSC is a self-clinging white film
which requires no adhesive, applies quickly to glass and most
smooth, polished surfaces and is easily removed. Compatible
with Eco-Sol MAX inks, the product is an excellent alternative to
adhesive-backed and other less capable static cling products.
• Detailed imaging with high color saturation
• Compatible with Eco-SOL MAX, including white and metallic inks
Face: 7.0 mil
High Gloss
Other: Reusable if handled with care
VersaWorks Media Profile:
• Repositionable
Print Modes:
• Quick drying
• Billboard
• High Speed
• Standard
• High Quality
• Artistic
• Scratch/tear resistant
• Enables precision contour cutting
• Roland VersaWorks ICC profile: ESM-WSC with Roland Intelligent Pass Control
ESM-WSC is designed for application on the inside and outside of glass and to highly polished, smooth surfaces. Optimized for production of graphics that require quick
application and easy removal, the product is an ideal solution for window decals, time
Not available
* Default Mode
Optimized for:
• Full-color graphics for window
sensitive promotional point-of-purchase graphics, seasonal graphics and sale signs.
• Point-of-purchase decals
White Static Cling is compatible with Eco-Sol MAX White and Metallic inks, making it
• Seasonal signage
an ideal solution for retail point-of-purchase and applications that require a transparant substrate.
The product can be printed with a Roland printers and printer/cutters.
Use the Roland ESM-WSC profile for best results.
• Sale signs
• Trade show graphics
• Temporary outdoor signage
Date: 12/5/2011
ESM-WSC products are
available in the following sizes:
Total Caliper: 7 mil
Basis weight: N/A
Adhesive: None
Finish: Opacity: Whiteness: Gloss Level: Liner: Other: High Gloss
8 pt. cast coated board
Water resistant
Scratch resistant (CMYK LcLm)
Ink Compatibility:
Core Diameter: Shelf Life: 3”
6 Months*
Roll Configurations: 24”x10”, 20”x50’, 30”x75’,
54”x75’, 60”x75’
Flammability: Chemical Resistance: N/A
Part Numbers
* Six months when stored at 75% or 50% relative humidity. Product may exceed
suggested shelf life.
Usage & Product Storage
Static cling material should be handled with care before and after printing to prevent
surface contamination that may spoil the print. The material should be processed in an
environment of 65°-85° F (18°-30°C) and 50-75% relative humidity (non-condensing)
that is clean and relatively dust-free. Also, some media are affixed strongly to the core
and care should be taken to avoid machine issues due to the non-release of media at
the end of the roll. Store this product in its original packaging in a cool dry area until
ready for processing. If storage conditions are outside the recommended operating
ranges, allow the paper to acclimate in the specified range for at least 24-48 hours
before use.
Roland Performance Guarantee
This product is sold for the usage and
application stated in this document.
The product is free of defects and will
produce vibrant, printed graphics using
Roland Eco-SOL MAX inks.
These graphics can be installed by experienced and inexperienced installers, shop and
retail store employees. This material is dimentionally stable, water-resistant, and highly
scratch resistant. It does not require lamination. Care should be taken to allow the ink on
the product to be fully cured before packaging for delivery or preparing for installation.
For more information, contact:
Roland DGA Corp.
Roland Customer Services
Roland DGA Corporation | 15363 Barranca Parkway | Irvine, CA. 92618-2216
800.542 .2307 | 949.727.2100 | 949.727.2112 fax |
Certified ISO 9001:2008
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