Morel ST1108 Broschyr
ST 1108
Supreme Tweeter,
* Underhung voice coil
* Large Hexatech"M aluminum voice coil
*110mm IDR™ Improved Dispersion Recess aluminum face plate
* Replaceable Acuflex™ dome / coil assembly
* Neodymium flat pancake design magnet
“High power handling
110mm, 8Q
General Data
log Frequency — Hz
т ля
UM lao
Overall Dimensions DxH |110mm(4.33")x40mm(1.57") ----
Nominal Power Handling (DIN) |P 220W/12dB J > mm
Transient Power 10ms 1000W 7 29mm N
Sensitivity 2.83V/1M 91.5dB SPL f \
Frequency Response See graph f \
Dome Material AcuflexTM hand coated soft dome 80 mm
Net Weight Kg (0.445
Electrical Data
Nominal Impedance Z 80
DC Resistance Re (5.20
Voice Coll Inductance @ 1KHz [LBM |0.09mH
Voice Coil and Magnet Parameters
Voice Coil Diameter DIA 28mm
Voice Coil Height 2.7mm
HE Magnetic Gap Height HE [4.2mm
Max. Linear Excursion X
Voice Coil Former Aluminum ~
Voice Coil Wire Hexatech™ Aluminum +
Number Of Layers 2 E
Magnet System Type Neodymium Flat Pancake J
B Flux Density B 161
BL Product BXL
T-S Parameters
Suspension Compliance Cms
Mechanical Q Factor Qms
Electrical Q Factor Qes À - Overall diameter 11
Total Q Factor Qts B - Magnet/Chamber diameter /
Mechanical Resistance Rms C - Flange thickness
Moving Mass Mms 0.44 а D - Overall height 4
Eq. Cas Air Load (liters) VAS E - Magnet/Chamber depth 3
Resonant Frequency Fs (680 Hz+10% F - Mounting holes location diameter 10
Effective Piston Area SD 60cm? G - 6 Mounting holes, at 60° interval,
inner hole diameter D 3.
pocket h 1mm, @ 7mm
Impedance Magnitude - ohms (eq) я Sensitivity Mag — dB SPL-watt (8 ohm load) (8.18 oct)
=e N Eee Se fa Gil
| я полив!
18.0 - ñ 95.0 Forni
16.0 - 7A 90.0 4 Fens
14.0 ii / \ 85.0
12.0 + / x “о BO.D A Bern hr
oe 7 >| "U 75.0 + al
e. "ee — o ada al
“от 71 a E ka a | elo
Measured on IEC baffle using Bruel 8 Kjaer 3144 model microphone. Also available in black faceplate finish.
Morel operate policy of continuous product design improvement, consequently specifications are subject to alteration without prior notice.
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