2-Door Security
12 or 24 VDC
Lock Power
Normally Closed
Door Secure Input
Open or Closed
R-E-X Inputs
Maglock & Strike
Relay Outputs
Indicator Light
Control Relays
Secure 2 or 4 Door Interlocking
Integral 12/24 VDC Power Supply
The #4442 Interlocking 2-Door Controller provides power and control for two doors with
electric locks. Up to four (4) doors may be
interlocked with the #4444 Door Controller.
The built-in low voltage power supply provides
sufficient current to operate 12 or 24 VDC
electromagnetic locks or strikes, including
redundant maglocks and strikes on each door
for high security projects. The heavy-duty
power supply assures reliability for extended
usage in the most strenuous environments.
Air-Locks or Security Portals
Suitable for environmental or security control,
the door interlock logic allows only one door
to be unsecured at a time. The controller may
be configured to have both doors locked or
only one door normally unlocked to allow
faster egress.
Fire Alarm Input/Output
Ready for hook-up to the fire system, no additional relay interface devices are required. An
alarm output is also provided for monitoring
the control system.
Universal R-E-X Inputs
Request-for-Access devices may be normally
open or normally closed dry contact devices.
Both types may also be used simultaneously.
Traffic Indicator Lights
Relay outputs are provided to control traffic
lights. For user convenience, a green light is
typically used to signify a door is ready for
access. A red light is usually lit to indicate that
a door is un-accessible. Alarm relay outputs
are also available for special requirements.
Total Protection & Back-up Power
The 110 VAC input and DC output are fused to
protect the system against overloads and shorts.
The switching regulator prevents excessive
current draw. The optional back-up batteries
are automatically charged to provide immediate
12 or 24 VDC output upon loss of AC power.
Remote Control & Monitoring
The #7600 Annunciator/Controller is also
available for integration with this system.
Request for Access
(Normally Open)
Request for Access
(Normally Open)
Request for Access
(Normally Closed)
Request for Access
(Normally Closed)
Door Status Switch
Door Status Switch
Door 1 Inputs
Door 2 Inputs
Door 1 Outputs
Door 2 Outputs
Magnetic Lock
Magnetic Lock
Electric Strike
Electric Strike
Red Light
Red Light
Green Light
Green Light
Secure Door Interlocking
Quick Easy Installation
#4442-IL - 2-Door Interlock (2-REX/2Door Status/2-Lock Out)
#4444-IL - 4-Door Interlock (4-REX/4Door Status/4-Lock Out)
Physical Size:
NEMA Enclosure - 12” x 16” (or 18” x
24”) x 6” deep with lockable
hinged cover.
AC Input - Fused 110 VAC terminals
DC Output - 4 amp Output @ 12 or 24
VDC (field selectable)
Door Secure - Dry contact input (closed
when door secure).
Request for Access - Dry contact input
(normally open or normally
Door Locks - SPDT relay for magnetic
lock or strike at each door.
Traffic Lights - Powered outputs for red
and green indicator lights for
user feedback
Only one door may be unlocked at a time.
Unlocking one door automatically secures
all other doors. A request for access will
inhibit the REX inputs for all other doors
unless another door is already unsecured.
Installation is fast, from mounting the
enclosure to the connection of wiring. No
need to add additional relays for alarm
monitoring or the fire alarm interface.
Large barrier terminal blocks are provided
for all field device connections.
For faster traffic flow, a single door of a
2-door mantrap may be left unlocked. A
request for access at the secured door will
cause the unlocked door to be secured.
Once both doors are secured, the request
for access will be granted.
Traffic Indicator Lights
Outputs (from lock power) allow red and
green lights to be utilized for user feedback. A green light indicates that access
is permitted, while a red light signals that
the other door is open and access is
denied at this door.
Reliable Operation
The unique design of the power supplies
insures a reliable source of lock power in
all situations. Components that exceed
normal specifications are used to extend
the operating lifetime.
Optional Features:
xBAT - Dual 7-AH rechargeable batteries
for 12 or 24 volt back-up power
xCAM - Hinged cover cam lock with key
Distributed by:
Multi-Door Interlocks
See the Dortronics programmable door
controller for mantraps requiring more
than two or four interlocked doors.
www.dortronics.com - (800) 906-0137 - (631) 725-8148 FAX
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