Submittal Data QD2040a Description Specifications

Submittal Data QD2040a Description Specifications
Submittal Data
Ubiquity Site Gateway
The QD2040a Ubiquity Site Gateway connects
the site controller network with the central UbiquityTM
Programming: Via TCS InsightTM factory pre-programmed (recommended) or USB flash drive
Integrated RS-485 Ports (2):
The QD2040a features:
• Site gateway to Ubiquity: enables controller’s interoperability with Ubiquity
• Enables Ubiquity to maintain controller programming
and scheduling
• Compatible with all TCS Basys supported controllers
• Controller protocols supported: TCSbus and Modbus
• Supervisory control routines
• Supervisory override strategy
• Auto discovery of networked controllers
• Two integrated RS-485 serial ports
• Additional serial ports can be added via USB ports
• Integrated Ethernet controller with firewall
• Integrated configuration web page
• User adjustable controller monitoring rate
• Remotely upgradeable gateway software
Removable screw terminal blocks
22 AWG, 3 conductor twisted and shielded wire
Up to 64 controllers per network
4 USB 2.0 Ports
USB to RS-485 serial converter may be used to add more controller networks (not included). Can connect up to 14 additional USB hubs.
Operating temperature: 32 to 77° F (0 - 25°C), Good
ventilation mandatory. Ideal environment is in a server room
Operating humidity: 90% Non-condensing
Storage temperature: 32 to 130° F (0 - 55°C)
Supply voltage: 120 - 240 VAC, 165 VA 2.5 A Max, UL, FCC
Class A, and CE Listed
Specifications subject to change without notice.
2800 LAURA LANE • MIDDLETON, WI 53562 • (800) 288-9383 • FAX (608) 836-9044 •
Specification Suggestions
The Ubiquity Site Gateway shall be microprocess-based, suitable to perform remote monitoring and alarming
The Ubiquity Site Gateway shall be programmed using a browser per the instruction manual. It shall support
uploading of alarm and trend data to the Ubiquity Central Servers. Alarms shall be kept in non-volatile memory.
The Ubiquity Site Gateway must support non-volatile storage, so that in the event of power loss, all programmed
operating parameters shall be unaffected when running without the use of battery backup. All control functions
shall continue in the event of an Internet communications failure.
The Ubiquity Site Gateway must have energy metering and monitoring abilities. It must be able to accurately
monitor energy demand and consumption. The Ubiquity Site Gateway shall be able to communicate energy
demand and consumption to a centrally based server where it is trended.
The Ubiquity Site Gateway shall provide local communications in accordance with RS-485 standards. It shall send
and receive encrypted data over an Ethernet connection. The Ubiquity Site Gateway shall be model QD2040a as
provided by TCS Basys Controls.
Ordering Information
Part #
Ubiquity Site Gateway QD1010b (Networks)
QD2040 Series Accessories
USB to RS-485 Communications Converter (only needed if more than 2 RS-485 net
RS-485 Communications Network Repeater
USB Diagnostics Tool
Cellular Modem for QD/QWL Series with Verizon Service
TCS ZigBee wireless gateway
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QD2040a Series
Note: inches [mm]
2.25 ”
8.25 ”
7.25 ”
2800 LAURA LANE • MIDDLETON, WI 53562 • (800) 288-9383 • FAX (608) 836-9044 •
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