Case study
Moat House Hotel Group,
United Kingdom
How Ascom Wireless Solutions provided a complete on-site communication update for
a major hotel chain.
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The Need to Upgrade
When Moat House Hotels reviewed existing on-site
communications in their 43 hotels they concluded that
Text Display Paging, which had served the group well for
the past twenty years, was not keeping up with the need
to increase efficiency and deliver more customer service.
Project Manager, Nigel Joyce, concluded that a mobile
two way voice system would provide distinct advantages.
The parameters were 100% radio coverage at all sites and
flexible installation to cater for the varying layouts of the
hotels. In addition, the system had to be easy to use and
reliable enough to stand up to the rigours of 24/365
operation in a fast moving environment.
Ascom Solution
After consideration of various proposals, it was decided to
run a test at one location, using a DECT based solution
put forward by Ascom Wireless Solutions. We were
recognised as a well established and reliable system
provider to the group and the hotel industry in general.
The teleDECT system used comprised sufficient radio
base stations to give complete coverage of the site,
indoors and out, plus mobile handsets. This was fully
interfaced with the hotels existing Mitel PABX so there was
seamless communication between mobile carriers and
hard wired phones.
Talker handsets were given to key hotel personnel such
as the general manager, head chef, reception &
reservations managers, housekeeping and maintenance
staff. The handset has functionality similar to ordinary
mobile phones and integrates with a wide range of third
party equipment, such as door phones, night service or
porter systems.
On-site wireless communications
for quicker response
Testing the Concept
The test site demonstrated that direct
voice communication among key staff,
wherever they were on-site, significantly
reduced response times and increased
overall efficiency. People were not tied to
their hard wired phone location and
could instantly be contacted with
instructions or queries. Reception
managers and housekeepers found it
easier to coordinate room preparation,
the operations manager could instantly
contact maintenance crews, even if they
were engaged outside the building, while
banqueting staff could keep up to date
with progress in the kitchens.
As Moat House Hotels’ Nigel Joyce
commented: ‘Never before have we had
such an enthusiastic and positive
response to a development of this kind
and scale. The Ascom system is having a
significant impact on how we operate
and deliver customer service’.
Ascom Wireless Solutions,
Clockhouse Court,
45 Westerham Road,
Bessels Green, Sevenoaks,
Kent. TN13 2QB.
01732 742014
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Email: [email protected]
September 2005 Ascom Wireless Solutions
Comprehensive Success
The trial was so successful that it was
decided to go for an immediate roll-out
across all 43 hotels. The project was
completed by Ascom within five months.
Subsequently, general managers across
the whole group have reported
significant improvements in productivity,
so much so that plans are now in hand to
extend and broaden installations in some
locations. Consideration is being given to
including hotel customers in the system.
This would enable premium room guests
and conference organisers, wherever they
were in the hotel, to talk directly to, say,
the floor manager or porterage staff.
Guests could also receive incoming calls
and dial off-site into the public network.
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