GSat Micro Fact Sheet
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Self-Contained Iridium Tracker
What is the GSatMicro?
The GSatMicro is the smallest self-contained Iridium
tracker in the world! It transmits positions, SOS alerts
and other specialized information through its
industry-leading satellite, antenna and electronics
technology to be monitored and analyzed in real time.
Configuration capabilities enable the support of any
asset and type of information, allowing the GSatMicro
to be used in many different applications.
• Lua Scripting Language
• Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
• Latest SiRf 4 GPS
• USB & RS232 Interface
• AES 256-bit Encryption
• Internal 2.5Ah Battery
Truly Global Operation
By utilizing the Iridium network, the GSatMicro can
track any asset, anywhere on earth using the most
advanced low earth orbiting satellite network in
• Fleet Management
• Container Tracking
• Vessel Tracking
• Security Services
• Soldier Tracking
• Encrypted Government Tracking
• Fuel Monitoring & Logistics
• Oil & Gas Operations
The GSatMicro can be used in maritime, aircraft,
vehicles and with personnel. It is ideal for applications
such as: security and safety, fleet management, oil and
drilling, soldier tracking, and secure government
• Electronic Driver Log Compliance
• Recreational
• Custom Tracking Solutions
OEM options allow the GSatMicro to used in a
multitude of custom projects.
Additionally, Lua scripting provides powerful and
customizable behaviors for the GSatMicro.
Military Model
Not much bigger
than a golf ball
Vehicle Model
i n fo @ g l o b a l t e l e s a t . c o. u k : g l o b a l t e l e s a t . c o. u k
Welcome to the power of scripting
What does "scripting" mean for me?
•• 32 bit ARM processor with customizable Lua scripting
• environment powered by eLua
•• Dimensions:1.77x1.77x0.78 inches (45x45x20mm)
• including battery & modem
• Behavior monitoring and transmission using
• SiRFstarIV GPS with an amazing -163dBm sensitivity
• External interfaces to additional equipment
• Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
• Data logging and queued transmissions
• Built in 2.4Ah Lithium Polymer battery & charger
• Lone worker monitoring and lack of movement monitoring
• Accelerometer and Magnetic Compass
• Customized control of LED's
• Battery Fuel Gauge
• Customized software applications over Bluetooth
•• High performance helical antenna dual-tuned for Iridium
• and GPS
• Custom message formats and full protocol control
• Geofencing behavior and alarm management
• Over the air configuration of the terminal
Embedded RAD:
Prototype and experiment on a Rapid Application
Development model. Test your ideas directly on the target
platforms. No need for simulators or future code
Learn Embedded
Simple interactive and interpreted experimenting cycle. Use
your desktop programming skills to become an embedded
systems developer in no time.
Add user configuration and scripting capabilities to your
projects, making them adaptable to the always changing
contexts of industrial processes, evolving engineering,
automation standards, and field optimizations.
Script Portability
As the platform and network capabilities continually change
and new hardware is released, your scripting remains the
same. A variety of products will use the same script as they
become available.
Shorter TTM
Optimizes Time to Market, shorter time to revenue, and
improved ability to hit critical market windows.
• AES 256-bit encryption
• Truely global coverage with the Iridium satellite network
• OEM options available
DC Power (6V to 36V DC) @ 2A max
USB Interface (Serial, Firmware Update & Charging)
RS232 Interface
2 Relay Outputs @ 2A
2 Analog Inputs (0V to 30V DC)
Lua command interface with parsable logging (Default)
~ 400,000
LI - 1,575 MHz
Tracking: - 163 dBm
Navigation: - 160 dBm
Aquisition (cold start): - 148 dBm
Position Accuracy: < 2.5 m CEP (autonomous)
< 2.0 m CEP SBAS (horizontal)
Time To First Fix: Hot Start: < 1 s, Warm Start: < 32 s
Cold Start: < 35 s • [email protected] • +44 (0) 1202 801290
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